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Learn Spanish in Salamanca, Spain

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Colegio De Estudios Hispánicos, Salamanca:
The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos (C.E.H.) welcomes you to Spain and to its Head Office in Salamanca, western Spain, 200 km norh west of Madrid. Since its foundation in 1975 the C.E.H. has been a pioneering organisation in the teaching of the Spanish language and culture, thanks to the work of our team of teachers who are very dedicated and effective and have developed programmes so that your stay with us allows you to achieve the personal and professional aims you have set for yourself. A characteristic of our college is the friendly atmosphere that exists between students and teachers which makes it possible for thousands of students to learn Spanish in a quick, effective and pleasant way. The students who study with us come from varied ages and nationalities, so that an atmosphere of friendship and respect is created in which the different cultures of the various countries are brought together, with the unified aim of learning about the Spanish language and culture.

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Why Choose C.E.H.?

Photo of Learn Spanish in Salamanca, SpainBecause our students:

· Learn in the classroom.
· Progress rapidly
· Feel at home
· Enjoy their stay
· Have fun.

Thanks to our careful selection of teachers and, above all, to our constantly perfecting our teaching methods we are able to offer to our students a guarantee of quality teaching with a reputation gained over a period of more than 30 years of excellent results.

The college, which is made up of several up to date and well-equipped centres is situated in the historic and commercial centre of the city, only a few metres away from the famous Plaza Mayor (Main square) of Salamanca.

The most important thing for the College is to guarantee that your course takes place in a welcoming atmosphere with accessible teachers who are always prepared to work with you throughout your stay whilst learning Spanish. We are confident that at the end of your course you will be planning your next visit. We continue to work towards that end.

Why Spanish?

Spanish is an expanding language, every day the number of people in the world who speak it is growing. It is the mother langue of a great part of the human race and the 4th most spoken language in the world after Chinese mandarin, English and Hindi: more than 450 million people in the world speak Spanish. Nowadays it's an essential language in the professional area and its acquisition is becoming a requisite for entering into the labour market. It is the second most used language in international communication.


- Intensive Spanish
- SuperIntensive Spanish
- Business Spanish
- DELE exam preparation
- Special Courses for entering University in Spain
- Spanish for Seniors 50+
- Spanish Language and Culture
- Spanish and Latin Dance
- Group Courses
- Individual Tuition

Accommodation :

The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos considers accommodation to be one of the most important aspects of its courses for allowing the student to feel totally comfortable. For this reason we offer a large range of choices for our customers.

The number of days, weeks or months needed for a reservation depends on the type of accommodation wanted. There may be an additional cost if reservations are not made before the correct date. The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos will reserve all accommodation from the day before the course commences (Sunday at 3pm) until the day after the course has been completed (Saturday at 12pm).

You should also state, when making your reservation, any preferences or additional information such as: living with smokers, pets, need for special diet (vegetarian, without gluten, for allergies, religious reasons, etc.).

Spanish Families:

• Living with a Spanish family ensures that the student practices Spanish everyday helping to improve vocabulary and pronunciation as well as learning the different elements of family life in a foreign country.
• It is considered one of the best accommodation options because it gives the student the opportunity to get to know Spanish culture, cuisine, customs and way of life.
• Every family has been carefully chosen so that we can guarantee cordial treatment, a friendly family atmosphere and good quality food & hygiene in the house.
• Our families have great experience in hosting foreign students and they enjoy their company throughout the year.
• You will live close to the school, so you will not need to use any means of transport to go to and from your classes each day.
• If, in the first 2 days, a student does not feel comfortable with a family for any reason, the Colegio will arrange accommodation with another family free of charge.

There are 4 possible types of accommodation with Spanish families
1.- Individual room with full board. (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
2.- Individual room with half board. (breakfast + lunch or dinner)
3.- Double room with full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner)
4.- Double room with half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner)


The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos considers extra-academic activities to be an important complement to the learning of Spanish language and culture. C.E.H. offers an extensive programme of after school activities, some of which are free of charge and others at a reduced rate.

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Address: Calle Bordadores 1, Salamanca, Spain
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