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Rings Road Art Studio, Melbourne:
Rings Road Art Studio is a privately owned working art studio in Moorabbin, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. We offer tutored and untutored drawing and painting classes for adults at beginner and intermediate levels. We also offer portfolio preparation classes for teenagers and adults. Our short and ongoing art classes provide an opportunity to develop strong technical skills and encourage creative thinking. We provide tutoring in various media and techniques with specialised weekend workshops both inside and outside the studio. Classes include figure drawing, still life, portraiture and landscape as well as open studio programs guided by professional artists and professional development for practicing artists.

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Photo of Art Courses in Melbourne, VICDrawing Classes:

General Drawing (8 weeks):

A combination of figure and still life classes that will assist participants, at all levels of skill and experience, to develop observational and interpretive methods in drawing. Students will explore various processes of seeing. This class will also aim to develop students’ skills in the use of different media and techniques, and to develop their capacity to understand and control the chosen medium. This class is recommended for those wanting a broad introduction to the art making process before focusing on a specific discipline such as painting, portraiture or figure drawing.

Drawing for Beginners (8 weeks):
This 8-week program broadly examines still life, life drawing and portraiture. Students will explore a variety of methods, techniques and media such as: pencils, charcoal, dry pastels, pen and wash, ink and watercolour. This program gives students an opportunity to assess their personal interest and commitment to furthering their own artistic endeavours.

Drawing Studio Unit 1 - 4 (8 weeks):
Suitable for those with some drawing experience, this course is an ongoing program in which participants will produce a body of artwork that will utilise both observational and interpretive methods of drawing. Each unit offers a series of structured classes to assist students in developing strong technical skills. Students will also work on projects that aim to encourage creative thinking. This course strongly emphasises the relationship between figures and objects in space and addresses the challenges of perspective and spatial principles, in the studio and on location.

Untutored Life Drawing (6 weeks):
Figure drawing for experienced and less experienced artists wanting to experiment with and enhance or develop their skills. Long pose. Bookings essential (min 5 students required to run class).

Artistic Anatomy / ClasImage of Art Courses in Melbourne, VICsical Drawing (8 weeks):
Suitable for all skill levels, this course is a focused study of the human figure, the skeletal and muscular structure. Participants will be taught classical realist techniques as taught in traditional ateliers. Students will work from plaster casts; will complete anatomical studies from the Anatomy Museum (optional); reproduce drawings from the masters; and work directly from life models.

Life Drawing (8 weeks):
Figure drawing for beginners and those with some drawing experience. This course will start with developing an understanding of the skeletal and muscular structure. Students will learn about proportion and explore the figure in space and in motion. Observational and interpretive methods in drawing will be taught. Students will explore various processes of seeing and a variety of media and techniques.

Colour Practice (Drawing and Painting):
This ongoing course begins with instruction in basic colour theory and the principles of colour mixing. Participants will work with a variety of media, exploring the challenges of colour handling and compositional colour arrangement. The media used in this class are as follows: pastels (oil/dry), acrylic paints, watercolour, ink, oil paints and collage. Students will work from observation, with subjects including life models, still life, and various out of studio locations (weather permitting).

Painting Classes:

Portraiture Drawing and Painting (8 weeks):
This is a course that begins primarily with gaining an understanding of the structure of the head and the planes of the face. Students will work from life, with a model present in each class. Students will develop not only an understanding of the face and its structure, but will also learn to explore character, emotion and develop interpretive methods. This class will also explore various media and techniques in both drawing and painting.

Oil Painting for Beginners:
This course begins with instruction in basic colour Photos of Rings Road Art Studio, Melbournetheory, the principles of colour mixing, and the preparation of a surface on which artwork will be created. Students will be assigned projects that examine various oil painting techniques such as: under painting; wet on wet; fat on lean; direct painting; scumbling; dry brush; blending; glazing; impasto and painting with a palette knife. Suitable for beginners, but it is advisable that students have drawing experience as it is an essential part of painting.

Painting Studio Unit 1 - 4 (8 weeks):
This course examines the core fundamentals of painting including: stretching canvas and paper; making primers; and an introduction to various techniques, materials and surfaces. Students will explore traditional methods of painting from the techniques of the Old Masters to 20th Century approaches of making art. Students will paint directly from a subject and will also explore various interpretive methods. Suitable for beginners, but it is advisable that students have drawing experience as it is an essential part of painting.

Landscape Drawing and Painting (8 weeks):
This course examines spatial environments outside and inside the studio. Participants will be assigned projects that will explore various technical processes in painting and in drawing. Students will undertake the challenges of composition by exploring design principles such as perspective, tone, line and colour in their works.

Open Studio:
Open Studio is a session where students can work on their own individual creative ideas and artwork. In each session the tutor will be present to assist and mentor students in any media they choose. No life models are assigned for this class but the tutor may set a still life if and where required.

20th Century Art Practice (8 weeks):
This ongoing course explores genres and artists of the 20th Century, beginning with Post Impressionism e.g Paul Cezanne through to the Pop Art movement. Participants will be introduced to various media and techniques and produce work inspired by 20th Century artists. At least three genres will be examined in each term.

Folio Preparation Course:
This ongoing course will assist students who are currently completing their VCE to develop a folio of drawings and paintings. It is also recommended for those who want to further their own personal interests in art.

This course is a combination of figure and still life. Students will explore various processes of seeing. This class will also aim to develop students’ skills in the use of different media and techniques, and in their capacity to understand and control the chosen medium. Guardians will be required to sign consent forms for students under the age of 18 if those students wish to take part in figure drawing sessions.

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Address: 1 Rings Road, Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3189, Australia
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