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Free parking games and truck driving games for kids & teens to play now online on Learn4Good Games. Enjoy some of the best car parking simulation games, good fun truck driving games, offroad truck games, and more. 

Best-Rated = The parking & truck driving games with the highest rating out of 10; it does not mean the most-played games or games with the most votes.

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Bus Track Masters

Rev your engines and prepare for the ride of your life with Bus Track Masters. This high-octane bus racing game will take you on a thrilling journey through challenging tracks, where you'll take control of powerful buses and push them to their limits. With its stunning graphics, realistic physics, and adrenaline-pumping gameplay, Bus Track Masters offers an unparalleled racing experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Bus Track Masters is not just about speed and thrill, it's a journey of skill enhancement. As you navigate through the intricate tracks, you'll be honing your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game demands precision, quick reflexes, and a keen eye for detail. It's a test of your motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and timing. Every turn, every drift, every acceleration counts. So buckle up, focus, and let the race to mastery begin!

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Monster Truck Driver

Monster Truck Driver - Experience new dangers and adrenaline rush of monster truck driving. Choose from multiple vehicles as you blast around the open worlds that are ever expanding with the realistic and cool graphics. See what cool features you can find and overcome in your beast of a truck! Show off to your friends and family your awesome talent at driving the truck! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to explore and have fun with your monster truck! Explore the vast open world and see what you can find and challenge yourself with the terrain. This will test your keyboard control as you must understand the trucks dynamics and physics in order to make sure you dont roll over or crash! Use fast fingers to help you with this and the more you play the more reactive you will become and therefore more successful at this game! Enjoy.

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Monster Truck Extreme Racing

Take hold of the wheel and cause some high-speed havoc in Monster Truck Extreme Racing, a regular racing game only with monster truckers! Choose from close to a dozen different monster trucks as you compete against other racers to see if you can clear all 12 levels. If you don't feel like racing against the AI, you can also always race against a friend in two-player mode or play together or alone in Free Driving mode, where you can explore and race along an open sandbox type map. Whatever your preference, Monster Truck Extreme Racing is sure to entertain you for a couple of hours.

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Monster Truck City Parking

Monster Truck City Parking is a fun, challenging car parking game for young children, teens and grownups where you have to park your monster truck in designated spaces, within a certain amount of time. It requires flawless driving and fastidious parking skills. You need to be a perfectionist to succeed in this game. Any driving standard short of perfection, quite simply won’t do! And remember, you’re up against the clock, so get your skates on – get parking!

OK, your goal is to park perfectly without crashing. At the start of each level, you are given a parking task and you are given a certain amount of time to perform this task. You need to keep an eye on the clock to see how much time you have left. Be careful - don’t stare at it or get obsessed with it. This game will test your vehicle control skills, so delicate fingers on the keyboard are a must here. You must be careful not to over do it with the throttle otherwise this beast of a machine will eat you up! Keep your eyes on the road! Once you park properly (and perfectly) in the space required, it’s on to the next level - well done! OK, clocks ticking – time for some breathtaking parking moves!

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Off Road Cargo Truck Simulator

It has quite a long name but that is because Ultimate Off Road Cargo Truck Trailer Simulator has a lot of fun packed into it.

This is a massive and in-depth truck simulator game that will allow you to control a big diesel truck. You can drive it around the courses and the big open-world. You will get lost in this game and can really sink hours into it.

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Mad Truck Challenge

Mad Truck Challenge is an original racing/shooting game for kids; You have to shoot at some other monster trucks whilst racing them at the same time. Use your experience and skills to make sure you come out on top. Collect coins and spend them in the garage to make your truck the most formidable truck the world has ever seen!

The aim of this game is ultimately to have fun! Secondly, complete the objectives set out at the start of each mission in order to progress, which may be 'destroy 5 other trucks' for example. This game requires good aggression and a sense of fun and excitement..sounds easy right? Come on then! 

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Cargo Truck Driver

Cargo Truck Driver: Este es un divertido juego de simulador de educación vial para niños. Recorre las carreteras en tu gran camión. Llevarás un cargamento y irás contrarreloj, ¡así que la presión será máxima! Por encima de todo, asegúrate de que el cargamento llega sano y salvo a su destino. Experimenta las alegrías y las tensiones de un camionero. ¡Diviértete!

Llega al final de la carretera antes de que se agote el tiempo y con toda tu carga intacta para pasar a la siguiente fase. Este juego requiere una conducción cuidadosa y eficiente. Esto significa que tienes que tener un buen control sobre las teclas de flecha, no dejes que el camión se balancee o se descontrole. También es necesaria una buena conciencia espacial para no chocar contra nada ni despeñar el camión por el borde del acantilado.

Cómo jugar: Elige el color de tu camión y prepárate para conducir. Una vez listo, usa las flechas o las teclas WASD para controlar el camión. Arriba/Abajo camión se moverá hacia delante y atras respectivamente, A/D o flecha izquierda y flecha derecha mueven el camión a izquierda y derecha respectivamente y S/flecha abajo frena el camión y entra marcha atrás. Pulsa BARRA ESPACIADORA para activar el freno de mano. Mucha suerte.

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Fire City Truck Rescue Driving Simulator

Embrace your inner hero and save the day in Fire City Truck Rescue Driving Simulator! Take on the role of a courageous firefighter, driving one of four fire engines through a bustling urban beach city. Respond to fire alerts and alarms, racing against the clock to extinguish the flames and save lives.

Earn gems for every fire you put out and use them to unlock new fire engine trucks to expand your rescue fleet. With a variety of challenging rescue missions, you'll be thrilled to show off your heroics and firefighting skills!

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Indian Truck Driver

Indian Truck Driver is a fun driving game for young children where you have to deliver as much as you can in a certain amount of time without crashing your truck or losing any cargo. This game requires expert balance and driving skills. Think of all the people you’ll make happy bringing their deliveries! Now get driving and don’t drop anything!

The aim of the game is to reach the end of the delivery, with all the cargo still in tact and to make sure you reach the end destination before the time runs out. The roads will be tricky to navigate around, so be careful about losing cargo. This will teach you the importance of patience as this is definitely not a good idea to go full speed ahead as you will almost certainly crash, lose cargo and fail! Be careful! 

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Hard Wheels 2

Hard Wheels 2 is a fun and challenging game where you have to clear all the obstacle courses. Clear all the levels and become the best monster truck driver in the world. Don't let your car flip over, as it will have you reset the level.

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Demolition Monster Army Truck

Become a true demolition expert, and prepare yourself for a career in the monster truck world! Demolition Monster Army Truck is a challenging, physics-based destruction game where you have to aggressively demolish other trucks! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to cause as much destruction as possible to other players and staying alive yourself! Ram your truck into the others and watch as you become the king of the demolition! This engineering activity requires that you drive your truck efficiently and precisely in order to cause the maximum damage required. Use your creative driving skills to ensure that the other players don't know what hit them...literally! BOOOM BOOOM! Happy demolition!

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Oil Tanker Transporter Truck

Play Oil Tanker Transporter Truck and become a truck driver in this expansive open world truck driver simulator. The world has a dynamic day and night cycle, as well as different weather conditions. Complete all 10 levels to prove that you are capable of driving trucks!

Your job is to deliver trailers and earn money, across different maps with different obstacles along the way. Complete these missions to upgrade your truck or buy more modern trucks, the choice is yours! To be good at this game you need to have excellent driving skills, as well as good reactions and good judgement of distance.

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Offroad Monster Hill Truck

Offroad Monster Hill Truck is a cool 4x4 truck racing game where you must wrestle with a monster truck and get to the finish line on the tricky course. This all-action off-road game will have anyone (young or old) clinging to the edge of their keyboard! 

The aim of the game is to beat the tricky terrain you will be faced with and reach the finish line in your monster truck! Defeat the challenges you will be presented in any way you like, pure power and speed or adopt a more cautious approach! The timer will be ticking though, so make sure to finish before the timer runs out! This will test your ability to remain calm under building pressure as the timer ticks down, remain calm and focused and concentrate on the task in hand. This will also test your driving skills as you mustn't flip over, this will lead to a lengthy time delay!

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Trash Truck Simulator

Trash Truck Simulator is a challenging online garbage truck parking game for children and Big Kids where you have to park a large truck in a designated area within a certain amount of time, to then pick up the garbage. This clever driving game requires expert driving skills - a fine appreciation of distance, direction and timing and a love of all things ginormous!  

Your mission is to clean the town of litter, by picking up and emptying the local bins, before the time runs out!! This will develop your skill of following directions, so potentially a mini driving lesson! Feel the freedom and good morals of picking up the rubbish and cleaning the local town! Come and see if you could manage to be a binman for your local area!

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Farming Town

Farming Town is a multi-tasking, farm management simulation game where you take over the running of a high-maintenance farm using the tractor as your main tool! This game is perfect for any agricultural enthusiast or anyone who enjoys the idea of owning, managing and growing a farm one day!

Your goal is to maintain a profitable farm by making sure you carry out the jobs required of you, before the time runs out! This keyboard and mouse game will give you a real understanding behind the amount of work required to run a successful is not easy. You need to be quick, productive and able to cope under time pressure! That clock will bet ticking, so make sure you are on top of your game! Happy Farming!

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Extreme Water Floating Bus

Have you got the expert driving skills to become the ultimate bus driver? Extreme Bus is a fun, challenging online driving game for kids where you play the role of a bus driver, who has found themselves in their bus, on a packed beach! Race through the checkpoints as fast as possible, but be careful of the beach decorations!

The aim of this game is to race around in your bus...which is on the beach. Luckily for you your bus has the capability to float and move on water...and that is exactly what you will need to do! You have to carefully guide your school bus through the checkpoints scattered around the beach before the time runs out, follow the green arrow for your direction to the next checkpoint, which may lead you into and across the water! You’ll need a steady hand, and precise driving ability to succeed here and the speed and aggression of a mad man to ensure you have a good time whilst doing it. Have you got what it takes to become an elite bus driver – or are you destined to be a passive driver forever? It’s time to find out – let’s get this show on the beach! Good luck!

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Impossible Truck

Extreme Impossible Monster Truck lives up to his name, set to a seriously chill beat.

If intense racing isn’t doing it for you, why not try some extreme-precise driving? In this game you control your monster truck on an elevated roadway, if you squeak off the edge you’ll be plummeting to your death, so watch out! And some of those obstacles are jumps you’ll have to time correctly, and they are close! On the way, you’ll be picking up some gold coins and the more you pick up the faster you can get a brand new ride. The races aren’t long and you’ll be blasting through them in no time.

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Simulated Truck Driving

Welcome to the world of trucking! Simulated Truck Driving is a driving game where speed, skill and precision. However, this is no ordinary driving game. There’s a real story behind it. It’s also a race against time and all kinds of obstacles, meaning hours of fun-filled speed and destruction. Do your very best to protect the cargo and treat it as your own! Good luck and see you on the other side!

The aim of the game is to safely deliver the cargo as fast as you can. Try not to lose any cargo along the way as this will negatively affect your score. This will test your ability to control the truck. The terrain is extremely challenging from the first mission as there will be lots of humps and bumps that will try to tip your truck over. Balance this with the need for speed as you will fail the mission if you run out of time! Think you have what it takes?

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Impossible Truck Driving Simulator 3D

Impossible Truck Driving Simulator 3D is a challenging online truck driving game where you get to experience life as a trucker! Safely deliver the goods before the time runs out and you will be onto a winner! Come and see what it is like being in control of these powerful vehicles with a lot of luggage in the back! Have you got what it takes?

The aim of this game is to drive the truck and deliver the cargo! Being up against the clock and being penalised for damaging cargo...a tricky combination to work around. This is why you need excellent driving skills, so hand eye coordination and a very good delicate hand on the keyboard controls are required here. Without them, you may struggle!

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Dubai Drift 4x4 Drift Simulator

Drift across vast and empty desert planes and over enormous dunes in Dubai Drift 4x4 Simulator 3D. Pick from half a dozen different 4x4s as you experience the thrill of clinging to the sides of dunes and racing down them, passing through checkpoint posts to extend your time. Dubai Drift 4x4 Simulator 3D is a simple and casual game with the simple goal of wanting to provide you with some entertainment after a long day.

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