Top military strategy game free online to play now with no download: Shadez 2: Battle for Earth, is one of the best military strategy games on the web for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. Flash army RPG games for older kids (boys & girls), teens, youth. Play cool decision making/ thinking games under pressure.
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Top Military Strategy Game - Shadez 2: Battle for Earth

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Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the most epic and detailed battle strategy games online. Shadez 2: Battle for Earth is a hugely popular sequel in the Shadez series of strategic warfare games where you play the role of the Commander of an elite Mercenary Force. Governments and top organizations from around the world hire your crack team to perform the most dangerous ‘mission impossible-style’ Black Ops military engagements. This time, you have to battle against an unknown, machine-like enemy (possibly of extraterrestrial origin) that has laid waste to most of Earth's population. You and your team are all that stands between them, and Earth’s total annihilation! You'd better get a real good battle strategy sorted, and fast! Your entire planet needs you! Mankind is depending on you to save the day!

This grand-scale, mouse-clicking war strategy activity is packed with fun-filled explosive action, awesome weaponry, and a series of challenging missions that take place all over the world. Utilize shrewd battle tactics, complicated troop maneuvers, and efficient tower defense-style methods to rid each level of the threat from the faceless mechanical bad guys. This isn’t an all-guns-blazing battle – you have to be more subtle, using your expert knowledge of military hardware, troop deployment, and air strikes to take out this unconventional and fearsome enemy force. OK Commander, it’s time to gather your troops. Attack is the best from of defense! Good luck.

How to Play: There are two game modes to choose from – Campaign Mode and Skirmish Mode. In Skirmish Mode, you can design your own free-for-all, custom made levels. In Campaign Mode, you have to pass a series of difficult Black Ops missions where you eliminate enemy forces, rescue civilians, construct military buildings, and more in Missions that take place around the globe. We recommend that you try the Training Mission first in order to get used to the many different controls and features.

At the start of the Campaign, you have to build your army from scratch. This means you have to build a Headquarters (a main base), a Power Plant (for electricity), an Ore Refinery (for mining and collecting funds), and a Barracks (for producing your Marine Troops). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the Building Icons along the Interface at the bottom of the game screen to construct these buildings, one-by-one. In later levels, these buildings are already in place, and you can increase their productivity as you progress.

Once you have your infrastructure set up, you can produce and send troops to engage the enemy. Click on the Barracks, and click the Marine Icon that appears. After a few seconds, the Icon refreshes itself, and a brand new Marine walks out of the Barracks. Each troop costs a certain amount of Virtual Funds to create (however, if your Ore Refinery is working well, you shouldn’t have to worry about funds, as the truck mines the golden gems out of the ground and deposits the funds to your total - located in the bottom left corner of the game screen). To control your troops, Left Click and drag your mouse across to create a kind of ‘net’ that highlights all of your selected troops. Then click on the area on the game screen you want them to march to (you can side-scroll along the landscape using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard).

Your goal in most levels is to eliminate the enemy buildings and troops on the opposite end of the battlefield. Once your troops come within range of an enemy building or soldier, they automatically open fire. Alternatively, you can highlight your selected troops as outlined above, and click on the specific enemy building/troop that you want to target. The Mission is complete when all enemy forces have been destroyed. Likewise, the Mission is failed if the enemy manages to destroy your Headquarters – so remember to leave a few troops behind to guard this building! Each time you successfully complete a Mission, you earn EXP Points. These can be used to upgrade and unlock various new buildings, weapons, and troops as you progress.

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