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Online Zombie Shooting Game - Boxhead - The Zombie Wars

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Boxhead - The Zombie Wars game lands you (Jon Bambo) into the middle of a fight with an army of zombies. You must fight them alone, and the game requires good memory for controls, quick reaction skills and a well-planned strategy. Boxhead The Zombie Wars comes with new graphics, a new hostile environment, and brings a new feature to the series which allows you to construct your own base with turret guns and barricades at any chosen game field once available. You will be required to keep your base operational at all times while you are building it otherwise the wave of mighty Zombies and their allies will crush you. Equipped with an awesome arsenal of weapons, you will need to use these wisely as the numbers of attacking enemy forces have multiplied 10 times when compared to previous games.

After shooting a creature – see if it leaves a box behind – collect every box available as they contain ammunition for your weapons, and building materials for barricades. Once you have ammunition for your Turret Gun and Turret Mortar, you can place them strategically to help you in the battle. Barricades can help you keep the creatures away but they are best to protect your turrets against zombies. Remember to leave some space for yourself as you have to be able to walk around freely in order to collect ammo boxes. Anything you build for your base will not last long if Zombies and Devils get their hands on to them. They will destroy your barricades, your turrets and anything else you build if they get close to them. Go out bravely, shoot at the creatures and collect valuable top ups for your ammunition.

How to Play: You have to learn the controls of the game by heart in order to play it well.
Zombie Wars Weapons are selectable by pressing number keys from 1 to 0. Learn them well to ensure you can make a quick switch when needed:

  • 1 - Pistol (The weakest of the weapons but essential, if you have nothing else.)
  • 2 - Shotgun (A double shot shotgun with awesome power once upgrades are collected and it turns into a rapid firing, wide-spread Zombie destroying machine.)
  • 3 - Barrels (Full of fuel and that explode when shot at. Press fire and place a barrel or two, then select pistol and shoot at the barrel when Zombies are next to them. Try and get 200+ Zombies in one shot.)
  • 4 - Barricades (Defences for your base and they generally block the path of the enemy. If the Zombies see them, they like to destroy them, so use Barricades to take up Zombie time and slow them down.)
  • 5 - Turret Gun (Press fire to Place. Once placed, the turret will shoot at any of the creatures automatically until they are all destroyed. A turret has a limited amount of ammunition. Keep collecting boxes to have sufficient ammo for them. Defend turrets when you see the Devil creature.)
  • 6 - Minigun (Rapidly fire 5000 rounds per second straight at the Zombies head. Take down the whole army on your own, in true Jon Bambo style. The best gun you can carry around, nothing can stop you with it.)
  • 7 - Grenades (Press, hold and release to throw a grenade. Pressing rapidly will spew them out at the same distance.)
  • 8 - Rocket Launcher (fires Rockets and when upgraded, shoots as fast as an UZI. It is a great carry-around RPG weapon.)
  • 9 - Turret Mortar (Same as the Turret Machine gun, except it fires over the crowns into the heart of the enemy army. Turret Mortars need to be defended by you, barricades or other turrets as it cannot protect itself from Zombies as it has no short distance shot capabilities.)
  • 0 - Airstrike (Get into the heart of the army, press fire, beacon activates, jets fly over-head with a devastating war head and wipes out the whole field of baddies).

You can use the Z and X buttons on your computer keyboard to also cycle through Weapons, but sometimes it is too slow.
The objective is simple: Eliminate all the baddies: Zombies, Vampires and the Devil. You only get one life only.
To earn new weapons and equipment, eliminate the baddies quickly and as many as possible with one shot to increase the Points Multiplier. As the Multiplier increases, you gain new weapons and the weapons you already have are upgraded as well.
To earn the highest score possible, get the multiplier (seen at the top right corner) all the way up to 999, this means that for every Zombie eliminated, you will earn 100x999 and not just 100 pts.

There is a certain tactics with each Creature:

  • The Zombies: These creatures were once residents of the town of Boxville but have now been cursed with the deadly Zombie virus. They are usually pretty slow and rely on getting close to you to devour you, so keep your distance and shoot their heads off with your choice of weapon. You receive 1 multiplier point per Zombie downed. Use them to increase the Points Multiplier up to 999.
  • The Mummies: These creatures come from the ground, into your base or appear right next to you. You never know when or where they will appear next. They are as slow as Zombies and easy to get away from them.
  • The Runners: The same as Zombies but, they sprint at you and try to attack once they have seen you. If you get more than one running at you - run for your life or you are in trouble. It is best to run away and then quickly turn around and blow them to bits. If your base is working well, just run and hide and let the turrets take care of them.
  • The Vampirette: They have a cunning trick - they disappear, turn into a bat and then reappear at your side just to get a bite on you. One touch and you are dead. If you see smoke, run for your life, turn around and shoot.
  • The Devil: He launches a deadly fire attack on you and your base, a line of fire burns everything in its path like napalm. Try to keep yourself at a distance and wait for him to attack first before eliminating him. He doesn't like to be interrupted during the attack.

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