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Sound Training College, Dublin:
Ideally located in Temple Bar, the social and cultural heart of Dublin, Sound Training College (STC) provides a range of full and part-time Diploma and Certificate courses covering all aspects of Music Technology. STC places a strong emphasis on the ‘hands on’ element on all of our music courses (full-time, part-time, day, evening & weekend). We provide the developing music technology industry with highly trained personnel in the areas of Sound Engineering, Live Sound & Stage Production and Music Production.

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Full & Part-Time Music Technology Diploma & Certificate Courses:

Sound Engineering & Music Technology (Full-time and Part-time)

City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Multitrack Recording and Composition & STC Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Technology

The aim of this course is to provide the student with a comprehensive introduction to the following areas:

Photo of Sound Engineering / Music Production Courses in Dublin, Ireland- Sound Engineering Practices
- Music Theory
- Music Production
- Protools Systems/ Cubase, Reason, Sound Forge
- Audio Theory and Principles
- Music Technology
- Composition
- Production Techniques
- Sound Design

Advanced Sound and Music Technology:

City and Guilds level 3 Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Technology & STC Diploma in Advanced Music Production 

This course will give students who already have a background in sound engineering / music technology, an opportunity to develop a broad skill-set that incorporates concepts in music and media production. The syllabus is divided into the following areas:

- Advanced Music Theory 
- Advanced Music Technology
- Digital Recording - Protools HD Accel 3 - Procontrol and Control 24
- Analogue Recording - NEVE / SSL Consoles
- Web development / DV Video Pre/Post Production / Networks / DVD Authoring - Interactive Media
- Music Business Infrastructure 
- Live Sound Reinforcement 2kW - 12kW systems
- Unrivalled studio access and development opportunities

Live Sound, Lighting and Stage Production:
Image of Sound Engineering / Music Production Courses in Dublin, IrelandAccreditation: City & Guilds 7603 Level 3 Award & STC Diploma in Live Sound and Stage Production 

This course is designed to give students the necessary expertise, through hands-on experience. To provide students with the technical knowledge and business acumen required to gain employment as a Live Sound Engineer, Lighting Designer or Backline Technician.

To develop practical skills and encourage their creative use. Students participating in this programme will also be introduced to studio recording techniques, digital audio editing, music theory and music technology.

Practical Electronics for Musicians:
A course designed by STC for the modern musician. Modern electronic music production places new technical demands on the modern composer.

This course introduces the theories and practical implementations of the techniques that underpin electronic music production. The course is delivered using the following music software applications:

- Logic Audio
- Reason
- Various Offline Audio processing applications

DJ / Music Production Course:

Sound Training College Certificate

This Course is designed to meet the needs of aspiring DJ's and Producers. The course is aimed at the beginner and covers a wide range of content including the folllowing:

Photos of Sound Training College, Dublin- Basic to Advanced Mixing techniques
- Live Configurations and Signal Flow
- Technical Background
- Purchasing Recorded Materials
- Basic Music Structure (Beats etc.)
- Developing Your Own Style
- Scratch Techniques
- Radio DJ
- Live DJ Performance
- Music Production (Reason, Abelton Live etc.)
- Self Promotion

Further Music Certificate & Diploma Courses:

Full Time:
- Certified Beginner and Intermediate Course (Ableton certification)

- Live Sound
- Electronic Production

Music Camps & Workshops:
- Sound Engineering Summer Camp
- Introduction to Recording Weekend

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