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Fine Arts Courses in Florence, Italy

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Liberal Academy of Fine Arts, Florence:
The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts, located in Florence, Italy, is a Polytechnic for the Arts recognized by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Universities and Research), offering diploma, professional and masters degree courses in Painting, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Photography and Restoration. We are a Polytechnic for the Arts where technology merges with technique for a new concept in aesthetics. Besides the Academic Courses the Academy also runs Professional and Liberal courses in many disciplines.

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Masters Degree Courses:

-Professional Cinematography:
The Masters course in Professional Cinematography of the Laba and the Movie & Sound is a top level artistic training for graduated from related subjects. The aim of the course is the preparation of a technical-professional figure able to provide the author the different expressive possibilities that cinema allows.

The program is divided into two phases. The first is devoted to intensive hands-on instruction demonstration, practical trainings of all the technical aspects of filmmaking, cinematography,Photo of Fine Arts Courses in Florence, Italy camera operations, directing, sound recording, editing and film producing.

The second phase of the program is the production period during which every student writes and directs his or her own film in 35mm. Students are separated in groups and each group becomes a rotation crew for each of the projects. In this way a student not only has a show reel but also works in crew positions on his or her colleagues film and gains invaluable experience rotating in the principal production positions as writer, director, producer, director of photography, assistant camera, gaffer, sound recorder or editor.

At the end of course the final films are celebrated in a screening open to cast, crew, friends and family. All students who successfully complete the master receive a copy of his or her final film in 35mm.

- Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies:
The aim of the Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies Masters course, thanks to the cooperation between the LABA of Florence and the EX3 contemporary art centre, is to support artists and curators in their professional integration in the contemporary art system through the study of specific theoretical subjects related to the more current artistic languages and  the different players in the artistic system. Practical “on the job” experience will be offered in cooperation with artists, curators, and cultural operators. 

The Masters course offers top level training for students who have already obtained a 1st level or a 2nd level Diploma in Liberal arts or Humanities (based on Arts), Media Studies, Cultural heritage, Fine Art Academy, Architecture. This Masters course in designed to improve and deepen theoretical and technical competences in visual arts and curatorial studies. The course helps to prepare students to excel in their professional life as artists, cultural operators and curators, through a strong basic training and offers creative support to the highest international professional standars.

A six-month course, equal to 60 ETCS (European Credit System). The course begins in January and ends in June/July. Curricular lessons will be held from Monday to Friday (afternoon/evenings). Extracurricular activities will be offered in conjunction with  the events of the EX3 contemporary art centre. Saturdays may eventually be used for lessons lost, missed due to other activities (internships, workshops, etc.).

- Jewellery Design:
The Master in Jewellery of the Laba and the Lao is a top level artistic training for students who already got a 1st level or a 2nd level Diploma in subjects related to the design-fashion. It is a six-month course, equal to 60 ETCS (European credit System).

The main objective of this Master program is to give the students an advanced specialistic learning in a very important craft and industrial field. In fact, the main part of the European goldsmith production is realized in Italy. The aim is to combine the goldsmith art and the jeweller’s craft with the new technologies of modeling, uniting the use of traditional techniques to the instruments of our times, such as the design, the goldsmith technologies (industrial as well), computer design (two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD modeling).

The course wants to improve and deepen the theoretical and technical capacities in the jewellery and jewel design. This Masters course wants to prepare students to a brilliant entrance in their professional life as artists, jewel designers/creators, through a strong basic training and a creative support according to the highest international professional standards.

- Interior and Living Design:
The Masters course in Interior and Living Design of the LABA is a top level artistic training course for students who already have got a 1st level or a 2nd level Diploma in subjects related to the Interior and Living Design field.
Lessons will be held in English language.

The aim of the course is to improve, and deepen the theoretical and technical capacities in the Interior and Living Design circle. This Masters course wants to prepare students to a brilliant entrance in their professional life through a strong basic training and a creative support, according to the highest international professional standards.

This is a three-month course, equal to 60 ETCS (European credit System). To be accepted to the Masters Course, at least one of the following qualifications is required:

- Art Academy Diploma 
- Short Degree in pertaining disciplines
- Specialisation Degree in pertaining disciplines

Diploma Courses:

3 Year First Level Diploma Courses:
- Painting
- Graphic Design
- Design
- Photography

2 Year Second Level Diploma courses:
- Painting
- Graphic Design & Multimedia
- Design
- Photography

Professional Training Courses:
- Professional Courses in Painting
- Seminars (incl. packaging, CAD 3D, flash ...)
- Individual Short Courses (incl. art therapy, web design, engraving... )
- Summer Courses (incl. art history, italian language, drawing & painting ...)

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Address: 1/A Piazza di Badia a Ripoli, Florence, Italy
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accademia d'arte
Courses / Programs
Accademia d'arte offers specialized art holidays in Italy. We are located at the border of the Italian Riviera and the famous French "Cote d'Azur", next to Monte Carlo.

International artist Nicole Durand offers painting, drawing and scuplture classes and workshops for beginner to advanced artists. Classes can be taught in English, Italian and French.

We also provide cooking lessons, food and wine testing, museum visits and other excursions to allow you to experience the Italian language and culture.

Each student is assigned a semi private studio to study and develop their own personal work, with 24 hour access, in a safe environment at the school.

Normally students come for short periods (one to 3 months) however there are many students who choose to remain longer. We organize housing for each student close to the studio. Non-painting partners are welcome.
Art Classes / Workshops (taught in English, French, or Italian)

- Painting
- Landscape drawing
- Sculpture

- We teach many techniques including on site drawing, learning about persperctive, watercolour, charcoal, anatomical studies, clay modelling, stone or wood carving.

- We also provide cooking lessons, food and wine testing, excusions including museums visits.
Accademia Riaci, Florence
Courses / Programs
• Established in 1983, Accademia Riaci has been dedicated to providing students with exceptional cultural and educational experience abroad. The school is located in the historic city center of Florence, Italy, a few steps from the “Duomo” (Florence Cathedral).

• Our arts, crafts and design courses include professional Master programs, One-Year and Semester programs, Summer Intensive programs, and Short programs.

• ubjects offered include Shoe Making & Design, Leather Bag Making & Design, Jewelry Making & Design, Painting & Drawing, Restoration of Paintings, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design, Fashion Design & Business, Ceramics, Glass Art among others.

• All courses are taught with free English interpretation service.

• We welcome students from around the world. The diverse background of our students creates a rich multicultural community that promotes the exchange of ideas & viewpoints.

• The student-teacher ratio is kept small (max. 8 students) to value each student's originality and learning styles.

• We provide tailored, hands-on instruction & extensive career development along with training for effective presentation skills, and our graduates achieve professional goals in each field.

Student Review:
"The teachers are excellent, very knowledgeable, and very devoted. I had a great stay and learned a lot. My skills definitely grew and I will apply them in the future." - Svenne
Arts, Crafts & Design courses in Florence:
• One-Year Course
• Semester Course
• Master Course
• Art Short Course
• Summer Intensive Course
• Christmas Course
• Internship Programs

Subjects include:
• Bag Making (leathercraft)
• Bag Design
• Shoe Making (leather-craft)
• Shoe Design
• Jewelry Making
• Jewelry Design
• Graphic Design / Illustration
• Painting & Drawing
• Restoration of Paintings
• Ceramics
• Glass Art 
• Fashion Design & Business
• Textile Design...
Florence Culinary Arts School
Courses / Programs
• Study Italian cuisine in the heart of Florence with Florence Culinary Arts School. We provide a wide range of Professional Chef courses year round and in summer, with long-term and short-term study options to students from around the world.

• In addition to our complete culinary training programs, we also provide short specialized courses and custom Italian Home Cooking programs.

• You will cover a range of recipes - from traditional to modern dishes. In addition, you will be exposed to the latest international culinary trends, as well as acquiring up to date information on culinary business practice.

• Our graduates are now playing active roles in diverse fields in the Italian culinary business worldwide. Our students gain hands-on culinary experience in Italy.

• What better place to learn about food than Florence - the capital of Fine Arts. The city is well known worldwide for its artistic heritage, but is also prominent in the field of gastronomy.

• Florence is blessed with a wide variety of ingredients, as Tuscany is known as the heart of Italian culinary tradition.

• Students in all of our courses are encouraged to learn from various experiences, not only to study in the school, but to go out and discover the wonders of Italian food.
Italian Cuisine Professional Chef Courses:
• Chef Training + Restaurant Internship
• Italian Cuisine Chef Training Course (8 weeks)
• Italian Cuisine Quick Learning Course (6 weeks)

Further Food & Beverage Courses:
• Italian Home Cooking classes
• 1-Day Short Cooking courses
• Restaurant Internship course
• Italian Language + Restaurant Internship
• Barista course
• Gelato course
• Sommelier course
• Italian Cooking Summer course
• Italian Cooking Christmas course
• Group training for Foreign Culinary Schools
European Cultural Academy - Art, Architecture & Design Courses
Courses / Programs
• Experience Venice, Italy and the Venice Biennale together with like-minded students from all over the world with immersive and creative art & design courses from the European Cultural Academy (ECA).

• The aim of the ECA is to enhance knowledge and advance your career in architecture, art, design, and other creative industries.

• Our participants come from all backgrounds and the course is open for anyone with an interest in arts, architecture and culture.

• For more than a decade, we have helped creative communities to increase visibility, build connections and make a lasting impact on their careers.

• You and your peers are immersed in an inspiring environment led by renowned faculty and industry experts. Gain new skills to create greater impact with your work immediately.

• Prominent professors in related fields ensure a solid academic component and will enable you to gain a wider perspective.

• Our faculty includes artists, designers, curators, gallerists, architects and scholars that will help you to build necessary skills and enable you to navigate through an opaque and very competitive industry.
Contemporary Art, Architecture & Design Courses in summer, spring & fall - taught in English:

• Join for 1 week to focus on a particular topic

• Join for 2 weeks to cover wider field of subjects

• Join for 3 weeks for in-depth all-round experience and extra opportunities

Course Options:
• Contemporary Art
• Contemporary Architecture - Opening Of The Architecture Biennale
• Contemporary Architecture
• Venice Architecture Biennale
• Design: The World Around Us
• 3-Day Venice Architecture Biennale Power Course
Listing Spot for Photography school in Milan
Courses / Programs
Situated close to the center of Milan, a leading European photography school providing quality training courses to international students from around the world, as well as students living in Italy.

Short and comprehensive photography courses taught in the evenings, year-round & in summer.
- Photography & Fashion Summer Course
- One-to-one / Private Photography courses (for individuals or companies)
Style Design College, Milan
Courses / Programs
Style Design College (SDC) is an Internationally accredited institution that offers the very best design and photography courses. All courses are taught in English by top International Lecturers that are experts in their fields. The Campus is situated in the historical centre and fashion capital of Milan, Italy which provides exciting opportunities for the students.

Students from around the world join the full time Diploma and Certificate courses starting in March and October. Many students also join the college for summer courses or one semester. SDC arranges accommodation for all foreign students and English Language, and Italian lessons are offered to students wishing to improve on these languages.

SDC boasts a very high employment rate for graduates as the College has a strong focus on teaching students the vital skills required by the industry. The close relationships formed between SDC and industry have resulted in close partnerships, internships and successful employment opportunities.
- Fashion Design Certificate, 1 year
- Fashion Design Diploma, 2 years
- Interior Design Certificate, 1 year
- Interior Design Diploma, 2 years
- Photography Certificate, 1 year
- Photography Diploma, 2 years
- Fashion, Interior Design, Photography Summer course, 3 weeks