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Greek Language School in Crete

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Lexis Greek Language And Culture Centre, Crete:
The Greek Language and Culture Centre in Chania, Crete provides language programs to adult foreigners who are interested in learning modern Greek language.

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The programs are addressed at:
- Foreigners who love Greece, visit often and want to learn, to communicate in the language of the country.
- Foreigners who live and work for a long or a short period of time in Greece.
- Students and teachers/lecturers of foreign schools and universities who are studying or teaching ancient or modern Greek language, Greek history and civilization.
- Greeks who live abroad.
- Translators or interpreters who work or want to work as Greek language translators or interpreters.

Teaching methods:

The teaching methods are modern, pleasant and lively. Pictures, music, language games and dramatization play the basic roles. The Centre uses well-tried textbooks that teach the Greek language as a foreign language, as well as original materials from many various sources with a different degree of difficulty per level, to provide the best possible familiarization for the student with real situations.

Teaching materials are given to the students free of charge along with materials concerning the town and the facilities it offers for taking advantage of one's leisure time.


Greek teachers at the "LEXIS Centre" have many years experience of teaching the Greek language as a foreign language and enjoy their work immensely. They are exclusively University graduates and the Greek language is their native language.


Regular Greek Courses; Intensive Greek Courses; Private Greek Lessons.


The Centre has a list of hotels, rented flats, studios and bungalows for those interested. We have also selected a number of families which can accommodate our students and can show them what Greek hospitality means.


The Centre of Greek Language and Culture "Lexis" not only offers language courses, as we firmly believe the language itself cannot be taught without taking into account the cultural environment in which it is spoken and has evolved. It is the Centre's intention to bring the students to very close contact with modern life and the culture of the country and especially with that of the island of Crete and as close as possible to the Cretan people.

This aim is achieved through various activities taking place in and out of the Centre. Examples are
- nature walks in the surrounding regions
- a visit to a museum, to an exhibition, to a monument or to a place of one's work (e.g. to a lawyer's office, to a painter's studio or to a farm during the hours that people are working)
- a meal together with all the students and the teachers in a tavern or a restaurant in the town or in the neighboring suburbs
- preparing a typical Greek dish in the kitchen of the school
- a short live presentation of folk or Cretan music in the school premises or a puppet-show performance (Karagiozis)
- a presentation of slides and/or a video tape showing Greece and Greek civilization

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Address: Daskalogianni 48,Splatzia sq.,Hania,Crete 73100, Crete, Greece
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2023-07-28 were from:

Sydney, Australia; Paris Texas, USA; São Paulo, Brazil; Boulder, USA; Milano, Italy; Czech Republic; and more.
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Greek House, Athens
Courses / Programs
Greek House is a center for modern Greek language lessons and cultural events, situated in the heart of Athens.

We provide group and private Greek classes for basic beginner to advanced learners from around the globe. Morning and evening study options are available.

Our purpose is to be a home from home, to serve the symbolic meaning of 'Estia' - which stands for family, home and hospitality.
Greek Language Classes:

• Basic beginner to advanced levels

• Seminar courses run from Monday to Friday in small groups

• Morning and evening classes, at all levels

• Private lessons or a wide variety of other classes are also offered to suit your needs
Babel Language Centre, Athens
Courses / Programs
Established in 1998 in the Glyfada area of southern Athens, Babel Language Centre provides modern Greek language courses to adult learners from around the world.

The courses at Babel Language Centre are designed for both the serious and the casual learner. Our approach to the teaching of language is based on the Communication Method. This means that we place emphasis on spoken Modern Greek.

Our friendly instructors are all fully qualified teachers and native speakers of Greek. They are talented, conscientious and sensitive to learners needs with extensive experience in the teaching of Greek as a foreign language to adults.

Our aim is to consolidate learning and create opportunities for developing fluency, not simply to get through a course book. Prescribed textbooks and workbooks are regularly supplemented by the school's original material distributed in class.
Greek Language Courses for Adults:

- Our courses concentrate on the language, culture, and society of contemporary Greece.

Levels include:
- Beginners Modern Greek A
- Beginners Modern Greek B
- Intermediate Modern Greek A
- Intermediate Modern Greek B
- Intermediate Modern Greek C
- Advanced Modern Greek A
- Advanced Modern Greek B
- Newspaper and Literature Reading
- Literacy Classes in Modern Greek
Alexandria Institute
Courses / Programs
Situated in the Nea Ionia area of northern Athens, Alexandria Institute provides Greek language courses for students who want to make rapid progress in Greek language and deepen their knowledge of Greece and its culture.

We offer intensive language courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Each course is 40 hours, divided into 10 days and includes grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. It also provides an insight into Greek culture and civilization.

Special courses of Modern Greek Literature and Culture and of Ancient Greek are offered on request. Our Greek teachers are qualified, specialized and experienced in teaching Greek as a foreign language.

Moreover, the courses are combined with lectures, outdoor activities and various tours helping students become more familiar with contemporary Greek culture.
Greek Language and Culture Courses:

- Beginner, intermediate and advanced level Greek courses

- Intensive Greek courses

- Private / Tailor made small group Greek courses

- Greek Literature and Culture course

- Ancient Greek language course

- Summer Greek language courses
Lord Byron Schools of Languages, Thessaloniki
Courses / Programs
Lord Byron Schools of Languages provides year-round modern Greek language courses in our city centre school in Thessaloniki in Central Macedonia in Northern Greece, approximately 515 km (320 miles) north of Athens. We offer special tailor-made courses in Greek for specific purposes, activities and entertainment during the week, excursions and visits on a weekly basis and much more.

We also have an international summer school in Gerakini and Ouranoupoli, Chalkidiki in West Macedonia in Northern Greece. From Thessaloniki, Gerakini is 80 km (50 miles) and Ouranoupoli is 140 km (87 miles). Our summer school runs during the holidays with 4 or 5 hours Greek language tuition per day. All our teachers are highly experienced, hold university degrees and are bilingual.

Thessaloniki's international airport Macedonia is approximately 15 km (9 miles) south of the city centre, with direct connections to many national and international destinations.
- Year-round modern Greek language courses for all levels from beginners to advanced

- Special tailor-made Greek language courses for specific purposes

- International summer school in Gerakini and Ouranoupoli, Chalkidiki (Northern Greece) during the summer holidays / vacations with Greek language tuition every day

Additionally: Activities, excursions and visits
Anixi Learn Greek, Athens
Courses / Programs
Anixi Learn Greek is a Greek language school located in Athens, Greece. We offer Modern Greek courses to students of all levels from total beginner to advanced and proficiency. Our courses range in length from a one week intensive course to courses that stretch throughout the whole year. Our primary goal is to accommodate each student’s needs and we can provide flexible hours and customised courses.

We consider language as the main tool of communication. Our philosophy is built on the effective and intensive teaching of Modern Greek. We use dynamic methods and material specifically developed for the teaching of Greek as a foreign language.

Our interactive approach allows easy and natural communication by using grammar and vocabulary generated from real life situations. All programmes are designed to fit the needs of each participant. Our teachers use the latest in educational technology, along with our own material.

All of our teachers are native speakers, with rich and varied experience in teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language. All teachers speak English and French. They create an atmosphere of confidence and relaxed good humour which eases the stress of the learning process.
We offer Modern Greek classes for students of all levels from beginner to advanced at five intensities:

- Super-Intensive Course: 4 hours per day, five times a week
- Intensive Course: 3 hours per day, five times a week
- Semi Intensive: 2 hours per day, 3 times a week
- Standard 1: 2 hours per day, twice a week
- Standard 2: 3 hours per day, once a week

From the very first level, immersion in daily Greek life, communication with Athenians, and contact with cultural life, all play an important role.
Hellenic Culture Centre, Athens
Courses / Programs
The Hellenic Culture Centre situated in Athens is a language institution aiming to promote Greek language and culture within the framework of a multicultural society. Since 1995 the Centre has specialized in organizing Greek language courses for non native speakers as well as cultural and educational programmes.

The Centre΄s work has been planned on the reality of modern multicultural life, taking into consideration both the value of communication amongst cultures as well as the educational, professional and social needs of citizens.
Intensive Greek Courses; Extensive Greek Courses; Private Greek Lessons; Easter and Summer Courses.