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Stick Fighting Game Online - Arnes De Mano

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Arnes De Mano is a clever & addicting online stick-fighting game where you play the role of a Filipino martial arts fighter who has to defeat as many enemies as possible, and survive for as long as he can. Perform cool ninja-style flips and fancy attacks with your Arnis hard wood sticks (also known as Kali or Eskrima sticks) to stun your opponents, and keep them on the back foot. Increase your physical prowess, and learn exciting new Martial Arts moves as you progress.

The unusual control system makes this cool fight-for-survival action game extremely unique and challenging. It requires really fast reactions, and your observation skills are also tested as there are sneaky attackers always popping up out of nowhere to keep you on your toes. Can you send enough of them packing to reach the top of the martial arts scoring chart? It’s time to see if you can become a true Arnis Warrior!

How to Play: There are two different Game Modes – Survival and Duel. In Duel Mode, you take on one other opponent in a fight to the end. In Survival Mode, you come up against a virtual army of opponents, all trying to take you out. The clever control system gives this game its’ edge. You don’t have to hit any buttons, but you can still perform dozens of different moves and combinations. Control your fighter by moving your cursor onto the various buttons (Nodes) that are circled around him. Each of these Nodes performs a different movement or attack. Thus, if you hover over a Node that is above you, your fighter jumps into the air. Hover over a Node to the left, and he attacks that way – and so on.

Your Health and Stamina Bars are below the main fight screen. Once your Health Bar decreases all the way, it’s game over. Below that is your Stamina Bar – this needs to be high so your fighter can continue to move around. Below that again is your Aggression Bar – this determines the ferocity of your attacks, and how much damage they inflict. Collect Power-ups that are littered around the terrain to boost these status bars. Score as many points as you can, and survive for as long as possible to become the ultimate champion.

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