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Fun Customer Service Game - Gazzoline Deluxe

Rating: 6.8/10 - 929 votes

Earn a vast fortune running your own gasoline filling station while providing top class customer service to your patrons: Gazzoline Deluxe is a fun and intense, multi-tasking, point and click tycoon game for kids & high school students where you take over the everyday management of a very busy gasoline station! Here, you must exhibit strong all-round business strategy and customer service skills while promptly completing tasks such as filling up gas tanks, serving drinks & snacks, working the cash register, and more in a hectic day's work to make your station a real success!

This fast-paced, customer service and business-building simulation game requires typical entrepreneurial and hard-working traits such as alertness, a sense of purpose and urgency, fast reactions, good decision making skills, and the ability and determination to multi-task all day long without deviation or complaint. You might have a few cars waiting to be served at any one time, so there's definitely no time to dawdle!

Boredom is just not on the menu in this business world. There's really good money to be earned out there, and continuous repeat actions are certainly not a problem when you are backing a winner and making a healthy profit. Now then, are you ready to transform your virtual business from a one-pump stand into a global franchise that has everyone stopping by for a great service?

How to Play: There are 16 increasingly-challenging days / levels to get through. On day 1, you have just one pump and a few customers, but the scale of your business quickly increases as you progress. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag a car next to the gas pump to start the process. Then, click on the pump to start filling the tank. When the customer is happy, they happily hand over virtual cash. Click on the cash pile, then on the register close to the top of the game zone in order to deposit the earnings. The faster you complete the whole process, the more income you receive in tips.

Some customers also purchase snacks such as hot dogs. Click on the snack from the store window, and then click on the vehicle to serve the customer. In between each level, you can use virtual income earned to purchase upgrades and new equipment (such as extra gas pumps, a car wash service, faster movement, and more). Happy customer service!

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