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Online RPG Animation Game - Infiltrating the Airship

Rating: 9.6/10 - 37214 votes

Infiltrating the Airship is a hilarious, cool, interactive ‘choose your own destiny’ RPG animation game (and funny sequel to the "Stealing the Diamond" and "Escaping the Prison" games also on our game site) where you play the role of notorious gem thief Henry Stickman in another random and wacky mouse-clicking activity. The government has cut a deal with Henry – bring down the infamous "Top Hat Clan" (a devious group of thieves), and all previous charges against Henry will be dropped. There’s only one catch; he has to successfully infiltrate a heavily-guarded aircraft, and defeat the hat-wearing bad guys inside! Use your computer mouse to make a series of multiple-choice selections that advance the story. Your goal is to discover a scenario that gets Henry into the airship, and allows him to escape punishment scot free!

Based on a series of funny stickman animation sketches, this highly humorous and entertaining role-playing adventure follows a distinct ‘choose your own action sequences’ style where you get to develop your own specific storyline based on the point-and-click choices that you make. While the gameplay follows a pretty zany, madcap motif (you can use wizard magic, grappling hooks, teleporters, laser guns, and other wonderfully random items), you still need to exhibit some logical thinking skills too as you work toward a positive outcome for Henry. Most of the interactive mouse-clicking choices give you plenty of time to think, but sometimes you may need to act quickly, so your sharp reactions and reflexes also come into play. Have you got the vision, imagination, cunning strategy and unerring determination required to make the correct in-game choices? Good luck, and let’s hope you help find a happy ending for Henry!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to get the game to develop into a scenario where Henry is able to uphold his agreement with his employers (who identify themselves as ‘the government’), and leave the airship as a free man. There are 4 positive outcomes, and over 60 negative outcomes (a big red ‘FAIL’ sign abruptly appears on screen when you make an incorrect choice). In between each choice, a fun animation develops the story, and brings Henry to a new part of the airship. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, make your selection by clicking on the various objects and items that appear in between each animation.

For example, at the beginning of the game, you have to select the method Henry uses to jump from a helicopter to the airship; Choose between a grappling gun, a cannon ball, an ear piece, or a sticky glove (trust us; all of the choices are this random). Depending on which item you pick, Henry embarks on a different tangent of the complex storyline. More often than not, you make an incorrect decision, and the big red FAIL sign appears. Don't despair though when this happens! Simply. click the ‘Retry’ button to return to your previous choice. You can also click the ‘Step Back’ button to go back one further step, or the ‘Return to Start’ button to go all the way back to your initial choice option. Can you solve the problem for Henry, and find all 4 positive ‘endings’ where Henry amazingly becomes the hero of the day?

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