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Learn Italian in Tuscany @ Il Sasso, Montepulciano:
Il Sasso is a high quality Italian language school located in Montepulciano, a beautiful, Renaissance town in Southern Tuscany. One of the best Italian language schools in Italy, we are recognized by the Ministry of Education, Research and Universities. We teach a wide range of Italian language courses to students from around the world of all levels of Italian - from beginner to advanced. The principal objective of our language courses is to get our students, even those in the beginner and elementary levels, to the point where they're able to communicate in Italian. The great number of students who return every year is the best tribute to this.

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The Tuscany town of Montepulciano, in the province of Siena, is situated 13 km east of Pienza (a World Heritage Site), 70 km south-east of the historic city of Siena (also a World Heritage Site), 124 km south-east of Florence, and 186 km north of Rome.

About Il Sasso:

Photo of Learn Italian in Tuscany, ItalyOur Italian language school was founded in 1983 and has been in operation continuously and without change of ownership since then. Il Sasso`s training program for diplomatic personnel is a real "feather in its cap". It has been chosen by several Embassies and International Institutions for the linguistic and cultural preparation of their officials. In addition, since its foundation, Il Sasso has been involved with the planning, organization and realization of study programs in Montepulciano for numerous companies.

The school is open all year round both for group and individual teaching. Lessons are conducted by teachers specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign and second language, and are particularly experienced in instructing adult students. We cater to students of all ages who come from all over the world to learn Italian. Class sizes normally range from five to nine students. Our Italian language classes are divided into six levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Council.


Image of Learn Italian in Tuscany, ItalyThe school is recognized in Italy by the Ministry of Public Education, in Germany by the Länder of Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Schleswig-Holstein (Bildungsurlaub), and in Sweden by the CSN. Il Sasso works in collaboration with Kennesaw State University and other universities in the University System of Georgia. It is also twinned with a worldwide group of Italian language schools with which it is developing exchange and collaboration projects.

Italian Language Courses:
- Standard Italian course
- Standard+ Italian course (Standard Italian course + private Italian lessons)
- Intensive Italian course
- Private Italian lessons (one-to-one)
- Semi-Private Italian lessons (two-to-one)
- Business Italian course
- Preparation course for CILS / CELI Certificates
- Homestay program with a local Italian-speaking family
- Lunchtime Italian Conversation classes
- Parlar di Vino - Learn about the red wine of the region - one-week course that combines theoretical lessons with visits to wine cellars and wine tastings
- Italian Cultural Courses

Experienced & Highly-Qualified Italian Teachers:

Il Sasso: Alberto, Silvia, Patrizia, Roberta, Sara e Cinzia.

All our teachers are university graduates, and specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign or second language, and are particularly experienced in instructing adult students. The Italian language courses are geared to those who want a cultural vacation in Tuscany while learning how to get by in Italian in day-to-day situations, as well as to those who wish to learn Italian for their work or studies through a full immersion program.

The method of communication, and the friendly and personal atmosphere of the lessons make our courses a very special, human and cultural experience that`s different each time.

Student Testimonials:

Photos of Learn Italian in Tuscany @ Il Sasso, Montepulciano"I did the beginner's Italian language course in May and was very impressed with the service provided and the standard of tuition. The school is very well organised and right from my first contact with them I was impressed by the informative responses they provided. Once I arrived I was delighted with the town and the lovely accommodation arranged by the school. The lessons were fun, even though a bit daunting with an immersion method, but it was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone."
- Judith, Australia.

"I spent one week with the school and will return. The teaching staff are very competent, helpful, creative and encouraging. It was an intensive course, with a small class, suited to both challenge and develop my skill level. The wide range of students from around the world was both stimulating and interesting. The school is located in the centre of the town, is very accessible and close to historic towns and wonderful countryside. To be recommended."

- Bob, England.

"This was our third visit to Il Sasso and while I did not think it was possible, it gets better and better each time. Heike (and the entire staff) are top notch professionals yet extremely warm and ensure that every student feels right at home. The instructors are superb - they teach with a level of passion that is contagious, and they tailor each lesson to the student's level of understanding. On top of all of this, there is no place more beautiful than Montepulciano - to live and be a part of this incredible place (whether for a week, two weeks, a month or more) is a dream come true. We are certainly planning on returning - for many years to come!!"
- Frank, USA.

"Vor zehn Jahren kam ich zum ersten Mal zu Il Sasso, als Anfängerin mit einem Vokabular von ca. 50 Wörtern. Ich kam aus Neugierde, und dies hatte Folgen. Seither ist kein Jahr vergangen, in dem ich nicht einige Wochen in Montepulciano bei Il Sasso verbracht hätte. Überzeugt haben mich die Lehrkräfte der Schule, die Atmosphäre sowohl in der Schule als auch in der kleinen schönen Stadt Montepulciano, deren Bewohner gerne bereit sind, sich den neu erworbenen oder vertieften Sprachkenntnisse der Sasso-Schüler zu stellen. Daß man immer wieder Studenten trifft, die man aus den vergangenen Jahren kennt, bestätigt, daß dies nicht nur ein persönlicher Eindruck ist. Es ist ein weiter Weg von meiner Heimatstadt nach Montepulciano, und es gibt sicher viele andere Sprachschulen, die näher gelegen sind. Für mich müßten sie sich aber immer mit Il Sasso vergleichen lassen, und das wäre schwer."
- Uschi, Germany


You can choose from various options:

* Homestay:  If you'd like to integrate your language studies with a wider social experience, taking a room in a family home is the solution for you. Our host families are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality standard is met. You can choose a room with either breakfast or half board. If you decide to eat with the family, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy some authentic, Tuscan cuisine.

* Independent apartment:  We offer small, private apartments for one or two persons, with one double room or two single rooms, depending on your needs.

* Single or double room in an apartment with other students:  If you would like to share your language school experience and have the opportunity of making new friends, you can choose to stay in an apartment with other students.

* Hotel:  If you prefer to stay in a hotel, we'll supply you with the names, addresses and phone numbers of the hotels in Montepulciano, and we'll help you make your reservation.


Picture of Learn Italian in Tuscany, ItalyFor many reasons, Montepulciano in Tuscany, half way between Florence and Rome, is an ideal place for an Italian language school. It is located on the top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with one of those views which has made Tuscany famous the world over. The peace and quiet are ideal for a study holiday of Italian language far from bustling town centres. The town's artistic wealth is also a major point of interest: the old town centre is full of churches and "palazzi" which testify to Italy's architectural history, in particular where the medieval and Renaissance periods are concerned.

Montepulciano, although a small historic town, is different from many others in that it is very active and lively, a place where the locals still stop to chat in bars or markets and have a great interest in foreign visitors. This makes it an ideal place for learning Italian "on the street", an essential part of any language learning experience. Montepulciano's cultural life is also very varied. The International Art Workshop, which takes place at the end of July and beginning of August attracts music-lovers from all over the world. The local town festival ends on the last Sunday of August with the "Bravio delle Botti", a traditional competition of strength and skill fought out between the town's various areas. 

There is also a series of concerts organised by the Accademia Renana - whose overseas headquarters is based in Montepulciano - an event further enriches Montepulciano's summer months. The thing that makes Montepulciano unique in Tuscany and indeed in the world, however, is its excellent Vino Nobile, a fine, quality wine whose producers have become real ambassadors of Tuscany throughout the world.

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Address: Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 2, Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy
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• Following the "Direct Method", without the use of intermediate language, the student-teacher ratio is kept small so to maximize the communication in the class, as well as to keep close attention to each student's progress.

• Another advantage of studying at the school is that the students can enjoy various high-quality art & cultural lessons provided at Accademia Riaci, as well as getting internship opportunities made possible by the experience and history of Accademia Riaci.
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- Basic Beginner to Advanced Level

• Italian PLUS program (for beginners) 
• Basic Standard Italian (Group / Semi-Private / Private lessons)
• Intensive Italian (Semi-Private / Private Courses)
• Business Italian classes
• Specialized 'Technical' Italian Classes for working in design, hospitality etc
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