Best strategy war games online free for teens/ older kids to play now on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet without download: Age of Defense 3 game is an awesome tower defense-style, fantasy strategy battle game. Play cool RPG war games, top medieval strategy games- Kingdom Rush, Epic War 4 and 5..
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Top Strategy War Game Online - Age of Defense 3

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Tactical tower defense games are among the most intense and intriguing challenges in the world of online flash games. However, the endless side-scrolling battles can sometimes become stale when you face the same old foes, level after level. Age of Defense 3 breaks that mold, showcasing the steady development of warfare in an awesome and engrossing ‘evolutionary’ strategy game where your troops and enemies evolve over time! Start off fighting with cavemen, clubs, and rocks - then progress through medieval times, modern warfare, and even into the future where robots and intelligent machines are the soldiers of choice!

This innovative tower defense-style battle game spans thousands of years, features dozens of troop types, and a vast array of amazing weaponry. However, from caveman to robot, you still need to exhibit shrewd battle tactics and good military maneuvers in order to defeat your marching enemies and destroy their bases. Prudent decision making, strategic planning and the ability to react quickly are all very important attributes if you want to be a successful leader. You might not be striking the actual blows, but your actions can have devastating consequences for and against your troops. Ok Commander, it’s time to travel through time on an epic journey through the ages! From the humble sling-shot to the mighty phazer gun – it’s going to be one unbelievable adventure.

How to Play: In each of the 100 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to defeat the enemy by marching a set number of your troops all the way across the battlefield into enemy territory (i.e. beyond the right side of the side-scrolling game screen). To do this, you simply have to click on your available troop units at the top of the game screen, and watch as they (hopefully) defeat enemy troops on the battlefield, and make it to the opposite side. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on a particular troop icon to unleash that unit (one troop) onto the battlefield. Your troops enter the battle from the left side of the game screen while your opponents enter from the right.

If one of your troops make it all the way across, your opponent’s ‘Base Health’ reduces by one value. Your ultimate goal during each battle is to reduce this ‘Base Health’ score to zero. Likewise, if your opponent breaches your defenses, and makes it beyond the left side of the game screen, your own ‘Base Health’ is reduced (keep an eye on the Base Health of both teams in the top left and right corners of the game screen). You cannot unleash troops in an unlimited frenzy; you have to wait until your ‘Prada’ levels are high enough before you can send out further units. As you progress through each level, you score ‘Upgrade Points’. These Points can be used to purchase new and improved troop units at the end of each level.

Interestingly, all of the 100 levels are ‘unlocked’ at the start of the game, meaning you can start from any point. However, opponents are obviously stronger in Level 40 than they are in Level 1, so we recommend playing the Levels in their normal sequence in order to build up sufficient troop availability. Good luck out there on the battlefield!

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