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Hospitality Simulation Game Online - Hotel Baron

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Build your own hotel empire, and rise from the rank of hospitality novice to a respected, multi-location, hotel chain super-owner! Hotel Baron is an amazingly in-depth, highly-stimulating tycoon game and RPG construction-based activity (for older kids, high school & college students) where you have the opportunity to build, maintain, and control your own hotel business. With three distinct game modes, you can build your company from the ground up, hire expert staff, design the exterior and interior of your hotels, provide top quality customer service, and more!

Reasons to play this incredibly-detailed, business management simulation game: If you have even a passing interest in the hospitality and services industry, or have ever dreamed of owning your own scalable business, this is an awesome free online activity to dive into! Test and exercise your business skills, drive, determination and persistence levels to achieve your vision. Even the most miniscule of details is under your direct control in Hotel Baron – from the height of each floor, the price of each room, to the plant-life in the hotel lobby!

Skills / strategy required: Shrewd business acumen, a willingness for multitasking, strong decision making skills, and fluid problem-solving abilities are some of the key skills of a good hospitality manager. Accurate mouse clicking is quite important here too, especially with very specific details. A good strategy could be to think of the times you may have stayed in a hotel or motel. Weigh up what you really enjoyed and didn't enjoy so much about your real-life experience, and then make improvements to your virtual hotel environments accordingly!

How to Play: A cool, Flash-based, tycoon and construction-based role playing game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the flashing brown ‘click here to play’ icon near the bottom center of the play area. There are 3 distinct game modes to choose from: Campaign, Scenario, and Sandbox.

Campaign Mode: Here, you start off from scratch, and must complete 25 increasingly-challenging missions in order to reach the rank of Hotel Baron (You begin as ‘Novice’). Mission examples include: ‘Build a 3-storey hotel building or higher’, ‘Hire your first employee’, ‘Make a profitable month’, etc.

Scenario Mode: Here, you are dropped into specialized scenarios, and must complete various tasks. Typically, you do not have to start from scratch, your hotels are already operational. There are 8 different scenarios, from beginner to advanced levels. Scenarios include: ‘Build a 20-storey skyscraper hotel’, ‘Generate 10,000 in revenue’, etc.

Sandbox Mode: This is a ‘free-play’ mode where you have an unlimited amount of virtual funds and no restrictions to create your dream hotel.

In each game mode, and throughout the game, the controls follow a point-and-click method with your computer mouse / touchpad. Follow the helpful tutorial tips that pop up frequently on the game interface, and you should hopefully get the hang of the controls and purpose pretty quickly. Enjoy the journey to success!

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