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Experience volleyball like you've never done before! Madpet Volleybomb is a wacky, volleyball-based skill game where you must use smart reflexes and keyboard reaction speed to knock a ticking time bomb (instead of a ball) over the net in a high-intensity game of "volleybomb" - playing against the computer or a friend! With eccentric cartoon creatures as the stars of the show, you earn points by ensuring that the bouncy bomb explodes on your opponent's side of the court.

This fun and unusual ball sports simulation game (with rules much like a very eccentric version of badminton or tennis) requires good decision making, fast reflexes and hand-eye coordination, and smart prediction skills to best deal with the bomb each time it arrives on your side of the net. As in volleyball in real-life, this is an all-action game where you have no time to dawdle! Simply get that bomb over the net as fast as you can!

How to Play: Choose between Single Player and Two Player game modes: In Single Player mode, you take on 10 increasingly-difficult computer opponents. In Two Player mode, you take on a best friend or family member. On the Main Menu Screen, click on the game mode option to toggle between the two, and then click "Play".

In Single Player Mode, your goal is to defeat your opponent by eliminating of all of its lives (Indicated by little red heart icons). To force an opponent to lose a life, you must ensure that the "volleybomb" explodes on their side of the court. Your character is always on the right hand side of the game screen in Single Player mode. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move, and the Up Arrow to jump.

Try to knock the small green grenade (volleybomb) into your opponent's area of the court as often as possible. If the bomb lands on the ground, it explodes, taking a life from whoever allowed it to land. However, you can only touch the bomb a maximum of three times on one side of the court before it must cross the net. If you exceed three touches, the bomb explodes! Once all of your opponent's lives are used, you advance to the next round. Also use the wall of the play zone (behind you) to help you to volley the ball back. Enjoy the crazy action!

Note: In 2 Player mode, the Player on the right hand side of the court uses the Arrow Keys while the player on the left hand side uses the W, A and D Keys.

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