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Alam Bahasa, Yogyakarta:
Alam Bahasa is an Indonesian language school in Yogyakarta. Located in Jogja, the student city and the well known tourist destination in Indonesia, Alam Bahasa offers many benefits in one package, including bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) courses, outdoor programs, bahasa Indonesia for kids, cross-cultural awareness training, Yogyakarta trips, and homestay accommodation.

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Alam Bahasa started in April 1995 with the name Puri Indonesian Language Plus. Alam, literally means nature, is where things develop naturally. In Alam Bahasa learners develop natural bahasa Indonesia competence through activities which enable them to experience the culture and to enjoy the nature.

Realizing that learning is not an easy process, Alam Bahasa sets the priority to always present pleasant atmosphere through convenient learning place and activities. Learners enjoy hospitality and relaxing atmosphere in class, cultural courses, tours, and gathering programs while broadening their cultural insight.

Courses / Programs:

- Bahasa Indonesia For Communication:
- Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes: Forestry; Office/Business; Diplomats; Flight Attendants
- Bahasa Indonesia for Kids
- Javanese Language Course
- Outcity Courses - Intensive courses in Jakarta, Bogor, Bali, and Aceh for learners who cannot come to Jogja.
- Bahasa Indonesia & Outdoor Programs - Packages of in-class and out-class activities of learning Bahasa Indonesia
- Cross-Cultural Understanding Workshop
- Living-in: A 5-day stay in a village with of intensive bahasa Indonesia course and cultural activities.
- Trips - Trips in Jogja and the surroundings; tailored programs.

Why Choose Us?

Photo of Bahasa Indonesia Courses in Yogyakarta- Alam Bahasa offers tailor-made course materials and flexibility in setting the course schedule. Expectation for the best possible achievement within the learners’ time frame is met through need analysis, intensive communication between learners and teachers, practices in real situation and field trips to places relevant to learners’ fields.

- Professional experiences in serving learners from international institutions since 1995 have led Alam Bahasa to be highly accommodative for learners to reach reasonable communicative competence in general and technical language within their time availability. Technical course materials for several fields are even available for beginners to accommodate beginner learners who have little time but bigger target for professional language competence. The capability to combine schedule flexibility and course materials customization enables Alam Bahasa to endeavour the best possible language competence within the learners time frame.

- During the professional years Alam Bahasa has the experiences of teaching learners from a great number of institutions including international staff of UN organizations and NGOs, ambassadors and staff of several embassies, students of southeast asian studies and researchers from universities in Europe and the USA, and expatriates working in companies.

- Alam Bahasa starts new 1-1 classes anytime and offers plenty of learning sessions every day: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m up to 5 p.m and Saturday from 8 a.m. up to 3 p.m. No classes on Sunday and public holidays.

How you will learn in Alam Bahasa:

Image of Bahasa Indonesia Courses in YogyakartaFocusing on learners’ need and believing that language is a means for communication, the teaching-learning activities in Alam Bahasa are aimed at learners’ competence to express themselves in bahasa Indonesia, especially in spoken communication, in general and technical communication contexts.

Since the first session we have created situation for learners to practice speaking bahasa Indonesia. Sentences and expressions used in communication contexts are introduced in bahasa Indonesia with the use of a lot of teaching medias and illustration. Variation of techniques (games, etc) supports learners to keep practicing with fun rather than stressing situation. Real communication through practices in public places such as traditional market, kiosk, travel agents, and talking to people on the street is an important part of the learning activities.

The method gives advantages to learners, i.e. that they will be able to speak Indonesian naturally. It builds a strong basis for the language mastery through the ability to identify the sentence pattern of bahasa Indonesia. By doing the above identifications, it is hoped that the learners will acquire Indonesian language (the ideas of the Indonesian words as well as sentence formulations in Indonesian language). Acquiring the ideas of the language and how it works, the skills of creating sentences to meet their communication needs will be possessed.


Majoring in various language education fields and cultural study backgrounds, the teachers can meet the demand of meeting the learners’ needs of achieving communicative language competence and ability to participate in discussions on the learners’ specific field.

Having had a 120 hour training before they do their professional works in Alam Bahasa, they are very competent and committed in helping the learners learn the Indonesian language at their best efforts.

Most of Alam Bahasa teachers have been at the ideal teaching competence level, i.e. 5th level competence of 5 levels that Alam Bahasa teachers should acquire.

Our teachers are energetic, and more than ready to be the friends of the learners, instead of being the conventional teacher. This is done so that the learners can feel more relax in their Indonesian learning. In fact, it is always a friendly and familiar atmosphere is what we always try to build in Alam Bahasa.

In Alam Bahasa we have the composition of 4-5 teachers for one class. Learners have one teacher per session. This is to make learners accustomed to various speaking styles, intonation, speed,, and articulation. Coordination is maintained among teachers in the team and intensive communication with the learners is done to monitor the progress.

Field Trip; Cultural Courses; Gathering:

a. cultural field trips to Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Royal Palace, or Imogiri Noble Cemetery; One FT can be included in each 30 learning hours for a learner taking a minimum of 60 learning hours.
b. cultural courses: batik painting; cooking; dancing. One cultural course can be included in each 30 learning hours.
c. monthly gathering (among others: Indonesian Night Party; movie time; traditional music workshop; beach tour; traditional game workshop; independence day celebration; batik workshop)


Alam Bahasa can help learners find accommodation in a hotel or homestay within walking distance (max. 1 km). There are 10 homestay families that accept our students to stay with them. Homestay facilities include room (airconditioned or non aircon); breakfast, dinner (in most homestays), and laundry. Most homestays provide private bathroom. Several homestays has hot/cold shower. Two homestays provide internet connection. Hotels with corporate rates are Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel (300 meters from Alam Bahasa 1); Puri Artha (150 meters) and several Accor Hotels in the city (3-5 kilometers).


Photos of Alam Bahasa, Yogyakarta- free transfer from and to the airport/train station on the learners' arrival and departure
- free pick up service on the students' first learning day
- free information on cultural events, tours, and amenities
- free assistance for ticket reservation for transportation and performance and for ticket and transportation arrangement for Ramayana Ballet
- free assistances in getting health services
- free lunch on Thursday
- free one computer with internet for students; free hotspot area
- audio visual equipments
- library
- Indonesian and English newspapers
- small shop providing soft drinks, snacks, photocopy and telephone service
- airconditioned mini bus for rent


Alam Bahasa is only 15 minutes drive from the airport, train station, and the city centre. The school surrounding is conducive for learners to practice bahasa Indonesia and enjoy amenities as there are family homestays, warung (simple restaurants), cafes, traditional market, shops, shopping mall and movie theatre.


Feedback for Alam Bahasa

From Philip Hatch-Barnwell MCIL MITI NRPSI, London

I am writing this in English as I assume that any testimonial might be used to show potential students who may wish to study at Alam Bahasa.

My first concern was price because although I am no stranger to Indonesia I have never studied here and the thought of paying London prices charged by some of the competition to Alam Bahasa in Yogya was annoying to say the least.

The price at Alam Bahasa was fair and excellent value for money.

The Materials used were researched thoroughly by the Teaching Staff so that they were totally relevant to my needs.

The Method used was agreeable and worked very well, so well in fact, that my level of Indonesian soared in the three weeks I attended the school.

As I have friends in Yogya I did not participate in any of the extra curricular activities although I am sure they would have been good fun.

I had two alternating teachers which added a fresh dimension to each lesson. Both teachers, Mbak Veny and Mbak Diana were incredibly professional and very friendly. Both were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed their company as well as their teaching.

Lastly, the administration and organisation (by Mbak Swanny) was very efficient and friendly too. They were flexible and were able to accommodate timetable requirements to suit me.

When I had to visit the hospital and miss some pre-booked lessons, they refunded me fees I had paid without me even asking!

What more can I say? Alam Bahasa was first class! I thoroughly recommend this school to anyone wishing to study Bahasa Indonesia and have fun at the same time.

Yogyakarta 25th March 2009

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Address: Kompleks Kolombo 3, Jl. Cendrawasih, DIY 55281, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2020-12-29 were from:

Hong Kong, Hong Kong;   Jurong west, Singapore;   Petaling Jaya, Malaysia;   UK / GB;   Germany;   USA;   Mitchelville, USA;   Kupang, Indonesia;   Hamburg, Germany;   limoges, France;   and more.
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