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Western Shooting / Cowboy Action Game - Bandit: Gunslinger

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Bandit: Gunslinger is an old wild west-themed, side-scrolling, shooting and platform game where you must make your way along the roof of a moving train, eliminating enemies and dodging obstacles as you progress! You play the role of a principled gunslinger, and must fight off a gang of scruffy bandits out to get you! One mistake - and you're a goner!

Reasons to play this fast-paced, cowboy action game: This is a good fun, old-fashioned, wild-west shootout on top of a fast-moving locomotive! It doesn't get much more old-school arcade than this! Exercise your fast reactions and observation skills as you fend off enemies from both sides, and leap over obstacles to remain upright on the train.

Strategy to win: Constant vigilance and anticipation skills are the key to success here. You must be continuously on alert for bandits attacking from your left or right, and also be on the lookout for pesky poles and signs that could easily knock you over if you don't take fast, evasive action. Good keyboard control is also vital as you must quickly learn to control your movement and weapon at the same time.

How to Play: A Flash-based shooting game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Control your gunslinger's movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard: Up Arrow = Jump; Left & Right Arrows = Run; Down Arrow = Duck / Crouch. Control your revolver gun with the ASD Keys: A = Shoot to the left; S = Shoot downward; D = Shoot to the right. Press the R Key to reload your gun.

Even though the game appears to be one long level, each time you progress to a train carriage where an eagle sits on a post, you technically move up one level (The eagle’s post acts as a checkpoint, you Re-spawn here if you lose a life). One shot from your gun eliminates all individual enemies except for the ‘Boss’ characters. However, if you get shot, you lose a life. Likewise, if you fall between train carriages or get knocked down by a wooden post, you are transported back to the last checkpoint.

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