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Sports Game - Power Badminton

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Stick Figure Badminton is a fun and fast-paced online racket sports game where you take on either the computer or a friend in a high-octane game of badminton. Badminton is a really intense indoor sport where you hit a small object called a shuttlecock back and forth over a highly-placed net. Here, you play the role of a virtual badminton-playing stick man, or a futuristic badminton robot! Speed and agility are the key to playing badminton, so you’ll need quick reactions and nifty fingers to win each contest.

Dash around the court, leap through the air, and perform cool slam shots – all to try to get the shuttlecock back on your opponents’ side of the net. This game is also perfect for anyone who likes tennis, squash or any other racket (racquet) sports. The simple stickman-style graphics make this skill game very easy to play, so it’s a good introduction to the sport of badminton if you’ve never played it. It’s time to grab your racket, and serve up a storm!

How to Play: The rules are straight-forward – you hit an object (shuttlecock), back and forth across a net until it hits the ground on one side of the net. Unlike in tennis, for example, once the shuttlecock hits the ground – that’s the end of the rally (turn). Each contest is up to 7 points, and you score 1 point for making the shuttlecock fall on your opponents’ side of the court. The Scoreboard is in the center of the game screen. There are two Modes, 1 Player and 2 Player. In 1 Player Mode, you take on computer-controlled opponents which increase in difficulty. You can choose to play as a regular Stickman or a cool badminton-playing robot.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your player’s movements. Left and Right Arrows = Move around the court; Up Arrow = Jump; Down Arrow = Swing your racket. The controls are the same for both types of player, except the robot moves up through the air instead of jumping. The player who ‘serves’ (hits first in each rally) is determined by whoever has won the previous point. Each new computer-controlled player is faster and more agile than the one before, so they pose a greater challenge. In 2 Player Mode, you play against a friend or family member on the same keyboard; Player 1 uses the WASD Keys, while Player 2 uses the Arrow Keys. Tip: Try to hit a shot while jumping in the air. This gives the shot more power and a better angle, making it more difficult for your opponent to get the shuttlecock back over the net.

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