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Top Platform Shooting Combat Game - Strikeforce Heroes

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Strikeforce Heroes is an action-packed platform shoot ‘em up game for older kids where you become an integral part of a highly-skilled, elite military force. Sent deep into enemy territory in a series of daring and dangerous missions all over the world, you and your squad of super soldiers have to eliminate rebel forces, gather valuable ‘intel’, and generally perform the duties of a top-class ‘black ops’ team. With dozens of different available weapons, your versatile squad has the opportunity to become one of the most feared units in the world – all under your expert tutelage. Dispatch your guerrilla opponents with pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, and a whole host of modern weaponry and gadgets. This is 21st century warfare at the highest level!

This dynamic and in-depth military-based shooting game is reminiscent in style to classic titles like Raze and Box Head, while the remarkably fluid gameplay makes it one of the absolute ‘must play’ platformers. Build up your arsenal, enhance your stats, and carefully manage your troops with shrewd battle strategies and astute military maneuvers. Your team has been employed for these missions because of your reputation for high-quality, no-nonsense tactics. It’s time to produce results with the utmost precision. Ok Sharp Shooter, it’s time to earn your stripes!

How to Play: (Note: When you first click ‘Play’, the screen might say ‘rendering…please wait’ for a few seconds. After that, you might have to click ‘Play’ again, and the game will load).

There are three different Game Modes to choose from: ‘Campaign Mode’, ‘Challenges’, and ‘Quick Match’. In Campaign Mode, there are 15 increasingly challenging ‘missions’ where you have to eliminate a set amount of enemies in each level. Challenges Mode is a much more difficult version where you face 15 random challenges featuring random different terrains, weapons, objectives etc (recommended only for experienced players). Quick Match mode is a fully-customizable, once-off level where you get to choose the amount of enemies you have to face, the weapons involved etc.

We recommend playing the ‘Tutorial’ first level of Campaign Mode in order to get used to the controls (here, your character is a scientist rather than a soldier). The controls remain the same in each of the three game modes. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your soldier: Up Arrow / W / Spacebar = Jump; Down Arrow / S = Crouch; Left & Right Arrows / A & D = Move. To use your weapon, aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire. Press the Q or Shift Keys to toggle between weapons. Reload your weapon by pressing the R Key (you can see how much ammo you have remaining in the bottom right corner of the game screen). Your health is indicated by the ‘HP’ amount in the bottom left corner. Once this reaches zero, your soldier ‘respawns’ after a few seconds.

In each mission, your team has to eliminate a set number of enemy soldiers in order to progress. This number is indicated on the level select screen before you begin the mission. You can see how many opponents your team has eliminated in the top left corner of the game screen (your team’s score is indicated by the blue bar, the enemy’s score is the orange bar). Enjoy this pressure-packed adventure!

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