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Free Zombie Shooting Game Online - Thing-Thing 3

Rating: 8.8/10 - 3672 votes

Thing-Thing 3 is a super-sophisticated fast shooting game for teens where your goal is to gain points by destroying as many of the enemy as possible - without getting eliminated yourself. This fast-paced game is perfect for anyone looking for some pump-action adventure and excitement! It will have you on the edge of your seat! In this version of the classic Thing-Thing series, you need to fight your way through Sunset City Systems Corp to get to the Industrial Sector. If you make it there alive, you will then be given further directions. Be WARNED! You’ll encounter some fearsome opposition on the way – everything from Zombies and Mercenaries to Killer Beans! Remember, once your health bar gets to zero, you are Dead!

With a huge array of guns to collect and many achievements to reach, this is certainly one of the best flash games around. Your progress is saved automatically so you can come back and play until you have the game 100% complete. There are various types of game you can play: Story Mode, Zombie Survival, Super Survival and Stinky Bean Survival – all with varying levels of fun-filled action and detail. Think you could handle an onslaught of Horrible beans? Well, think again! You need to think fast, move fast and shoot even faster to survive! Get to your target destination before it’s too late. Good luck and get blasting!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to create your character by clicking on the arrows on the left hand side of the game screen. Choose “Survival Mode” or “Story Mode” by clicking on right hand side of the screen. You can see your Health Bar and Score in the top left corner and the number of eliminations in the top right hand corner. Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to play the game: (A) (D) or (LEFT) (RIGHT) to move; (W) or (UP) to jump; (SHIFT) or (CTRL) to run; (P) to pause; (E or NUM 0) to change your weapon; (S) or (DOWN) to duck. Number keys (1) to (6) are hot weapon keys. Use your computer mouse to aim and click on the left mouse button to shoot.

TIPS: If you shoot the opposing forces in the head, they will be eliminated quicker. If they get too close and it’s hard to shoot them, jump up and move in order to create distance between yourself and the enemy – take aim from a distance and fire! To unlock secret weapons, finish each level and survival mode with high kill counts. Go Hot Shot!

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