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Washington Academy of Languages, Seattle:
Washington Academy of Languages in Seattle (WAL) celebrates 25 years of offering classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), World Languages and Teacher Education! Our French courses emphasize modern spoken French. Class time stresses communication in the French language in everyday situations and invites students to begin speaking from the first day of class. Emphasis is given to standard French, recognized and understood internationally, so students will be able to communicate with French-speaking people worldwide.

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Photo of French Classes in Seattle - Washington Language ProgramsIntermediate French Conversation
- 12 hours of instruction/3 weeks
- Class meets for three weeks, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Designed for students at the intermediate to low advanced level. The focus is on increasing comprehension and fluency in the language, vocabulary building and revision of grammar points. Discussion on topics of interest helps students to express their ideas correctly, clearly and effectively. The course is customized to fit the needs of class members. Great for travelers too!

Advanced French Conversation
- 30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
- Prerequisite: completion of French VI or instructor's permission
Classes at this level focus on comprehension and fluency in the language, culture, vocabulary building and a revision of difficult grammar points such as the subjunctive and conditional, places and order for multiple pronouns, reflexive verbs and past tenses. Video and audio materials help students to advance in their comprehension of French. Discussion on topics of interest helps students to express their ideas correctly, clearly and effectively. Practice points include pronunciation, intonation, fluidity and grammatical correctness. The course is customized to fit the needs of class members.

FRE 1501 (French I)
30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
By the end of this five-week session, the student will be able to interact minimally in French. Classes are conducted in French; grammatical and cultural notes may be clarified in English. Extensive practice of pronunciation is provided to create a solid foundation for proficient speech. Participants will learn the present tense conjugation of regular -er verbs and some irregular verbs, basic greetings, numbers, the days of the week, months, definite, indefinite and partitive articles, negation (with ne...pas), stress pronouns, some adjectives and the impersonal expression il faut. Vocabulary focus is on meeting and greeting people, describing people, expressing opinions about others, organizing a vacation, expressing likes and dislikes, and family.
Chapters: 1, 2 and 3
This course may be taken for 4 quarter units of university credit.

FRE 1502 (French II)
30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
Prerequisite: Completion of French I or instructor's permission
Material introduced in this course includes the present tense of -ir and -re verb groups, some irregular verbs, adjectives and adjectival agreement, the present perfect (passé composé) the command form (imperative), the partitive article, adverbs of quantity and frequency, expression of location and telling time, direct and indirect pronouns, and prepositions of places. Vocabulary includes daily habits, directions, work-life, and shopping.
Chapters: 4, 5 and 6
This course may be taken for 4 quarter units of university credit.

FRE 1503 (French III)
30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
Prerequisite: Completion of French II or instructor's permission
This course continues the study of basic grammar including expressions of quantity, narration, hypothesis, time and location, asking questions and interrogative words, immediate future (aller + infinitive), the present tense of some irregular verbs, comparatives, superlatives, and relative pronouns. Vocabulary includes foods, dates, times and places, describing, comparing, evaluating and giving opinions.
Chapters: 7, 8 and 9
This course may be taken for 4 quarter units of university credit.

FRE 1504 (French IV)
30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
Prerequisite: Completion of French III or instructor's permission
At this level, the student learns the conditional and the expression of hypothesis, prepositions to locate things in space, uses and conjugations of the imperfect past (l'imparfait) versus present perfect (passé composé), expressions of sequencing and an introduction to reflexive verbs. Vocabulary focus is on feelings and emotions, leisure activities, making plans and recommendations, descriptions of events and giving directions.
Chapters: 10, 11 and 12
This course may be taken for 4 quarter units of university credit.

FRE 2501 (French V)
30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
Prerequisite: Completion of French IV or instructor's permission
This course introduces the relative pronouns qui, que and dont, object pronouns y and en, simple future, passive pronominal structures, using the subjunctive after expressions of personal opinion and the impersonal subject. Vocabulary focuses on using arguments to convince people, describing personalities, debating and taking charge of a conversation.
Chapters: 13, 14 and 15
This course may be taken for 4 quarter units of university credit.

FRE 2502 (French VI)
30 hours of instruction/5 weeks
Prerequisite: Completion of French V or instructor's permission
This level introduces students to past perfect (plus-que-parfait), passive voice, temporal expressions, subjunctive, passé simple, gerunds, and interrogative forms in the negative. Vocabulary focuses on societal issues, the expression of desire and will, and description of places.
Chapters: 16, 17 and 18
This course may be taken for 4 quarter units of university credit.

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Greg, USA
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