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Play fun adventure-based games, platform games and interactive puzzles online for children and teens on From classic-style maze and platform games to the newest hidden object adventure games, and from easy-to-play games to the most challenging, thought-provoking games. Enjoy the adventure!

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The web's most eccentric, snooping private investigator is back with a new mystery case – and this time he needs your analytical thinking and mouse-clicking skills to unmask a wrestling impostor! Harry Quantum Episode 2: Unmasked is a fun and wacky, point and click, detective adventure game for older kids/ teens where you must use your eyes, logic, and sleuthing skills to carefully gather clues, and help Harry to solve a crime involving stolen artifacts from the local museum.

Background info: Legendary wrestler ‘Super Burro’ is being framed for a crime he didn’t commit – someone is stealing items from the museum dressed in his striking red costume. Super Burro has employed Harry and set him the task of figuring out who exactly the real thief is.

This quirky, brain-teaser puzzle requires good observation and concentration levels combined with smart creative thinking skills as you attempt to match similar objects and advance Harry through the numerous madcap scenarios, trying to spot and collect the various pieces of evidence needed to solve the crime. Let’s get right into some common sense sleuthing!

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Immerse yourself in a world of hidden objects, priceless artifacts, and precious antiques as you take charge of an important, archaeological object-finding mission! The Book of Hidden Objects is an in-depth, point-and-click adventure puzzle game for kids and teens with an Indiana Jones-style theme where you must find and click on objects deemed valuable by your sleuthing squad. The catch is that the objects have been left in environments filled with clutter and other items – and you must use your eagle-eyed observation skills to pick out the key items.

Some background info: Legendary explorer Eddie has found the infamous ‘Book of Hidden Objects’ which has led your team to the abandoned island of ‘Borgabundia’. Here, you must search through the multiple scenes in search of the items indicated as valuable by the Book.

Skills Required: This is a fun and interactive, mouse-clicking brain teaser where observation, concentration, focus and determination skills are all really important required attributes. Visual cognition and attention-to-detail are essential as you comb through each area in search of the key artifacts. Also exercise and sharpen your reaction speed and accurate mouse clicking skills – The faster you complete each level, the more gold coins you earn for your efforts!

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Use good teamwork, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to re-unite two Romeo and Juliet-style sweethearts in this cute yet challenging platform-based puzzle game! Jim Loves Mary 2 is a timing and teamwork-based adventure game for one or two players where you must guide the two characters through 20 obstacle and baddie-filled levels. Your duty is simple – reunite Jim and Mary! However, enabling contact between the duo means that you must be adept at solving interactive problems, flipping switches, avoiding wasps, pushing crates, leaping over hindrances, and taking on many more wacky tasks!

Skills required: This light-hearted, timing-based puzzle game requires sharp reflexes, tactful keyboard control and anticipation skills, good hand-eye coordination, and the vision to see the bigger picture and figure out the best way to bring the cute couple together. Smart analytical thinking and creative engineering skills are called into play, especially in later levels when there are multiple obstacles in your path.

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An enchanting, music-based rescue game where you play musical notes to unlock doors, remove obstacles, solve problems, overcome protectors of different territories, & rescue your beloved bride.

Fans of epic adventure classics, innovative brain-teaser enthusiasts and musically-talented players should enjoy the delightfully charming adventure of Orpheus. This is an atmospheric, music-based, side-scrolling puzzle game where you have to methodically find solutions to each level by performing specific musical arrangements with your computer keys. Combining abstract, eccentric animation with a magical, mythical atmosphere, you have to guide our hero, Orpheus, on a dangerous journey to rescue his beloved Eurydice from the depths of the Underworld. Armed only with the power of music as your weapon of choice, you have to face down large creatures that can only be placated and bypassed through correctly playing musical notes in a certain order.

This immersive, 1-player RPG platform-based Flash game tests creative and memory skills as you attempt precise note compositions. You also exercise your problem solving skills as you use the power of music to lower bridges, remove obstacles, reveal ledges, evade capture, and more.

(Background Info: In Greek mythology, Orpheus was a legendary musician and poet who famously had the ability to charm all living things – and even stones and rocks - with his music. This game is a cool and unusual visual interpretation of the myth.)

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Play a fun, teamwork-based platform puzzle adventure game as you enter the brain-teasing catacombs of an Aztec temple! Aztec Adventure is a challenging, escape-based puzzle game where you must guide a father and daughter duo of explorers through a series of tricky ledge and task-filled levels. Creep around the awe-inspiring underground vaults of a Mesoamerican pyramid, and use teamwork to collect artifacts, flip switches, open doors, and more. Although it is possible to play this game on your own, you have a much better chance of success if you play with a friend or family member to make it a cool 2 player effort. Ok Explorers, let's get treasure hunting!

Reasons to play this quirky, teamwork-based adventure game: If you enjoy difficult platform challenges in confined play areas with classic jumping tasks and brain-teaser elements (as in Mario or Sonic), this could be a good game for you! Combine the tricky game play with the fun 2 player elements, and you've got yourself an action-packed, teamwork activity!

Best Strategy to win: Solid Teamwork is definitely the key to success here! Use the various different attributes of both characters to gain access to higher ledges, lower drawbridges, push objects out of the way, open exit doors, and more. Good keyboard control, flexible finger dexterity, and sharp hand-eye coordination are all important attributes.

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Help two mini bobble-head characters to escape baddie-filled platform levels in this cute, winter holiday-themed action game for one or two players! Little Heads Snowy Adventure is a fun teamwork-based, escape-the-level action game where you must guide a brother and sister ‘little head’ duo through a series of 18 tricky platform challenges. Your heroes are Easter egg-style, hippity-hopping bobble heads who must both safely find their way to the ‘Exit Basket’.

Skills required: This funny multi-level platform game values good teamwork as a top priority. Whether you control both characters simultaneously, or enlist the help of a best friend or family member in a two-player adventure, teamwork between the two little head heroes is essential. Sharp reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills also come into play as you dodge and weave your way through the confined, ledge-filled environments. Good observation skills are also needed; you must keep your eye out for concealed ice-spike hindrances!

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Snowy, exploration-based adventure game and blizzard-avoiding challenge! Bear Bound is a fun and challenging, free-roam action game where you play the role of a curious brown bear, and must explore a large snow-covered mountain, seeking shelter whenever a blizzard approaches. The mountain hides numerous secrets and special characters, and your task is to meet and discover them all!

Skills required: This quirky online skill-based game requires a combination of great enthusiasm, good observation skills, sharp hand-eye coordination, and fast reaction skills. As you try to avoid dangerous incoming blizzards at irregular intervals, you must hurry your bear to suitable shelter accordingly!

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Guide an acrobatic elephant on an epic, platform-based adventure to get his favorite hat back while zapping enemies, finding secret items, completing mystery tasks, and inquisitively exploring a vast, multi-room game environment! Elephant Quest is a quirky, in-depth, multi-level, RPG platform puzzle and upgrade game where you play the role of a bombastic blue elephant who can leap majestically around and defeat enemies using an awesome laser cannon mounted on his back! You must explore the massive 45-room game environment, performing platform jumping tasks as well as finding secret items and other challenges set by the elephant buddies you meet on your travels!

Skills required: This fun and addicting action game combines Mario-style physical game play with problem-solving puzzles and intricate, item-finding tasks. This means that analytical thinking skills, fast reactions, sharp hand-eye coordination and anticipation skills, and a good memory are key. Keyboard and mouse-control elements are in-play at all times, so savvy multi-tasking is also really important.

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Are you ready for a really cool and creative thinking puzzler? Open your mind, and prepare to think outside the box in Pyjaman!

By day, he's a normal boy… But by night, he's Pyjaman – the problem-solving superhero that protects people from ghastly nightmares!

Pyjaman is a very challenging, creative thinking-based adventure game for upper elementary students through high school teens where you must utilize clever problem-solving skills to make your way through each cene. Set in a quirky, animated, night-time environment, Pyjaman's pursues the noble cause of ridding the world of nightmares, and replacing them with peaceful, happy dreams! With your help, Pyjaman progresses through each scenario when you make a special combination of point and click actions in a specific order to solve that level.

This fun, cute and interactive brain-teaser puzzle provides a good, stern exercise of your imagination, and your ability to think outside of the box. Each scenario poses a tricky problem-solving test; you must analyze the objects and characters, and then try to figure out the best way to use them to your advantage. As well as requiring sound cognitive abilities, visual skills, deep concentration, smart strategic planning and more, you must also use fast and tactful mouse clicking. This is problem-solving at its creative best – Can you rise to the challenge?

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Help a cute squirrel couple to find their way home in this fun Holiday-themed adventure game with 1-Player & 2-Player modes! Christmas Squirrel is a cool, interactive platform and skill-based game for elementary school age kids and older where your job is to guide Mr and Mrs Squirrel home to their cozy tree stump, while simultaneously collecting nuts and avoiding dangers, monsters and traps along the way. Utilizing good keyboard control with fast reactions and finger dexterity skills, you must maneuver the adorable duo safely through each ledge and obstacle-filled level.

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Help! Santa Claus has been kidnapped! We need you to save him from captivity under bad Doctor Zass, and use Santa's magic wand to turn toys into wrapped up gifts. Wrap Attack is a fun and addicting, Christmas Holiday-themed platform adventure game where you must dash around each ledge-filled level, wrapping up toys by hitting them with a magic wand! All toys must be wrapped and collected before the clock runs out – so there's no time to waste!

Background info: The cunning Doctor Zass (a long-time opponent of fun during the Holiday season) has kidnapped Santa, and bewitched all of the toys so that they cannot be delivered to the good little children around the world! You play the role of Tommy, a brave young boy who finds Santa's dropped magic wand, and embarks on a virtuous journey to re-wrap all of the toys and rescue Santa from Dr. Zass's clutches!

Reasons to play this cute, action-packed arcade game: Exercise your fast reactions and observation skills as you whizz around each confined level, wrapping and collecting toys against the clock. Experience a sense of fulfillment from your good work. If you enjoy classic Mario-style platform games which feature running and jumping from ledge-to-ledge, defeating enemies, collecting power-ups, and avoiding danger, this game should hopefully be right up your street.

Best strategy to win: Good reflexes and smart keyboard tapping are vitally important. You must also exhibit good finger dexterity as you attempt to fire Santa's wand at the bewitched toys from close range. Remember, each level is timed, so you need to move quickly and efficiently!

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Mr Mothball is a straight-forward yet cool, fun and challenging platform-based adventure and problem-solving puzzle where you must carefully and safely guide a cute, acrobatic mothball to an ‘Exit Portal’ in 21 escape-based levels. Dodge and weave around red spiky enemies, leap from ledge-to-ledge, collect Dust Pellets, and more on this quirky adventure! Use reaction skills, keyboard control, analytical thinking skills and hand-eye coordination to guide the little guy to the exit.

Reasons to play this cool brain teaser adventure game: Test and exercise your problem-solving / solution-finding skills, motor skills, reflexes, and more as you try to figure out the best way to guide the little mothball to the exit portal while avoiding enemies.

Strategy to win: Remember the core goal – To get Mr Mothball safely to the exit. Although it might be tempting to collect all of the Dust Pellets and try spectacular jumping moves, this is no use if it puts the little mothball in danger! Perhaps first see if you can complete all 21 levels, and then go back and repeat the feat while collecting all Pellets and scoring as high as possible.

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Pharaoh's Second Life is a fun and addicting platform adventure game and physics-based puzzler where you must guide a brave young Pharaoh through a series of 25 escape-based levels. Test yourself against classic platform / arcade game challenges such as running, jumping, collecting keys, shifting blocks, leaping over lava pits, teleporting stations, and more.

Background info: After being knocked unconscious by a falling coconut, our Pharaoh hero was accidentally mummified by his people! Having woken up in his tomb, he must try to escape all 25 levels in a vast pyramid labyrinth!

Reasons to play this fun, online platform game: Exercise your fast reactions, hand-eye coordination, problem solving determination as you embark on an epic journey through treacherous, obstacle-filled levels. Enjoy the Mario-style game play as you contend with numerous tricky challenges in each level.

Strategy to win: Some levels additionally require shrewd logical thinking and strategy rather than simply running and jumping actions. For example: you might have to move blocks onto a weight system in order to gain access to a door key, and other similar tasks. You must learn from your mistakes through trial and error, and try to use the terrain of each level to your advantage.

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Play an interesting and very challenging 3D escape-based, first-person puzzle platform game: Defy the laws of gravity as you swing ‘Spiderman-style’ through a mysterious underground puzzle experiment! In Universal Gravitation, you take part in an amazing first-person adventure, and attempt some seemingly impossible gravitational movements within different rooms of a secret test chamber.

As a test subject for the secretive ‘World Happiness Organizaton’, you are fitted with an electromagnetic arm contraption that allows you to attach yourself to objects high in the air, and magically zoom yourself toward them (This action mimics flying through the air, simulating Spiderman-style movement). You must complete a series of special acrobatic and climbing tasks in order to pass the experiment, and escape the strange underground lab / test chamber that you are confined to.

Designed for older kids, teens, and grown-ups, this fun and unusual skill-based RPG game is all about keeping cool, using your interactive problem solving skills, and incrementally adding to your knowledge of the experiment arena as you progress (The further you progress, the more madcap acrobatic stunts you are invited to attempt!). Decent mouse clicking and good keyboard tapping skills are important here as you must fire your electromagnetic arm device accurately in order to complete various tasks. Are you prepared to enter the wacky and wonderful world of Universal Gravitation?

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Reclaym is an innovative, interactive teamwork and brainteaser-style platform game for older kids / teens where you must guide a bear made of clay through a series of side-scrolling, obstacle-based levels. The soft, malleable composition of your jumping bear hero character means that he can perform specialized tasks such as flipping switches or opening doors that allow him to progress. For example, he can be split into two in order to hold down extra switches, or flattened into a pancake shape in order to squeeze through tight gaps, and more.

Background info: You play the role of the former ruler of ‘Claytonia’. Having been ousted by the evil Lord Claymore, you must find the remaining pieces of yourself by progressing through the various traps and obstacle-filled levels laid out by Lord Claymore.

Skills required: In this challenging, thought-provoking Flash game, problem-solving determination and decision making skills are really important. You must use good analytical thinking and creative engineering to find the solution to each tricky mini-level. As you progress, you must learn to use the available tools (a mallet hammer and chopping knife) to your advantage.

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Play a fun, co-op teamwork-based, escape-the-level adventure game where you must guide a resourceful brother and sister to the exit portal in 9 enchanting levels. Eine und Kleine: Chapter One (also called "The One and The Small") is an interesting, interactive, platform-based action game for 1 or 2 players where you must collect items, leap from ledge to ledge, and eventually maneuver at least one hero to the unlocked Exit Portal in order to progress. Switch between the characters of this dynamic duo, and strategically alter the game environment and use tools to collect gold stars and unlock the Exit.

Skills required: This fun, strategy-based platform game and brain teaser puzzle requires smart analytical thinking skills and problem-solving determination to find shortcuts, and use the environment to your advantage. Sharp reflexes and concentration levels must be combined with smooth keyboard control and hand-eye coordination. Good teamwork between the two heroes is essential, especially in later levels when the puzzles are more complex.

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Help Indy and Anna to solve puzzles to escape a series of obstacle-filled, underground maze levels, and save their explorer father from the ancient Maya civilization! Maya Adventure is an Indiana Jones-style, teamwork-based, adventure platform game for one or two players! Here, you must guide a brave brother and sister explorer duo through 20 increasingly-challenging, labyrinth-style levels, to finally collect their Dad on their escape out of the temple. Utilize teamwork to flip switches, avoid obstacles, collect precious gems, evade enemy attack, and overcome the multiple hindrances in each level.

Skills required: This high-intensity, escape-the-level action game requires fast reaction skills, tactful keyboard control, good observation, focus, and dogged determination. Some levels have puzzle elements where you must overcome obstacles and scenarios using smart analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Trial and error is also very important as you learn from mistakes that might halt your progress. Great teamwork is essential to your chances of escaping each level – You must use the individual attributes of each character to benefit the team as a whole.

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Use good teamwork and problem-solving skills to help a pair of woodland blob-like characters to escape 20 increasingly-challenging, platform-based levels: Prince and Princess Elope is a fun teamwork-based action adventure game for one or two players where you must collect coins and carefully guide two magical woodland aliens to the wooden ‘Exit Cabin’ in each level. Chomp on various fruits to give your heroes new powers, and use these powers to eliminate baddies, climb trees, overcome obstacles, and more.

Skills required: This tricky platform adventure game requires an efficient blend of physical and mental skills. Here, you must exhibit smart reactions, swift keyboard control, good concentration and analytical thinking skills, and great determination. An eagerness to learn from your mistakes (trial and error) is really important.

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A cool online game that requires deft arrow key control and endless reserves of courage and determination as you guide a Helium filled balloon (Helio) through 16 uniquely tricky and treacherous levels to rescue his trapped balloon friends while avoiding dangers and bad guys, collecting gold stars along the way.

Reasons to play this fun, arcade adventure game: Helio Adventures really is a highly stimulating coordination skill-based game and finger dexterity exercise (with a touch of fun physics to boot) where you lead Helio on a gallant quest to rescue his imprisoned buddies. Utilizing great keyboard control, sharp concentration skills and reflexes, you must maneuver your red balloon hero up through a series of obstacle-filled terrains featuring deadly spikes, hedgehogs, pineapples, and other awkward balloon-popping hindrances! Remember, one heavy touch, and you'll hear that infamous POP sound!

Strategy to win: Smartly use gravity and the floating power of your helium balloon hero to your advantage. Be patient and cautious. There is no time limit, so no need to rush. Good hand-eye coordination is very important as you guide your brave balloon through the very tricky tasks. Strategy thinking skills are also required as often there is more than one route available to take in each level.

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Play an interesting, puzzle-based platform adventure game for older kids where you change between viewpoints in order to complete various jumping and ledge-based tasks. Vision By Proxy is a clever, brain stimulating problem-solving game where you play the role of a lost, one-eyed alien who must use the ‘vision’ of different people on Earth to find the missing part to his spaceship. Your alien hero's eye is too sensitive for the earth's atmosphere so he urgently needs to enlist the help of some humans, and substitute human vision temporarily for his own in order to navigate through each level. This really is a teamwork-style challenge where you must toggle between the different visions – and use the diverse attributes and features of each viewpoint to your advantage.

Skills required: In this tricky, atmospheric and thought-provoking platformer, your problem-solving skills are regularly tested in each level. You must use a combination of analytical and logical thinking to methodically figure out the best way to advance your alien through the level, and collect the parts needed to repair his spaceship. Fast reactions and smart keyboard control skills are also important where you have to swiftly jump from ledge to ledge, and maneuver the alien around the constantly-changing terrain.

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