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Online Tank Shooting Game - Toy Wars

Rating: 7.7/10 - 175 votes

If you like toys with a bit more attitude and firepower, then Toy Wars may be just the game for you! This is an all-action, tank-based shooting game for kids where you have to blast your way through a seemingly endless onslaught of toy helicopters, fighter planes, anti-tank aircraft, and more. You must expertly dodge and weave your toy tank through a precarious battlefield of missiles, gunfire and extreme explosions! Survive all the way to the end of 4 increasingly difficult levels to be crowned the Ultimate Toy Wars Champion!

This straight-forward game requires quick reactions, deft mouse-movement or keyboard tapping skills, and good observation to spot incoming fire. Now, it's time to load up your heavily-armored toy vehicle, tighten down your hatch, and rid your virtual toolbox of these pesky airborne enemies for once and for all! Good look Commander!

How to Play: There are 4 increasingly challenging levels where your goal is to safely navigate your toy tank through the oncoming assault of enemy planes and helicopters. At the level select screen, you can choose to control your tank with either your computer mouse or keyboard. The mouse is the default control, but you can also click on the mouse icon at the top of the game screen to switch to keyboard control. In Mouse Mode, your tank simply mimics (follows) the movement of your mouse cursor. In Keyboard Mode, use the Arrow Keys to direct your machine.

Your tank fires missiles automatically. You simply have to maneuver it through the top-to-bottom scrolling battlefield to eliminate enemy aircraft. Avoid coming into contact with any enemy aircraft missiles (circular gold bombs), or crashing into oncoming aircraft, as this increases your Damage Bar in the top left corner of the game screen. If your Damage Bar fills up completely (turns red), it’s game over, and you have to restart the level. Survive until the end of the level to progress. Also try to collect the green and yellow Power-up Shells as you go along. A Green Shell doubles your missile firepower for a few seconds, while a Red Shell gives you a temporary three-pronged missile attack capability.

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