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Dark Racing

Experience the pure chaos of extreme monster truck racing in this ultimate stunt racing game. 2D Dark Racing offers you the greatest thrills as you compete against racers across over 30 amazing levels, all set in a black and white silhouette. Win each level by coming in first, winning amazing prize money as you do to buy upgrades or unlock more powerful monster trucks. This is one stunt racing game you will not regret playing for the next few hours.

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Offroad Forest Racing

Get ready for the ride of your life with Offroad Forest Racing! This 4x4 off-road game will take you on the wildest, most challenging tracks filled with dirt, obstacles, and breathtaking scenery. With extreme difficulties and stunning visuals, you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen!

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4x4 Monster

Control a monster truck on a track, leading heavy vehicle over mountains and pass various obstacles on the way, and keeping your truck in play for as long as possible!

Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC, 4x4 Monster is a straight-forward, monster truck driving simulation game and fun, where you must crawl over obstacles, and travel along the track to the finish line. The more experienced you become, the more challenging your ‘missions’ are.

This repeat-play, endless driving simulation game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. 

Controls: Your truck accelerates and stops/Reverses using Up/Down arrow keys.  Use Left/Right arrow keys to balance your truck preventing it from tipping over. When the obstacle in front of you is higher than the wheels - try lifting the front of the truck by holding Left arrow key and Up arrow key. That way truck accelerates, lifts the front wheels up and makes it easier to overcome the obstacle.

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Garbage Truck Simulator

Get down and dirty in Garbage Truck Simulator: Recycling Driving Game, an impressive 3D garbage collection simulator that has you cruising through garbage riddled cities collecting and recycling their waste to promote a clean living environment as well as expanding your garbage collection empire in the process.

Control big boy garbage collection trucks and steer them through traffic congested cities collecting waste and rightfully disposing of it in the city landfill. Drive carefully and patiently to avoid colliding with the city traffic, complete fun yet sometimes challenging levels to unlock bigger and better trucks as you grow your empire.

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Tractor Mania

Play as a tractor driver, in Tractor Mania, and your goal is to deliver items from the warehouse to the factory, the more items you bring, the more coins you get. You can use these coins you can buy new tractors and trailers in your garage, as well as improve them. Show everyone who is the best transporter! Balance the need for speed and precision to ensure you do a good job and get the items delivered!

You will get a batch of items, in which you must deliver to the factory! A good idea may be to upgrade your tractor's fuel capacity as soon as possible, you do not want to be running out of fuel! This game will help develop your coordination skills, you need to delicately balance your trailer and then operate the controls to effectively drive and reach the end!

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City Race Destruction

City Race Destruction is a survival race in a city full of obstacles! Find special signs on the streets of the city to participate in insane survival races on the narrow streets of a small city. Collect coins, win races and get large sums to buy even faster and armored vehicles that will easily destroy any opponent!

The aim of the game is simple! Win the races and survive. It really is a battleground out there so you will need to take part in races and collect coins to give yourself a fighting chance! You need to have your wits about you and take no prisoners! Either you destroy, or you will be destroyed! Ready up and prove yourself in this exciting challenge!

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Monster Truck Driving Simulator

Ever fancied yourself as a monster truck driver? The cars where the wheels are bigger than your house! Well, now you can put your skills to the test in Monster Truck Driving Simulator! Drive around different maps such as the city or the forest, and smash your way through various obstacles and live the life of a professional madman! Collect coins along your way to purchase bigger, stronger, more exciting trucks for you to have fun with!

The aim of the game is to collect as many coins as possible along your journey, whilst causing destruction along the way! Use the handbrake to spin round in tight spots, do a ‘loop the loop’ and show the world what you are made of! The more money you collect, the bigger and more exciting a truck you can purchase and then do it all again! Playing this game you will need to have razor-sharp hand-eye coordination, to pinpoint driving through the coins using the left/right turn buttons, all whilst focusing on the screen!

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Oil Tanker Transporter Truck

Play Oil Tanker Transporter Truck and become a truck driver in this expansive open world truck driver simulator. The world has a dynamic day and night cycle, as well as different weather conditions. Complete all 10 levels to prove that you are capable of driving trucks!

Your job is to deliver trailers and earn money, across different maps with different obstacles along the way. Complete these missions to upgrade your truck or buy more modern trucks, the choice is yours! To be good at this game you need to have excellent driving skills, as well as good reactions and good judgement of distance.

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Truck Loader 4

Skilled forklift drivers required for challenging warehouse activity! Truck Loader 4 is a tricky forklift truck driving skill game & online freight management activity where you must transport small crates and boxes around a busy warehouse floor. You play the role of a hard working & attentive forklift driver, and have to carefully raise, lower, and tilt your vehicle’s prongs into various positions in order to shift boxes to specific color-coded areas within each increasingly challenging level. Warehouse forklift work might not immediately seem like the most heart-stopping activity but you’d be surprised how intricate and difficult it is to cautiously maneuver freight around the room. Gravity and magnet forklift is both your friend and your opponent, and one tiny mistake could result in the precious freight toppling from a high ledge! Enjoy this stern test of your indoor driving skills!

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Dubai Drift 4x4 Drift Simulator

Drift across vast and empty desert planes and over enormous dunes in Dubai Drift 4x4 Simulator 3D. Pick from half a dozen different 4x4s as you experience the thrill of clinging to the sides of dunes and racing down them, passing through checkpoint posts to extend your time. Dubai Drift 4x4 Simulator 3D is a simple and casual game with the simple goal of wanting to provide you with some entertainment after a long day.

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Monster Truck Racing

Monster Truck Racing is an unforgiving and hardcore race game where you drive a monster truck to victory. Compete against others in deadly races to obtain victory. Collect all the coins that you can in every level to buy new trucks.

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Impossible Truck

Extreme Impossible Monster Truck lives up to his name, set to a seriously chill beat.

If intense racing isn’t doing it for you, why not try some extreme-precise driving? In this game you control your monster truck on an elevated roadway, if you squeak off the edge you’ll be plummeting to your death, so watch out! And some of those obstacles are jumps you’ll have to time correctly, and they are close! On the way, you’ll be picking up some gold coins and the more you pick up the faster you can get a brand new ride. The races aren’t long and you’ll be blasting through them in no time.

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Hard Wheels 2

Hard Wheels 2 is a fun and challenging game where you have to clear all the obstacle courses. Clear all the levels and become the best monster truck driver in the world. Don't let your car flip over, as it will have you reset the level.

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Tractor Puzzle Farming

Tractor Puzzle Farming is a fun and easy to play puzzle game involving a tractor and a farm. Sounds cool already right? This is all about thinking logically and creating a plan to follow, using your tractor to cover the whole farm. Good luck and have fun!

The aim of this game is to successfully solve the puzzle and figure a way of covering the whole farm square by square without trapping yourself in with your trail. You will need a cunning mind for this as some of the levels get challenging as you progress! Keep calm and keep composed and you will be able to think logically and create a plan!

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Farming Town

Farming Town is a multi-tasking, farm management simulation game where you take over the running of a high-maintenance farm using the tractor as your main tool! This game is perfect for any agricultural enthusiast or anyone who enjoys the idea of owning, managing and growing a farm one day!

Your goal is to maintain a profitable farm by making sure you carry out the jobs required of you, before the time runs out! This keyboard and mouse game will give you a real understanding behind the amount of work required to run a successful is not easy. You need to be quick, productive and able to cope under time pressure! That clock will bet ticking, so make sure you are on top of your game! Happy Farming!

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Demolition Monster Army Truck

Become a true demolition expert, and prepare yourself for a career in the monster truck world! Demolition Monster Army Truck is a challenging, physics-based destruction game where you have to aggressively demolish other trucks! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to cause as much destruction as possible to other players and staying alive yourself! Ram your truck into the others and watch as you become the king of the demolition! This engineering activity requires that you drive your truck efficiently and precisely in order to cause the maximum damage required. Use your creative driving skills to ensure that the other players don't know what hit them...literally! BOOOM BOOOM! Happy demolition!

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Bus Parking 3D

Bus Parking 3D is a fun parking game, where the twist is that you'll have to maneuver a huge bus into little spaces! Get behind the wheel of a single decker bus, and navigate the crowded roads of the city to get to the right spaces. You'll need to avoid pedestrians, walls, and other cars to park in the shaded space within the short time limit. The quicker you can do so, the higher your score!

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Extreme Water Floating Bus

Have you got the expert driving skills to become the ultimate bus driver? Extreme Bus is a fun, challenging online driving game for kids where you play the role of a bus driver, who has found themselves in their bus, on a packed beach! Race through the checkpoints as fast as possible, but be careful of the beach decorations!

The aim of this game is to race around in your bus...which is on the beach. Luckily for you your bus has the capability to float and move on water...and that is exactly what you will need to do! You have to carefully guide your school bus through the checkpoints scattered around the beach before the time runs out, follow the green arrow for your direction to the next checkpoint, which may lead you into and across the water! You’ll need a steady hand, and precise driving ability to succeed here and the speed and aggression of a mad man to ensure you have a good time whilst doing it. Have you got what it takes to become an elite bus driver – or are you destined to be a passive driver forever? It’s time to find out – let’s get this show on the beach! Good luck!

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Drive To Wreck

Drive to Wreck is a side-scrolling game in which you control a wrecking ball machine. It’s your job to make it from one lorry to another at the end of each level, destroying buildings on your way while keeping your vehicle safe from damaging itself or tipping over!

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Fire City Truck Rescue Driving Simulator

Embrace your inner hero and save the day in Fire City Truck Rescue Driving Simulator! Take on the role of a courageous firefighter, driving one of four fire engines through a bustling urban beach city. Respond to fire alerts and alarms, racing against the clock to extinguish the flames and save lives.

Earn gems for every fire you put out and use them to unlock new fire engine trucks to expand your rescue fleet. With a variety of challenging rescue missions, you'll be thrilled to show off your heroics and firefighting skills!

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