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Free Web Typing Game - Air Typer

Rating: 4.7/10 - 65 votes

Being able to type extremely fast on your computer keyboard is a very useful attribute in the modern world. However, the tasks usually assigned to talented typing experts are often administrative, office-based jobs that leave little room for action and suspense. What if, instead of using your typing skills to simply write letters, you could use them to take part in an explosive, high-octane aircraft battle? Air Typer is a fun and challenging typing skill game for kids of all ages where you utilize your fast keyboard tapping skills under pressure in order to eliminate oncoming enemy zeppelins (large, balloon-style aircraft) from a crowded airborne battlefield! Each zeppelin has a short word inscribed on it, and you must quickly and correctly type in this word in order to destroy the intimidating aircraft before it breaks through your defenses!

This unusual, suspense-filled keyboard typing game could be used as a good exercise for improving the speed and accuracy of your typing, but it isn’t just about keying in the correct strokes under pressure. Your concentration and observation skills are also tested to the max. as you attempt to stop the seemingly endless waves of enemy zeppelins from crossing the battlefield. The zeppelins only go down when their word is precisely typed in the correct order of letters. Take a moment to study your computer keyboard now; this is the only tool that can stop the enemy, so you’d better become exceptionally familiar with it, and fast! Ok Keyboard Commander, it’s time to ‘knuckle down’ to business! Happy typing!

How to Play: In each increasingly difficult level, your goal is to survive 100 ‘air miles’ by eliminating oncoming zeppelin balloons. These aircraft approach from the right side of the side scrolling game screen, and try to make it all the way past your ‘typing plane’ on the left side of the game screen. Each zeppelin has a short word inscribed on it, and you must accurately type in this word to eliminate the corresponding zeppelin from the battlefield. For example; if a zeppelin has the word USE etched on its side, you must type in the letters U-S-E in that sequence in order to destroy the zeppelin, and remove it from the play area. Each time a zeppelin is eliminated, you score points toward your total in the top right hand corner.

In later levels, certain zeppelins have more than one ‘layer’, i.e. you have to type in 2 or more words to completely eliminate it from the battlefield. Each time you successfully eliminate a zeppelin, your Zapper Bar increases in the bottom left corner. Once the Zapper Bar is full, and the ‘Ready’ button is flashing red, press your Spacebar to ‘zap’ (eliminate) all of the zeppelins on the battlefield at that exact moment. If a zeppelin makes it all the way past your typing plane on the left hand side of the game screen, you lose a life (indicated by the ‘Missing Enemies’ icon in the top left corner). In each level, you are permitted to allow just 2 zeppelins through your defenses. If a third zeppelin breaks through, it’s game over!

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