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Falling Blocks Physics-based Game - Imperfect Balance 2

Rating: 7/10 - 522 votes

Imperfect Balance 2 is an addicting physics-based game for kids & teens where you have to use your knowledge of balance and gravity to succeed. This fun game might make you question your own mental stability! Science has never been such wobbly enjoyment! This game is the exact opposite to the popular Perfect Balance game. The goal with this version is to make as many blocks and shapes fall off the screen as possible!

It’s fun to watch them fall (until they get stuck, that is!). Have a go – see if you can handle the delicate demands of gravity. You have to use the available geometrical figures (balls, squares, triangles, etc.) in a certain order and position in order to make all the pieces/shapes fall out off the game screen (by employing gravity).

It sounds simple but it can become a very fiddly task! It’s difficult to make all pieces and shapes fall (without leaving any standing and intact). Also, some of the pieces often get stuck and are very difficult to move (leaving you with a poor score). Plan your moves ahead! You don’t want to get any pieces stuck! With a high total score, you can unlock the next Level Pack.

You don’t need to beat every level completely to be able to continue, just make as many colorful blocks as possible fall off the screen. You can also destroy colorful blocks by other means (bombs etc.) A bomb destroys all but glass blocks. You earn 1 point for every colorful block that falls off the screen and 3 points for each block that is in the shape box when you have cleared the Playfield. A perfect strike gives you 5 extra points.

How To Play: Choose a shape from the available pieces at the top of the game screen (Shape Box) by clicking on it with your computer mouse. You can now move it to any place in main game area (Playfield). Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to rotate the shape: (A/D, LEFT/RIGHT) to quickly rotate and (W/S, UP/DOWN) to slowly rotate. You can also use the scroll button on your mouse to rotate the shape. Once the shape is in place, click on it with your mouse, to let it drop. You can change the level at any stage by clicking on the “Level Icon” at the top of the game screen. You can see your Score, Best Score and Total Score at the bottom of the game screen.

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