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Free Truck Driving / Parking Games Online

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Play fun truck driving games & parking games for children, teens & Big Kids for free on - Truck driver simulation games, Drivers Ed parking games, mountain rescue/ offroad games, and more. Enjoy!

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18 Wheeler Impossible Stunt

18 Wheeler Impossible Stunt is a challenging truck driving and parking game where you have to first pick a truck and then park your massive 18 Wheeler truck under various different (and increasingly difficult) circumstances. If you are a truck enthusiast or have ever wondered how they manage to park these huge monsters, try this game! It requires precision driving skills and endless patience to succeed and provides a huge sense of satisfaction if you do!

OK truckster, your mission is to park the truck at the finishing spot across from where you start. You will have to navigate very tricky roads/paths with a small margin for error. This will require extreme precision when driving, be careful not to go over the edge as this is a one way ticket to fail the mission! Also, do not forget these lorries are very heavy so they act different to a smaller, lighter car for example. The braking, acceleration and steering is less responsive so bare this in mind when tackling this game!

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Mad Truck Challenge

Mad Truck Challenge is an original racing/shooting game for kids; You have to shoot at some other monster trucks whilst racing them at the same time. Use your experience and skills to make sure you come out on top. Collect coins and spend them in the garage to make your truck the most formidable truck the world has ever seen!

The aim of this game is ultimately to have fun! Secondly, complete the objectives set out at the start of each mission in order to progress, which may be 'destroy 5 other trucks' for example. This game requires good aggression and a sense of fun and excitement..sounds easy right? Come on then! 

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4x4 Monster

4x4 Monster is a truck-driving simulator that has you controlling a massive and powerful monster truck. Drive with speed but be careful not to tip over! Watch out for steep climbs and sudden drops and obstacles in the road.

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Dark Racing

Experience the pure chaos of extreme monster truck racing in this ultimate stunt racing game. 2D Dark Racing offers you the greatest thrills as you compete against racers across over 30 amazing levels, all set in a black and white silhouette. Win each level by coming in first, winning amazing prize money as you do to buy upgrades or unlock more powerful monster trucks. This is one stunt racing game you will not regret playing for the next few hours.

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Impossible Truck Driving Simulator 3D

Impossible Truck Driving Simulator 3D is a challenging online truck driving game where you get to experience life as a trucker! Safely deliver the goods before the time runs out and you will be onto a winner! Come and see what it is like being in control of these powerful vehicles with a lot of luggage in the back! Have you got what it takes?

The aim of this game is to drive the truck and deliver the cargo! Being up against the clock and being penalised for damaging cargo...a tricky combination to work around. This is why you need excellent driving skills, so hand eye coordination and a very good delicate hand on the keyboard controls are required here. Without them, you may struggle!

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Offroad Forest Racing

Get ready for the ride of your life with Offroad Forest Racing! This 4x4 off-road game will take you on the wildest, most challenging tracks filled with dirt, obstacles, and breathtaking scenery. With extreme difficulties and stunning visuals, you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen!

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Truck Loader 4

Skilled forklift drivers required for challenging warehouse activity! Truck Loader 4 is a tricky forklift truck driving skill game & online freight management activity where you must transport small crates and boxes around a busy warehouse floor. You play the role of a hard working & attentive forklift driver, and have to carefully raise, lower, and tilt your vehicle’s prongs into various positions in order to shift boxes to specific color-coded areas within each increasingly challenging level. Warehouse forklift work might not immediately seem like the most heart-stopping activity but you’d be surprised how intricate and difficult it is to cautiously maneuver freight around the room. Gravity and magnet forklift is both your friend and your opponent, and one tiny mistake could result in the precious freight toppling from a high ledge! Enjoy this stern test of your indoor driving skills!

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Impossible Truck

Extreme Impossible Monster Truck lives up to his name, set to a seriously chill beat.

If intense racing isn’t doing it for you, why not try some extreme-precise driving? In this game you control your monster truck on an elevated roadway, if you squeak off the edge you’ll be plummeting to your death, so watch out! And some of those obstacles are jumps you’ll have to time correctly, and they are close! On the way, you’ll be picking up some gold coins and the more you pick up the faster you can get a brand new ride. The races aren’t long and you’ll be blasting through them in no time.

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Monster Truck City Parking

Monster Truck City Parking is a fun, challenging car parking game for young children, teens and grownups where you have to park your monster truck in designated spaces, within a certain amount of time. It requires flawless driving and fastidious parking skills. You need to be a perfectionist to succeed in this game. Any driving standard short of perfection, quite simply won’t do! And remember, you’re up against the clock, so get your skates on – get parking!

OK, your goal is to park perfectly without crashing. At the start of each level, you are given a parking task and you are given a certain amount of time to perform this task. You need to keep an eye on the clock to see how much time you have left. Be careful - don’t stare at it or get obsessed with it. This game will test your vehicle control skills, so delicate fingers on the keyboard are a must here. You must be careful not to over do it with the throttle otherwise this beast of a machine will eat you up! Keep your eyes on the road! Once you park properly (and perfectly) in the space required, it’s on to the next level - well done! OK, clocks ticking – time for some breathtaking parking moves!

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Trash Truck Simulator

Trash Truck Simulator is a challenging online garbage truck parking game for children and Big Kids where you have to park a large truck in a designated area within a certain amount of time, to then pick up the garbage. This clever driving game requires expert driving skills - a fine appreciation of distance, direction and timing and a love of all things ginormous!  

Your mission is to clean the town of litter, by picking up and emptying the local bins, before the time runs out!! This will develop your skill of following directions, so potentially a mini driving lesson! Feel the freedom and good morals of picking up the rubbish and cleaning the local town! Come and see if you could manage to be a binman for your local area!

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Drive To Wreck

Drive to Wreck is a side-scrolling game in which you control a wrecking ball machine. It’s your job to make it from one lorry to another at the end of each level, destroying buildings on your way while keeping your vehicle safe from damaging itself or tipping over!

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Monster Truck Crazy Racing

Rev your engines and prepare for a high-octane adventure with Monster Truck Crazy Racing, where the roar of gigantic engines and the thrill of gravity-defying stunts await you in a dirt arena that's anything but tame.

Embark on a journey that not only tests your reflexes but sharpens them. As you maneuver these behemoths of vehicles through treacherous tracks and over colossal jumps, your hand-eye coordination will be put to the ultimate test. Feel your spatial awareness expand as you calculate each turn and flip, and watch as your strategic thinking evolves with every race, helping you to anticipate your opponents' moves and dominate the leaderboard.

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Impossible Truck Simulator 3D

Impossible Truck Simulator 3D is a truck parking game that requires huge amounts of skill and precision! Most people can’t cope with the demands of steering a gigantic 18-wheel truck. Can you? Your aim is to park the truck into the marked space with as little crashing as possible. Lets see if you can manage the pressure! Mount up!

The aim of the game is to get the truck into the parking space safely. You can select the color of your truck. Each new level brings you the challenge of an increasingly detailed and complicated parking situation. It can get excruciating. Test your driving ability! This game will test your ability to control a large truck and it definitely is not as easy as you may think at first, especially if you have to reverse! Use all your knowledge and put your fingers to work on the keyboard! See if you can handle a real 18 Wheeler.

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Offroad Monster Hill Truck

Offroad Monster Hill Truck is a cool 4x4 truck racing game where you must wrestle with a monster truck and get to the finish line on the tricky course. This all-action off-road game will have anyone (young or old) clinging to the edge of their keyboard! 

The aim of the game is to beat the tricky terrain you will be faced with and reach the finish line in your monster truck! Defeat the challenges you will be presented in any way you like, pure power and speed or adopt a more cautious approach! The timer will be ticking though, so make sure to finish before the timer runs out! This will test your ability to remain calm under building pressure as the timer ticks down, remain calm and focused and concentrate on the task in hand. This will also test your driving skills as you mustn't flip over, this will lead to a lengthy time delay!

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Port Truck Parking

Port Truck Parking has you play as a busy port freighter whose job it is to collect all of the cargo boxes scattered across the port holding area. Collect, attach and deliver each cargo box to their designated areas to earn money and win the level. Port Truck Parking offers simple and casual gameplay, but that does not mean that it is not enjoyable. If anything, it is a great game to entertain the kids with, while giving them an idea of what it is like working as a cargo trucker. In addition to that, Port Truck Parking offers over 100 levels, which will certainly provide them with more than enough entertainment for a long time.

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Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulation

Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator is a fun Role-Playing-Game simulating country life on a farm. You play the role of a farmer and your mission is to help deliver the cargo on time using the tractor! This incredibly realistic game will have you choosing between speed and then finesse. Is it worth throwing your cargo about over a hill just to reach the spot in time, but potentially lose money for being late? You must decide!

The aim of the game is to deliver the cargo to the destination on time and in the same condition that you set off with! This game will test your keyboard controls as controlling a tractor is hard enough! But, coupled with rough difficult terrain and a trailer hooked to the back of you, it is very difficult to control. Have you got the control required? Also, a good sense of timekeeping is required as you must balance your speed with your time ticking down. Try not to be late to the destination.

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Monster Truck Racing

Monster Truck Racing is an unforgiving and hardcore race game where you drive a monster truck to victory. Compete against others in deadly races to obtain victory. Collect all the coins that you can in every level to buy new trucks.

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Monster Truck Dirt Rally

Here is a racing game that will leave you muddy and ready for more. Monster Truck Dirt Rally is a wild and in-your-face racing game that has you taking huge leaps and doing amazing stunts all while attempting to outlast your competition and stay ahead of the pack.

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City Race Destruction

City Race Destruction is a survival race in a city full of obstacles! Find special signs on the streets of the city to participate in insane survival races on the narrow streets of a small city. Collect coins, win races and get large sums to buy even faster and armored vehicles that will easily destroy any opponent!

The aim of the game is simple! Win the races and survive. It really is a battleground out there so you will need to take part in races and collect coins to give yourself a fighting chance! You need to have your wits about you and take no prisoners! Either you destroy, or you will be destroyed! Ready up and prove yourself in this exciting challenge!

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Tractor Mania

Play as a tractor driver, in Tractor Mania, and your goal is to deliver items from the warehouse to the factory, the more items you bring, the more coins you get. You can use these coins you can buy new tractors and trailers in your garage, as well as improve them. Show everyone who is the best transporter! Balance the need for speed and precision to ensure you do a good job and get the items delivered!

You will get a batch of items, in which you must deliver to the factory! A good idea may be to upgrade your tractor's fuel capacity as soon as possible, you do not want to be running out of fuel! This game will help develop your coordination skills, you need to delicately balance your trailer and then operate the controls to effectively drive and reach the end!

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See Saw Ramp Car Balance Driving Challenge

See Saw Ramp Car Balance Driving Challenge is an online physics-based game where you have to place your car on the see saw carefully without letting it fall off. It is based on the laws of gravity – meaning that things can fall if you’re not careful. Have a go at this challenging brain-teaser activity - Just don’t lose the balance of the see saw!

The goal of the game is to place and keep your car on the seesaw and not let it fall off either end, if that means stopping a car from pushing you off! This game will test your knowledge of physics in terms of balance and the pivoting point of an object. Get this simple bit of knowledge nailed and you will be balancing with no problems at all!

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Truck Parking

Truck Parking is an entertaining parking game for all the family on the internet, where you have to try and park as accurately as possible without crashing. It sounds simple but it can be downright challenging trying to navigate the truck into some of these tight and often awkward parking spaces. This online driving game is a test of your skill, accuracy and patience – a good way to practice for both beginner and advanced drivers. Have a go! See if you can master the illustrious art of  parking online. Just don’t crash (these trucks cost money) and watch out for your wing mirrors! Good luck Parking-King!

OK, your job is to park the truck – and park with passion. You need to park the truck in the place indicated by the highlighted bay. Try and do this without hitting any other objects or cars and try and get the car into the parking space as accurately as possible. You can take as long as you like, and replay the level as many times as you need. Try and get faster and more accurate each time. Remember, parking a car is an essential part of everyday life for a high percentage of adults and some students. It can be deceptively difficult but once you solve the niggling logistics, you’ll be a superhero amongst your friends! This will therefore develop your skills behind the wheel, as you learn about the logistics of truck is considerably more difficult than a car. Always drive carefully!

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Bus Parking 3D

Bus Parking 3D is a fun parking game, where the twist is that you'll have to maneuver a huge bus into little spaces! Get behind the wheel of a single decker bus, and navigate the crowded roads of the city to get to the right spaces. You'll need to avoid pedestrians, walls, and other cars to park in the shaded space within the short time limit. The quicker you can do so, the higher your score!

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Tractor Puzzle Farming

Tractor Puzzle Farming is a fun and easy to play puzzle game involving a tractor and a farm. Sounds cool already right? This is all about thinking logically and creating a plan to follow, using your tractor to cover the whole farm. Good luck and have fun!

The aim of this game is to successfully solve the puzzle and figure a way of covering the whole farm square by square without trapping yourself in with your trail. You will need a cunning mind for this as some of the levels get challenging as you progress! Keep calm and keep composed and you will be able to think logically and create a plan!

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