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Rizk is a stylish, in-depth and thought-provoking resource management simulation game for older kids and teens where you must plant, grow, and protect a large tree-like organism on an alien planet. Each level produces a new challenge that combines resource management, defensive strategy, risk assessment and more, as you try to procure sufficient natural materials, and provide regular care so that your plant can survive and thrive. However, growing living organisms in a new and hostile environment has its dangers, and the indigenous plant population of the alien planet will not give up their precious land without a fight. You need to deploy defensive robots in order to block their attacks while simultaneously funneling precious minerals to your plant.

This original, highly-stimulating and tricky resource deployment game should prove a good fit for gamers who love strategy-based games, and for those are interested in botany (the study of plants), ecology (the study of interactions among organisms and their environment), and environmentalism! While the habitat here is rather otherworldly, you still have to exhibit the same level of acute care and attention as if you were tending to the flowers in your own backyard. Every plant needs food and water to survive, and must also be protected from potential attacks. Your alien plant organism is no different! Quick reactions and an ability to adapt to a changing environment are really important attributes here, as are good decision making and multi-tasking skills. Have you got the discipline and stamina to become a champion inter-galactic ecologist? Get ready to plant the seed of success!

How to Play: In each of the 5 increasingly challenging levels, your objective is to grow and protect your plant until the purple “Plant Growth” bar in the top left corner of the game screen is full. In order to grow your plant, you have to extract natural resources from the ground and the air (these resources are in the form of purple liquid while in the ground, and purple spores when airborne). To harness the various purple resources, you have to deploy three different types of ‘Resource’ robots: A ‘Slurper’ gathers resources from the ground below, a ‘Catcher’ gathers resources that fall from above, and a ‘Breezer’ gathers resources from the air. Each of these robots collect the precious resources, convert them to circular purple spores, and fire these spores toward your plant in order to increase its growth.

Your Resource robots often disturb orange-colored enemy plants. These enemies release damaging orange spores which stunt your plant’s growth. In order to counteract this, you need to deploy ‘Defender’ robots. These robots act as a kind of anti-spore missile firing team, and shoot any harmful spores that come within range. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on the area where you want to deploy a robot, and then click on the icon of your specific chosen robot. You need Gold Coins to purchase new robots, and to upgrade existing ones. Your Gold Coin total increases as you grow your plant.

Tip: A good strategy is to position ‘Defender’ robots all around your plant. This way, the nourishing purple resource spores can reach your plant, but the harmful orange enemy spores cannot. Pay close attention to the tutorial in Level 1 as this gives you a good idea of the concepts and controls of the game. Enjoy the challenge!

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