Free fast food restaurant games online, tycoon cooking games for kids to play now, no download: Flatbread Express game, a fun fast food restaurant/ diner game for girls & boys. Cafe business simulation games, fast food games, real-life RPG games for PC, Mac, mentally stimulating games for kids, teens.
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Fast Food Restaurant Game Online - Flatbread Express

Rating: 7.1/10 - 435 votes

Become the boss and proprietor of your very own flatbread sandwich melt, fast food take-out franchise, and serve tasty, hot meals to demanding customers in double-quick time! Flatbread Express is a fun, educational and challenging, fast food tycoon game for elementary age kids through high school students that combines good business management, sharp customer service, fast reactions, and steady mouse control skills.

Strategy / skills required for this high-energy, interactive, customer service game: As you are the sole customer service person and food preparation worker behind your flatbread cafe business, you need to be completely alert and focused, with a cool temperament and sense of urgency at all times. You must use high levels of self-discipline and concentration throughout the tough and demanding shift. Pay very close attention to each customer's order. Good decision making skills are also required in between levels when you can choose to upgrade your store.

How to Play: A stimulating, Flash-based, click-and-drag, fast-food service tycoon game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Each level plays as a ‘business day’, and your success goal is to reach a target income level for that day. This target starts out modest ($10), and increases as you progress (just like in a real life business). You earn virtual income by promptly and correctly serving the hungry customers the flatbreads they requested.

To prepare a flatbread, study the customer's order - displayed above their heads. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click and drag a flatbread onto the wooden preparation board. Then, click and drag to add the different ingredients, one-by-one as the customer requested. Customers usually look for some meat (protein), salad, and a sauce, but you can have some customers whose taste preferences differ from this normal pattern.

Once you have added the ingredients, drag the flatbread to the microwave. When this pops open, the flatbread is ready to serve to the customer. If the customer is happy, you receive income toward your target. However, if you force customers to wait for too long – or serve them up the wrong type of flatbread, they become very frustrated, and promptly leave without paying. In between levels, you can use additional income earned to purchase upgrades for your store. All the best with your fast food business venture!

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