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Online Skill-based Puzzle - Ugi The Time Traveler

Rating: 7.3/10 - 105 votes

Ugi The Time Traveler is a challenging, physics-based skill game where Ugi is caught in the past and it is your goal to get him home. You have to send Ugi back to the future by guiding him to his portal (through, up and over a number of obstacles and across ravines by creating pathways and bridges with your special paint gun.) In each level, you must carefully direct him to the portal (exit). It’s not easy because there are a lot of obstacles Ugi needs to get by.

This tricky time-travelling adventure will certainly test and exercise your creative skills as you try and steer the little time-traveling creature, by drawing a channel or bridge for him in each level. It can take lots of trial and error to find the right solution, and this is all part of the challenge and fun. Happy engineering!

How to Play:  Get Ugi back to the Galactic Age from another time in the past, in the Ice Age, Medieval Age, Industrial Age and Galactic Age. At the start of each level in any Age, Ugi is far away from his portal.  You must draw a bridge or pathway to get him there.  To do this, use your computer mouse (click and drag) to draw a line of paint that will guide Ugi in the direction of the portal; Your pathway or route should help Ugi to build up sufficient momentum to reach his portal.  When you think your path is ready – click ‘Start’ in the bottom left corner of your game screen to set Ugi on his way to his portal (Hopefully!).

Tips: Try not to use too much paint when drawing the paths for Ugi. You only have a certain amount of paint, so try to use it wisely or it runs out. Don’t worry though, because you can erase and redraw your paint path. When you are out of paint, your paint gun turns red, and you have to erase some part of your path to win back that paint. To do that, click the ‘undo’ button at the bottom of the game screen to erase the last bit of paint that you drew. If you want all of your paint back, click the ‘clear’ button at the bottom of the game area so that you can start again.

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