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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano:
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano is a trilingual, international university in the South Tyrol region of Northern Italy, We offer a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in our School of Economics and Management. Our three-year bachelor degree courses include Economics & Social Sciences; Tourism, Sport & Event Management and Economics & Management while our master degree courses include Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Economics & Management of Public Sectors. The faculty, as well as the student community, are very much international.

The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano offers the following undergraduate and graduate degree courses:

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Economics & Management Degree Course:
With its strong international perspective, and its trilingual delivery the Economics and Management programme prepares graduates for managerial positionsPhoto of Business Degree Courses in Italy in private or public organisations, whether in the South Tyrol region or anywhere else in Europe or in the world. With this scope in mind, the period of internship which is part of the programme gives the students some experience of a real work environment. The equal emphasis on economic and management is aimed at providing professionals with a broad perspective. It also constitutes an excellent preparation for graduate studies in any of the two disciplines. Several of our former students have gone to very prestigious Masters programmes all over Europe.

The Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management aims to provide students with a set of tools and skills that will allow them to operate effectively in the face of future economic developments. To reach this goal, the programme offers a thorough training in the principles of Economics and the various areas of Business Administration as well as a sound understanding of the legal issues which are related to them.

The teaching is done in English, Italian and German. Prospective students are expected to have a minimum knowledge of all three languages, but intensive language courses are available to help students reach an adequate level, if necessary.

Economics & Social Sciences Degree Course:
In an increasingly interdependent world one must be equipped with an analytical toolbox that cuts across disciplines. Our undergraduate programme in Economics and Social Sciences goes exactly in this direction. It offers an integrated and cross-disciplinary perspective combining a broad and rigorous training in economics with two other subjects, philosophy and politics. An Economics and Social Sciences student will get a thorough training in the principles of economics, learn about how political decision making can be explained, and gain a sound understanding of the philosophical grounds of economics and politics. 

Teaching in our program is done in English, Italian and German. We expect a good level of English from our prospective students as the courses in the first year are mainly given in English. From the very beginning, students have the possibility of improving their knowledge of the other two languages, attending classes in these languages mostly in the second and third year.

The Economics and Social Sciences programme is very well received by both our current and former students . We prepare our graduates for careers in public policy and public service, consulting, international organizations, and journalism with a focus on political and economic issues. Just as importantly, the programme is an excellent preparation for postgraduate studies in any of the participating disciplines. Our former Economics and Social Sciences students have gone to very prestigious Masters programmes all over Europe. 

Tourism, Sport and Event Management Degree Course:
The Bachelor in Tourism, Sport and Event Management, which takes place under the auspices of the School of Economics and Management of the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, is a three year, trilingual (Italian, German, English) course which takes place in Bruneck/Brunico.

The degree course aims to create managers and professionals for the tourism industry who have the necessary skills and experience to deal with the complex and dynamic world that characterizes tourism companies and international tourism in general. Besides an in-depth knowledge of cultural and environmental subjects, students will gain knowledge and experience in the management, administration, planning and the development of concepts and projects for sports and cultural events.

The Bachelor in Tourism, Sport and Event Management seeks the right balance between, on one hand, specialised knowledge related to business, tourism, and, on the other hand, operational practice and practical experience in companies operating in the relevant sectors.

Graduate Master's Degree Programs:

M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Degree Course:
it is a graduate, biennal (120 ECTS) and trilingual (English, German and Italian) program which offers students the theoretical skills and analytical tools, also of a quantitative kind, helpfuImage of Business Degree Courses in Italyl to understand Entrepreneurship and Innovation from an economic perspective and from the point of view of Enterprise management. The conditions for the establishment of new enterprises, the ability to recognize opportunities offered by the market, the analysis of human, economic or financial resources which are necessary for the creation and the development of the new enterprise, are some of the topics which characterize entrepreneurship.

In this study course Innovation is intended in an extensive way, as the generation of new knowledge applied for the development of products, managerial processes, organizational solutions and strategies. Innovation as a study subject is therefore not intended as mainly technological but encompasses all forms of organizational and entrepreneurial innovation. 

M.Sc. in Economics and Management of Public Sectors Degree Course:
The Master in Economics and Management of the Public Sector (EMPS) aims to prepare students to work effectively with a variety of stakeholders in complex, multi-faceted public organizations. Graduates will be capable of taking responsibility for the effective and efficient management of resources, to work productively with other public servants, to solve legal problems, to acquire and use the relevant information, to communicate in writing and orally, and to work with information technologies. They will thus receive the education necessary to succeed in a competitive job market and to pass the selection procedures necessary to pursue a career in the public sector, at a local, State, European or International level.

The Masters is open to students holding a 3-year or 4-year Bachelor Degree, and while catering especially to candidates holding degrees in Economics, Law and Political Sciences, we also welcome students with other degrees, as noted in the admission regulations.

This is a trilingual course with classes taught through German, English and Italian.

For further information on any of the courses listed above, including dates and fees, please contact us quickly via our Contact Page.

Email: Contact Us

Address: Piazza Università, 1, Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
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Bologna Business School - University of Bologna
Courses / Programs
Located in a 16th century Villa just outside Bologna in Northern Italy (107km / 66 miles north of Florence), Bologna Business School - the Business School of the University of Bologna specializes in Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree programs.

Each of our MBAs is a challenging, intensive 12-month international full-time program taught entirely in English. Concentrations include Corporate Finance, Food & Wine, Green Energy & Sustainable Business, Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, and Food & Wine.

The curriculum of the each of our MBA programs is divided in two main parts: General Management (core courses), and a number of Specialized Courses which specific to your chosen concentration. Our programs also feature a Business English course; and intensive Italian classes are offered free of charge to international participants who wish to improve their language skills during their stay in Italy.

Bologna Business School is a member of EFMD, ASFOR, and is ranked as a "Top Business School Internationally Strong" by Eduniversal.
12-month International master programs with internship guarateed:

* Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media

* Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Concentrations of the MBA include:
- Corporate Finance
- China/Far East and Europe Business Relations
- Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
- Food and Wine
- Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses
Accademia del Lusso, Milan
Courses / Programs
• Established in 2005, Accademia del Lusso is a leading fashion school in the heart of Milan - the fashion capital of Italy.

• We specialize in providing professional training at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the fields of fashion management, luxury brand management, retail management, fashion design, fashion styling and more.

• We welcome students from around the world, and many of our programs are taught entirely in English.

• Our comprehensive courses aim to connect the needs of the job market with the aspirations of those who want to start a new career in the exciting fashion industry.

• We are a modern institution, with our main focus on young high school graduates and university graduates who wish to make a profession out of their passion for fashion.

• In addition, our fashion business programs are ideal for professionals already working within the fashion industry, who wish to enrich their CV and enhance their career prospects through specialized training in specific fields.

Student Testimonial:
“My experience at Accademia del Lusso was positive and satisfying. The teachers are knowledgeable, professional and very willing to help."
- Francesca
Fashion Business & Management Courses:

Masters Programs in Fashion Management:
• Fashion Brand Management
• Fashion Communication Management
• Fashion Collection Management

3-Year Courses:
• Fashion Brand Management
• Fashion Styling & Communication

Intensive 1-Year Courses:
• Visual Merchandising

Professional Short Course:
• Made in Italy & Luxury Goods Industry

Summer Fashion Courses:
• Fashion Brand Management
• Fashion Marketing & Merchandising

We also offer year-round courses in fashion design, fashion styling, interior design, footwear design & more...
ALTIS - Postgraduate School Business & Society, Milan
Courses / Programs
ALTIS, the Postgraduate School Business & Society of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, is an international research and education centre for the study and promotion of a responsible and competitive business culture. We offer a range of high quality training courses that includes a one-year international MBA degree program which is taught in English.

Founded in 2005, ALTIS embodies both an openness towards the international world of business and the willingness to effectively serve the interests of the students and enterprises with which it interacts.

ALTIS dedicates special attention to those geographical areas which are also of particular interest to the growth of Italian business: Latin America, China, India, Africa and the Mediterranean Region.
ALTIS offers high quality training courses in strong connections with the business world:

- One-Year International MBA in Global Business and Sustainability. New Markets and Euromed (in English)
- Executive Master SMEs and Competitiveness (in Italian)
- Summer course in Business Summer Program. Experiencing Italian Excellence
- Executive courses and Intensive courses
- Seminars, carried on in partnership with companies or important institutions.
International University College Of Turin
Courses / Programs
Welcome to the International University College of Turin (IUC) located on the Piazza Carlo Felice in the centre of Turin, northerm Italy. The IUC is an advanced institution dedicated to the study of global capitalism and the preparation of an international class of lawyers and finance experts, endowed with a highly integrated background in Law, Economics and Finance. The IUC offers an innovative Master of Science in Comparative Law, Economics & Finance (MSc CLEF). A rich array of grants and scholarships are available for international students.

The first year of the program will be in Turin Italy and for the second year students will have the opportunity to travel to one of IUC's partner institutions. Most of the education will be carried on in English in order to facilitate international exchange programs, joint degrees and reception of non-italian students and faculty. The IUC is a place where global law and economics are critically understood with the help of such scholars like Duncan Kennedy (Harvard), Guido Calabresi (Yale), and Gustavo Zagrebelsky (Former Italian Chief Justice). Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen sits in its advisory board.
Master of Science in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance (MSc CLEF).

The required/core component of the curriculum is aimed at acquainting the MSc CLEF candidates with the fundamentals of the challenging field of law and finance with emphasis on incorporating the practical considerations.

The first year of the program will be in Turin Italy and for the second year students will have the opportunity to travel to one of IUC's partner institutions. Most of the program is carried out in English.
IFA Paris Fashion School, Florence Programs
Courses / Programs
International Fashion Academy (IFA) Paris is a leading international fashion school with campuses in Paris, France and Shanghai, China. IFA Paris and POLIMODA, the top fashion design and marketing school in Italy, have joined forces to offer graduate degree programs in Fashion Business and Luxury Brands Management in the heart of Florence in central Italy. All programs are taught entirely in the English language.

This unique opportunity allows students to pursue post-graduate education, build career skills and gain a full understanding of fashion’s fastest emerging market, Shanghai, and experience one of Europe’s oldest and most dynamic fashion centers, Florence.

Students in the MBA / Masters Program in Luxury Brands Management will spend 8 academic weeks studying at POLIMODA, 30 academic weeks at IFA in Shanghai and 2 academic weeks at IFA in Paris.

IFA Paris and POLIMODA are both committed to providing young fashion professionals with the skills and attitude necessary to become leaders in international fashion and luxury companies.
- MBA/Masters in Fashion Business: 1-year intensive program - 30 weeks in Shanghai, 8 weeks in Florence & 2 weeks in Paris.

You graduate with: Masters in Fashion Business from POLIMODA & MBA in Fashion Business from IFA Paris.

- MBA/Masters in Luxury Brands Management: 1-year intensive program - 30 weeks in Shanghai, 8 weeks in Florence & 2 weeks in Paris.

You graduate with: Masters degree in Luxury Brands Management from POLIMODA & MBA in Luxury Brands Management from IFA Paris.
Rome Business School
Courses / Programs
• Rome Business School is an international management training and research institute of excellence based in Rome, Italy.

• We provide a wide range of Masters Degree programs and specialization courses, taught in English, to students from around the world.

• Our courses are also available via distance learning. Our school not only provides teaching materials, but also includes live online lessons opportunity and the continuous assistance of a personal tutor.

• Our aim is to play a role in closing the gap between the academic world and the job market by providing managerial training courses suited to convey the knowledge necessary to kick off or develop professional careers or business activities.

• Our mission is to train entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to a level of excellence in their competence and their ethical approach to business and work, able to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair and respectful of the central role of the individual.

• The Rome Business School has been recognized by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University & Research) as a research centre, and is listed in the National Research Registry.
Masters Programs:
- On-campus & distance learning options

• 1-year MBA
• Master in Marketing and Communications
• Master in International Human Resources Management
• Master in Arts and Culture Management
• Master in Political Marketing
• Master in eHealth Management

High Specialization Courses:
• Marketing Specialization
• Communication Specialization
• Business in Europe
• Augmented Reality Coaching
• Certificate in Brazilian Market
• Certificate in European Business (CEB)
• Management and Marketing in Europe
• Corporate Social Responsability