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English & Sports Camps in Canada

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Canadian Sports Business Academy:
Canadian Sports Business Academy will provide an environment which educates, guides, and inspires all students. We believe each student has many strengths and abilities and it is our responsibility to encourage them to function at the highest level possible. Our academic calendar runs from May to March with some short-term program options for either the summer or winter season. At CSBA, goals are established for each program and curricula are set to meet those goals. Technical and general classes are also offered.

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Sports Programs & Activities plus English Language Classes:

SnowboardPhoto of English & Sports Camps in Canada Programs:

In Whistler, the snowboard season is long (from November to August) with the peak being from December to March. The combination of this long season, great snowfall, high quality park and half pipe all add up to an overall improvement for any ability of rider. The mountain life offers amazing backcountry experiences for which snowboarders from all over the world meet to enjoy. It is common to spot pro riders on the slopes and in the parks and this can be very inspirational for beginner riders.

* Athlete Program:
This program is geared towards the freestyle snowboarder from beginner level to pro. Physical, technical and mental training skills are taught along with a focus on discipline and maintaining a balance in all areas. Program goal: Olympic competitor, Pro-rider, entering competitions.
On the snow training involves freeride, powder, ½ pipe and slopestyle, rails and snowboard cross. All coaches are part of the Canadian National Team and/or are sponsored riders.

* Junior Athlete:
This program is similar to the Athlete program, but is geared toward younger students (15-18 years of age). The mental, physical and technical skills are important as well as learning life skills and becoming a more independent individual. After a year at CSBA, junior athletes have the opportunity to study at a local Whistler high school.

* Instructor Program:
Students in the instructor program have a goal of reaching Level I and II of CASI (Canadian Association for Snowboarding Instruction). To obtain these licenses, the focus of the program is on classroom management skills, teaching skills, leadership and riding. As CASI is an internationally accepted certification, graduates are able to work in places such as Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

* Snowboard Program Classes:

- Snowboard (from November to July)
- Skateboard (done in the summer to develop and maintain snowboarding skills)
- Trampoline (done in both summer and winter, offering similar movements as in snowboarding and the ability to spin)
- Mental Training (developing the skill of imagery and positive thinking to improve performance)
- Instructor Theory (classroom management, teaching methodology, communication)

Ski Programs:
Image of English & Sports Camps in Canada
Whistler is a world-class resort best-known to skiers from all over the globe. The expanse of mountains and natural environment offer visitors a complete sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Our experienced ski instructors and guides can teach all levels of skiers to improve their ability in a very short period of time.

* Athlete Program:
This program is geared towards the freestyle skier from beginner level to pro. Mental, physical and technical skills are taught along with a focus on discipline and maintaining a balance in training. Program goal: Olympic competitor, Pro-skier, entering competitions. On the snow training involves freeskiing, powder, ½ pipe and slopestyle, rails and ski cross. All coaches are part of the Canadian National Team and/or sponsored skiers.

* Junior Athlete Program:
This program is similar to the Athlete program, but is geared toward younger students (15-18 years of age). The mental, physical and technical skills are important as well as learning life skills and becoming a more independent individual. After a year at CSBA, junior athletes have the opportunity to study at a local Whistler high school.

* Instructor Program:
Students in the instructor program have a goal of reaching Level I and II of CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor Association). To obtain these licenses, the focus of the program is on classroom management skills, teaching skills, leadership and skiing. As CSIA is an internationally accepted certification, graduates are able to work in places such as Canada, Japan and New Zealand.

* Ski Program Classes:
- Skiing (from November to July)
- Inline skating (in summer to maintain the ski technique)
- Mountain Biking (improve physical strength and balance)
- Instructor Theory (classroom management, teaching methodology, communication)

Mountain Bike and Kayak Programs:
Whistler is the mountain bike capitol of the world. If you want to be a mountain bike instructor, you have the opportunity to do so at CSBA. Our program offers trail riding and free-riding techniques along with instructor skills. Whistler hosts many worldwide competitions and is the centre of free-ride mountain biking. Every week there is a community bike race for locals known as the ‘Loonie Race’. These weekly rides bring hundreds of local bike lovers out and are open to CSBA students. They are a great way to meet other people and add to the skill development that students receive on the trails with our instructors. Basic bike maintenance is included with the overall goal being biking technique and instructional certification.

* Mountain Bike Program Classes:
- Mountain biking:  Trail riding is essential to acquire the basic skills, some free-riding
- Bike races:  Local’s Loonie race each week and other local races
- Outdoor Sports Theory:  Opportunity to try a variety of sports (learning equipment use, navigation, camping skills, safety)
- Field trips:  If you become involved in the biking community of Whistler, there are opportunities to take part in activities to further develop your riding skills.

* River Kayak Program:
Are you interested in becoming a kayak instructor? If so, WhPhotos of Canadian Sports Business Academyistler is the place to do it and CSBA’s Kayak Program can enable you to reach this goal. Basic paddling techniques are key to the progression to higher paddling skills, with the goal being to receive your kayak instructor’s license. Whistler is located only 30 minutes by car from amazing white-water rivers. There are over 15 rivers in the nearby area, some beginner level rapids within a 10 min bike ride from the village. Whistler hosts many summer events and opportunities to take part and/or volunteer are plentiful.

* River Kayak Program Classes:
- Recovery technique:  Learning the basic paddling skills and recovery are key
- Local kayak events:  Participating / volunteering allows you to test your skill level

Sports Trainer Program:
Are fitness and sports your life? Do you want to gain more knowledge in health and fitness? Do you want to learn English in a fun environment and become a fitness trainer with an international license and experience? Our academy offers a Sports Trainer Program in which students learn about sports and how to be a successful sports trainer. Students are connected with many sports trainers in Canada, receiving practical experience while living in the perfect environment which offers such a variety of recreational activities. CSBA makes the most of these surroundings by educating students in a very practical setting.

* Sports Trainer Classes:

- Fitness Theory:  Biomechanics, body structure, sports injury and conditioning
- Training Theory:  Instructional skills are practised at Meadow Park Sports Centre
- Team Building:  Fun, energetic activities that promote positive teamwork
- First Aid:  Learning the first response methods to emergency situations
- Instructor Theory: Teaching methodologies and classroom management
- OJT:  On-the-job training and volunteering opportunities

Tennis and Golf Programs:
This is a seasonal program at CSBA and is offered from May to October. Students learn the skills required to be a tennis instructor with the goal of receiving certification from TennisBC. Most of the training is done in conjunction with the Whistler Racquet Club where specific tennis techniques and instructional tips are practised along side provincially and nationally certified tennis instructors. For students who require English improvement, the racquet club offers social events that allow integration with Whistler locals and CSBA will provide ESL classes. CSBA also provides general classes on top of what is studies at the tennis club.

* Tennis Classes:
- Tennis skill improvement:  Focuses on areas such as serve, volley, forehand, backhand
- Game strategies:  Tactics of the game as well as rules and keeping score
- Instructor Theory:  Teaching methodologies, class management, communication skills
- General classes:  Sports experience, sports principles, first aid, team building

* Golf Instructor Program:
This is a seasonal program at CSBA and is offered from May to October. Students learn the skills required to be a golf instructor with the goal of receiving certification from the Canadian Golf Teaching Federation (CGTF). The training takes place on any one of the 6 major championship golf courses in the Whistler area with the most training being at Nicklaus North Golf Club (PGA Skins host). CPGA and CGTF golf instructors guide our students through the theory and teaching methods of golf instruction while continually improving their game.

English Program:
Picture of English & Sports Camps in CanadaIf you are already in the beautiful area of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada or plan to head this way, C.S.B.A can provide the program you need to improve your English skills. Highly qualified ESL teachers and staff offer friendly and fun English language classes to all levels of non-native speakers. Students from all over the world can benefit from small classroom settings, individual goal-setting and communicative-based lessons: all within the active community of Whistler!

 Programs offered include:
1. General English:
Classes are offered from beginner to advanced levels and the focus is placed on speaking/listening. Teachers incorporate all the other skills (reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar) into lessons and topics for each class are based on students’ interests / goals.

2. Workplace English:
This evening class is offered twice a week and is geared towards non-native English speakers who are working in Whistler and wish to improve their communication skills at work. Some topics covered are tourism, hospitality, interviews, reception/office, sales, and presentations.

3. English Language Test Preparation (TOEIC, FCE, TOEFL):
C.S.B.A has qualified ESL teachers who have a lot of experience with test preparation. These classes are set up on an individual basis once the test date and weekly goals are established in preparation for sitting the exam.

4. Private Tutoring:
If you are interested in having private classes (perhaps because of your schedule or for specific study purposes), C.S.B.A can set up lessons with one of our qualified ESL teachers. The teacher would spend time discussing your personal goals and establish a program to best suit your timeline.

Kids Summer Camps:
CSBA offers 2 week summer camps for kids from ages 9 to 14. These camps are unique in that a cultural exchange is available to international students who come to Whistler for the camp. We offer the program to local children as well and are able to provide a multicultural mix of students to enrich friendships and cultural awareness. A typical day in the summer camp includes morning 'Cultural and Language Exchange" classes followed by lunch and some great outdoor activities such as horseback riding, tennis, mountain biking or kayaking in the afternoon.

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Address: 202-4295 Blackcomb Way, V0N 1B4, Whistler, BC , Canada
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At NPTI, we are committed to providing a high standard of education for our aspiring fitness professionals. Our curriculum is geared to the needs of today’s health-minded people. Our modern facility has the latest exercise equipment and learning materials for an effective and comfortable learning environment. We emphasize hands-on, practical training, and offer FREE ongoing consultation with nutritionists and fitness experts. Free job placement assistance is also available for all our graduates.

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- Steve, NPTI Graduate
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Edu-inter Summer Language School in Quebec
Courses / Programs
• Edu-inter is a Summer French Language School in Quebec City offering summer French immersion programs for children & teenagers (ages 10-17) and adults (16+).

• Quebec City is the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment, making it the ideal location for learning and practicing French.

• 2018 will be the 13th year of our French Summer School for Teenagers. As the cradle of francophone culture in the Americas, summer in Quebec City offers an unparalleled program of festivals, fun activities and experiences, all in a city renowned for its safe environment.

• The summer school is located on the campus of Collège Mérici, in downtown Quebec City, a short 15 minute walk from Old Quebec.

• The campus features exceptional facilities including a gymnasium, an aerobics room, a library, computer labs, an internet cafe, a cafeteria and a student lounge. The campus has ample green space for outdoor sports and recreation activities.

• Edu-inter also provides Winter French Camps for children and teens (ages 10-17), as well as summer French immersion programs for adults.

Student Reviews:
"This experience has been life charging for me. The people in Quebec are so accommodating and kind. Merci Edu-inter!"
- Carol, USA

"I would definitely recommend this program to anyone willing to improve their French over the summer!"
- Philippa, USA
Summer French Programs:
For Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17) 

• French & Circus
• French & Cooking
• French & Dance
• French & Dramatic Arts
• French & Hockey
• French & Horse Riding
• French & Multi-activities
• French & Music
• French & Soccer
• French & Tennis

Winter French Camps:
For Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17)

• French & Multi-activity camp
• French & Ski camp
• French & Snowboard camp

We also offer summer French immersion programs for adults.
Quest Language Studies, Toronto
Courses / Programs
Quest Language Studies is an independently-owned and operated international language school located in downtown Toronto in Ontario, Canada. We are a 2 minute walk from Bay subway. We provide a wide range of English language courses to students from around the world, including summer and winter youth programs for juniors / teenagers ages 13 -19 years.

Quest Language Studies, an award winning school was established in 1997, and are are fully accredited by Languages Canada and a member of Quality English. We provide small classes (approximately 7 to 9 students), professional instructors, a dynamic, communicative student centred teaching methodology, combined with up-to-date material and equipment help to ensure student success.

The Quest Summer Program provides students with a unique learning holiday experience by combining up to 4 weeks of ESL study with a variety of quality recreational activities. The program's goal goes beyond teaching English to include the expansion of horizons, the learning of new skills and the making of new friends. Every student, we hope, will leave with an experience to last a lifetime.
* Summer Youth Program for Juniors / Teenagers ages 13 -19 years:

- Homestay Program with a Canadian family with Summer English

- Intensive English Classes

- Educational Workshops

- Recreational Activities

* Teacher Homestay English Program (English immersion): Duration: 1-12 weeks
UBC Aquatics Centre, Vancouver
Courses / Programs
The UBC Aquatic Centre, located on the campus of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, is a public aquatic facility offering Swimming, Lifesaving & Diving programs for all ages and abilities. We serve the UBC Community (students, faculty, staff, residents) as well as the entire Lower Mainland and visitors from other regions and countries.

Our outdoor facilities include seasonal 55 yard outdoor pool with 1m, 5m and 10 m diving boards, seasonal grass and patio area and a mezzanine overlooking outdoor pool. We also have indoor facilities.
- Aquatic First Aid & CPR Course
- Lifesaving & Lifeguarding Course
- Swimming Instruction Course
- Aquasize Instruction Course
- Adult Lessons
- Preschool Age Swim Program
- Children's Swim Program
- Adult Diving
- Children's Diving
- Summer Camp Information
- Summer Play & Swim Day Camps
Camp of Champions
Courses / Programs
Camp of Champions, located in Whistler (2 hours north of Vancouver), BC, Canada, is the only English Language (ESL) School in the world where you can learn to snowboard, ski and mountain bike. We offer our programs to students from 12 to 18 years of age. Ride the internationally famous Camp of Champions snowpark – the best summer snowpark in the world, and The Whistler Bike Park - the best bike park in the world and by night attend English class. Making friends while doing the sport you love is the fastest way to learn any language. Your day is spent on snow or dirt, with English speaking friends and coaches, followed by 2 hours of classroom study.
Ski, Bike and Snowboard Summer Camp with ESL:
- Mountain Bike coaching
- Skiing classes
- Snowboarding lessons
- 2 hours of classroom ESL study
- A low coach to camper ratio
- One-on-One coaching
- Free after ride activities
NSL Mondial - French Camps Montreal
Courses / Programs
• Surrounded and encouraged by native French speakers, your teen son, daughter or loved one can enjoy a wonderful French language immersion experience in the province of Quebec in summer 2019!

• NSL Mondial is an established and highly-experienced facilitator of intensive language camps for children and teenagers from Canada, the U.S., and around the world.

• Our summer French immersion camps in Montreal for junior children & high school teens (ages 7-17 years old) are for 1 to 5 weeks.

• Combine French language learning with fun sporting and recreational activities including: Drama, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Baseball, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Volleyball, and more.

• Day camps and residential / overnight options are available. 

• The camp takes place on the campus of Concordia University, downtown campus.

• In addition to our French camps, we also provide English language camps for local and international students.

• Montreal is the cultural center of Quebec - and the largest French speaking city in North America. It is also an amazing destination to practice the French language.

Parent Review:
"Danmeng and Ruodong enjoyed their time studying in NSL. They miss their teachers, their classmates, their friends. The happy times at NSL are unforgettable. Thank you."
- Ningning, China
French Immersion Summer Camps with Activities:

• For children & high school teens (boys & girls) ages 7-17
• Camp Duration: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks from June 30 to August 5
• Day camps & residential options

French Language Immersion Course:
-15 hours of language learning per week
-French skills including speaking, reading, writing, grammar, listening and vocabulary. 

Fun Activities & Sports Camp in Afternoons:
Drama, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Baseball, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Volleyball, and more.

• ESL English language camp in Montreal for children ages 7-17.