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RPG Adventure Game - Being One: Episode 1 โ€“ Escape the Lab

Rating: 8.2/10 - 1927 votes

Being One: Episode 1 – Escape the Lab is a very challenging, thought-provoking, RPG adventure puzzle game for older kids, teens, and grown-ups where you have to navigate through a strange building in a step-by-step manner in order to escape a laboratory. After suddenly waking up in a storage vat filled with bubbling green liquid, you have to slowly try to get your bearings by investigating and exploring the seemingly-deserted laboratory for clues and hidden objects. This highly interactive ‘science fiction adventure’ game features a first-person viewpoint, which gives a cool yet perhaps slightly-scary authenticity to the whole atmosphere… Many questions spring to mind, such as: Where am I? What am I doing here? You must use your sleuthing skills to keep on probing, clicking and examining items that you discover in order to find out!

Fans of stimulating brain teasers and virtual detective games should enjoy this unusual mouse-clicking puzzle. With very few clues or tutorials to help you, players have to think clearly, logically, and rationally in order to progress. An inquisitive mind is extremely important here – every nook and cranny of each scene needs to be examined thoroughly in order to pick up valuable tips and important items. Being One: Episode 1 is just the beginning of an epic story – and you hold the key to the action! If you want answers to this puzzling conundrum, it’s time to think outside the box! Good luck with the problem solving!

How to Play: At the beginning of the game, you wake up in a large vat (pod container) suspended in a viscous green goo. The ‘first-person’ viewpoint means you get to experience the environment through the eyes of the main character. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, hover your cursor around the various items in front of you. Explanatory notes appear in white text beside any interesting items. For example: a lock, a hanging wire, an emergency release button etc. Point-and-click on these items in order to interact with them. You have to figure out how to escape the vat first (Tip: Connect the wires up to the Emergency Release, and then undo the locks).

Once you escape the vat, you have to explore similar item-filled areas around the strange laboratory that you find yourself trapped in. Be sure to pick up the ‘mobile phone’ before you step out of the vat as this gives you helpful tips along the way. To move between scenes / areas, click on the large green directional arrows that appear on the periphery of your vision. As you progress, click on anything and everything that you can. Open drawers, click on items, and collect anything available to you (some items can be used to your advantage in later scenes). Keep exploring and discovering new clues to aid your escape. Enjoy the big investigation!

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