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Play fun adventure-based games, platform games and interactive puzzles online for children and teens on From classic-style maze and platform games to the newest hidden object adventure games, and from easy-to-play games to the most challenging, thought-provoking games. Enjoy the adventure!

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Shadoworld Adventure

Take a trip to the lands of shadows as you accompany the tiny shadow creature through trap and monster-filled valleys in search of mystical portals in Shadoworld Adventure. Shadoworld Adventure is a platform themed game, similar in style to those old classic arcade games. Your mission, each level, is to navigate your way through platform levels in search of magical keys needed to open the portals at the end of each level. But beware, as traps and monsters will try to hinder you, so play wisely as you will only have three lives per level. Shadoworld Adventure, with its classic design and exciting 50 levels is sure to be a hit with both veteran and novice players!

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Bob The Robber 3

The suave and allusive master thief Bob is called in to join the good fight once more in Bob The Robber 3. Bob’s services are needed to help thwart the deceitful machinations of a group involved in a global and secretive conspiracy. Guide Bob as he makes his way through 10 secret underground bases, bypassing traps and lasers, knocking out guards, and creeping past real mummies! Bob The Robber 3 is an addictive puzzle-like platformer that you will not regret playing!

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Space Prison Escape

Join a brave duo of space adventurers as they attempt to free themselves from the clutches of alien slavers in Space Prison Escape. It is up to you and or with a friend to help the duo battle their way through the alien spaceship as they try to find some way of escaping. Space Prison Escape can be played by yourself or with a friend, either way, you can expect this game to provide a lot of fun!

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Fire Dragon Adventure

Nothing beats the pure enjoyment and feeling of a great game with a good friend. Fire Dragon Adventure makes that a point of their game being purely a co-op designed game. Take the roles of the brave warrior knight and his faithful little red dragon companion as you navigate together through treacherous levels in search of gold! Collect all the gold on each level to unlock the magic door and progress to the next level.

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Grimace Only Up!

Step into a world of thrilling vertical adventure with Grimace Only Up! This captivating platformer game will have you gripping the edge of your seat as you guide Grimace, our agile and charismatic hero, through a perilous world filled with floating objects, deadly traps, and dizzying heights. Your mission? To ascend ever higher, jumping, dodging, and weaving your way from one object to another, all the way to the finish line. With its intuitive controls and stunning graphics, Grimace Only Up promises an exhilarating gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Playing Grimace Only Up is not just about fun and excitement, it's also a great way to enhance your cognitive and motor skills. The game's challenging platformer environment requires quick thinking and sharp reflexes, helping to improve your problem-solving abilities and hand-eye coordination. As you navigate Grimace through the game's intricate levels, you'll also be honing your spatial awareness and strategic planning skills. Whether you're a seasoned gamer looking for a new challenge or a novice eager to develop your gaming skills, Grimace Only Up offers a rewarding and engaging experience.

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Adam And Eve Go Xmas

Adam and Eve Go Xmas is a casual and fun game where you have to run around the levels collecting gifts to take to the end of the level. Grab different objects around the levels to exchange for keys and other things that can help you continue. Make sure you don’t miss said objects as you might not be able to continue.

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FeeSoeeD is an exciting and entertaining puzzle game where you have to clear levels by using a portal gun. Collect the key to open the last door and finish the level. Make sure you avoid falling through holes, getting hit by enemies, or falling on acid. Relax and enjoy this great game.

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There is just something about that old retro pixel game aesthetic that is just so appealing, an aesthetic that Spiderblock is no exception to. Spiderblock is a pixel style 2D platformer that sees you control a little white jumping block that has spider-like powers, such as web shooting. Test your problem solving and reflex skills as you jump and swing across all 10 levels of this extremely addictive game. Spiderblock is suitable for all ages.

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Magi Dogi

Play as the powerful magi dog as you travel through realms and use your magic to defeat the forces of Evil that are invading your home in Magi Dogi. Reach each of the magic portals to move on to the next level, being sure to defend yourself against the evil monsters that stand in your way. This platform side-scroller provides you with an interesting story, setting and an appealing art style that will make one want to keep exploring the mysterious world of Magi Dogi.

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Golden Snake

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Golden Snake, an action-packed platformer game that follows the daring exploits of a charismatic treasure hunter. Explore lost islands, overcome dangerous creatures, and uncover hidden treasures as you navigate through treacherous tombs and jungles.

Take control of the veteran treasure hunter known as Golden Snake and guide him through a series of platform puzzles, jumping over gaps, climbing ladders, and using both machete and gun to defeat various monsters along the way. As you progress, you'll find more weapons, unlock new areas, and unravel the secrets of the mysterious islands.

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Down The Hill

Embark on a thrilling journey with Down The Hill, an exhilarating endless runner game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Guide your character through dynamic landscapes, dodging sharp objects and avoiding lava pools as you race downhill. With its clean, Minecraft-inspired graphics, this game offers a visually appealing and engaging gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Playing Down The Hill is not just about fun and excitement, it also helps to enhance various skills. The game requires quick reflexes and sharp decision-making abilities, helping to improve your cognitive skills. It also enhances your hand-eye coordination and motor skills as you navigate your character through the challenging terrain. The game's unpredictable nature encourages strategic thinking and adaptability, making it a great tool for cognitive development.

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Obby Parkour Ultimate

Leap into a world where agility meets adventure with Obby Parkour Ultimate. This game is a thrilling escapade that invites you to conquer 35 distinct levels, each brimming with challenges that will test your reflexes and resolve. Navigate through a 3D landscape with your cherished Obby and Mine characters, where every jump is a step towards victory and every obstacle is an opportunity to demonstrate your parkour prowess.

Embark on a journey that not only entertains but also sharpens your mind and hones your dexterity. As you traverse the intricate courses of Obby Parkour Ultimate, you'll cultivate a keen sense of timing and spatial awareness. Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test as you figure out the most efficient paths to success, while your hand-eye coordination reaches new heights with each exhilarating leap and dodge.

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Blue vs Red

Help the Blue character to pass all the obstacles and defeat the Reds in Blue vs Red! There are 15 exciting levels waiting for you, where there will be a lot of dangers. With each level, the difficulty increases, and not every player can pass all the obstacles! Don't forget to collect coins to upgrade your hero. Good luck in passing!

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Save Mushroom Garden

Save Mushroom Garden is a fun new game where you must save your garden. The mushrooms have been taken and you must retrieve them, risking your very existence to do so! Have you got the nerve, the skill and the bravery to complete this vicious task? Come and find out!

The aim of the game is to collect all the mushrooms to save your garden. The guards have moved them all and you need to collect them to save them. This will require pace, agility and a cunning plan. You must not be afraid to shoot as well as sometimes this is your only option to escape. If you get shot by the guards and die, you will have to restart.

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Spider Boy Run

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Spider Boy Run, an exhilarating game that combines the thrill of parkour with the excitement of superhero adventures. As Spider Boy, you'll leap across rooftops, dodge obstacles, and perform breathtaking acrobatic feats, all while collecting skill cards to enhance your abilities. Experience the rush of soaring through the air and executing flawless landings in this fast-paced, action-packed game.

Spider Boy Run is not just a game, it's a training ground for your mind and reflexes. As you navigate through the urban jungle, you'll be honing your motor skills, improving your hand-eye coordination, and sharpening your quick-thinking abilities. Each level presents a new challenge, requiring you to adapt and strategize on the fly. The game's increasing speed and complexity will push your cognitive abilities to the limit, making Spider Boy Run a perfect blend of entertainment and skill development.

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Kingdom of Ninja 6

Are you ready to try one of the most unforgiving arcade platform jumpers out there? If you are, then come try out Kingdom of Ninja 6, a merciless platformer that lets you control the mysterious white-clad ninja who has braved the previous 5 games. Help the ninja dodge rows of firing cannons, avoid dangerous bats and spiked wheels, and jump between walls as he attempts to reach the treasure chest within each level. Do you have to skill to beat this game?

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Thief Puzzle Online

Step into the shadowy world of a cunning stickman in Thief Puzzle Online. This captivating online game seamlessly blends the thrill of a heist with the intellectual challenge of a puzzle. As a player, you will guide a stickman thief on a daring adventure, helping him retrieve precious objects while navigating through a labyrinth of complex levels. This game promises an exhilarating journey filled with suspense, strategy, and a dash of danger.

Thief Puzzle Online is not just about fun and excitement; it's also a fantastic tool for enhancing your cognitive and motor skills. The game's intricate puzzles will challenge your problem-solving abilities, encouraging you to think creatively and strategically. As you guide the stickman thief through each level, you'll also be honing your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a novice, Thief Puzzle Online offers an engaging way to sharpen your mind while immersing yourself in a thrilling virtual adventure.

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Backflip Maniac

Leap into the world of urban acrobatics with Backflip Maniac, a thrilling online game that challenges you to master the art of the backflip from dizzying heights. As you progress, the stakes get higher, literally, with each level taking you to new elevations and demanding greater precision. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you flip through the air, aiming for that perfect landing on the red square to unlock the next exhilarating challenge.

Embark on a journey of self-improvement with every flip and twist. This game isn't just about the thrills; it's a test of timing, spatial awareness, and reaction speed. As you navigate through the increasingly complex jumps, you'll sharpen your focus and fine-tune your motor skills. The urban landscape becomes your playground, and with each successful backflip, you'll build the confidence and agility of a true parkour enthusiast.

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Adam And Eve Go

Adam and Eve Go is an eccentric animated story and highly interactive puzzle game for small kids and middle school kids where you have to guide charming little Adam on an epic journey to find Eve and give her the red flower!

The aim of this game is to reunite Adam and Eve and give Eve her red flower on each level! This enchanting RPG adventure requires a lot of patience, determination, a very alert and open mind with good analytical and creative problem-solving skills, the ability to "think outside of the box", an inquisitive nature, and a desire for discovery. Be prepared to explore each and every minute detail in order to progress through each brain-teasing challenge. Can you navigate through this beautiful and fascinating world, and find & give Eve her red flower? Let's hope so. Happy adventure!

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Ninja Climb

In Ninja Climb, ascend into the realm of ancient Japanese architecture, where the glow of lanterns lights your path, and the thrill of the climb tests your spirit. This captivating 2D adventure invites you to embody the essence of a nimble ninja, navigating through a beautifully stylized world that balances the serenity of sunset hues with the exhilaration of vertical ascent.

As you traverse this vertical labyrinth, your journey becomes more than a test of agility; it's a mental marathon. Sharpen your focus, as each leap requires precision. Enhance your problem-solving skills, identifying the most efficient paths upwards while avoiding pitfalls. The game subtly encourages the development of strategic planning and adaptability, as the environment changes with each new height achieved. Your reflexes will be honed to a razor's edge, reacting to new obstacles with the swiftness of a true ninja.

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Lost in Time

Lost in Time is a truly gorgeous and unique game that has you sneaking around, finding keys and avoiding enemies. Move, move, move as fast as you can!

The game has a style that looks unlike any other games out there. It is full of personality and character that will entice and attract players and make them want to keep playing.

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Foxy Land

Foxy Land is a classic side scrolling arcade game, in which you control a fox who needs to collect 3 diamonds per level. Along the way, pick up cherries that can be spent in the in-game shop on cool character customisations! Avoid spikes and other dangers while using levers, jumps and other special items to make it to all the diamonds.

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Mortal Brothers Survive

A once rival duo of brothers are now forced to put down their differences and work together if they want to escape the dark dungeons in Mortal Brothers Survival. Mortal Brothers Survival is a teamwork focused platformer that requires both brothers to use their unique skills to overcome the obstacles and traps that the dungeons hold. This platformer is sure to keep you playing through its 15 complex and challenging levels.

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Red Ball

Red Ball is a whimsical adventure that rolls you right into the holiday spirit! Embark on a festive journey with our cheerful spherical hero, as you bounce and navigate through a series of enchanting levels, each brimming with challenges and joy. It's a world where every hop is a step towards saving Christmas, and your skills are the gift that keeps on giving.

Embark on a journey that not only fills your heart with the warmth of the holidays but also sharpens your mind like the star atop the Christmas tree. As you guide the jovial Red Ball through its merry quest, you'll enhance your problem-solving prowess, refine your reaction time, and polish your precision. Each leap and roll will test your coordination and strategic thinking, making you a brighter, more agile thinker with every festive challenge conquered.

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Dinosaurs Game

Dinosaurs Game: ¿Alguna vez te has sentido un arqueólogo? Pues ahora puedes excavar en busca de fósiles desde la comodidad de tu computador o teléfono. Haz historia descubriendo nuevos dinosaurios e inscríbete en los libros de récords. Excava hasta la extenuación para descubrir nuevas criaturas y reinventar la industria. ¡Tú puedes! Mucha suerte.

El objetivo del juego es excavar y descubrir nuevos dinosaurios prehistóricos. Cava, cava y cava para descubrir nuevos fósiles y luego júntalos en forma de dinosaurio. Este juego requiere dedicación, ya que no siempre tendrás éxito en tu misión de excavar, ¡al igual que ocurriría en el mundo real! ¡Mantén la paciencia y tus esfuerzos se verán recompensados!

Cómo jugar: Haz clic en el lugar de excavación en el que quieras empezar. Luego, con el ratón, haz clic izquierdo repetidamente en la zona y ¡empieza a excavar! Sigue excavando hasta que descubras los fósiles y, en la página siguiente, haz clic con el botón izquierdo del ratón y arrastra los huesos hasta su posición correcta en el esqueleto. Una vez que hayas terminado y todo esté correcto, ¡esa excavación estará completa!

Este juego basado en HTML5 funciona en dispositivos móviles y navegadores de PC/Mac.

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Charm Farm

Charm Farm es un MMORPG inmersivo ubicado en el encantador Bosque Mágico, un reino que espera ansiosamente tu toque mágico! Aquí, encontrarás encantadores Shmoos, criaturas intrigantes y plantas únicas, todas requiriendo de tu cuidado y encantamiento. Desde la creación de hechizos hasta el mando de los encantadores Shmoos, el Bosque Mágico es tu patio de recreo místico.

Conviértete en un guardián de los adorables Shmoos en este entorno rico en fantasía. Tu viaje te llevará a través de una multitud de misiones, cada una sirviendo para mejorar tus habilidades mágicas y profundizar tu entendimiento de los secretos del bosque. Participa en la alquimia, crea hechizos y descubre la magia que reside en el Bosque Mágico.

Cómo jugar: El juego es principalmente un MMORPG de estilo apuntar y hacer clic. Usa tu ratón para interactuar con el mundo del juego, tomando decisiones y lanzando hechizos que moldean la magia del bosque. Charm Farm es un juego de estrategia, toma de decisiones y, lo más importante, diversión. Por favor, ten en cuenta que el juego está optimizado para navegadores de PC y puede que no funcione correctamente en algunos dispositivos móviles.

El juego ofrece la mejor experiencia cuando se juega en los navegadores Chrome, Safari o Firefox más recientes. Para quitar la barra de herramientas del lado izquierdo, haz clic en el logo de GD y se minimizará.

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Emilys Journey

Embark on a voyage of mystery and wonder in Emily's Journey, where you'll step into the shoes of a young detective on a mission to uncover the secrets of her missing aunt. Navigate through a tapestry of hidden clues and ancient puzzles that will lead you to the heart of an archaeological enigma that spans the globe.

As you delve deeper into the game's rich narrative, your intellect will be challenged and your problem-solving abilities sharpened. Emily's Journey is a labyrinth of logic and strategy, designed to enhance your deductive reasoning and attention to detail. With each enigmatic location, your observational skills will be honed, and your capacity for critical thinking will grow, as you piece together the fragments of this captivating story.

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Blue vs Red

Ayuda al personaje Azul a superar todos los obstáculos y derrotar a los Rojos en el juego ¡Blue vs Red! Te esperan 15 emocionantes niveles en los que habrá un montón de peligros. Con cada nivel aumentaras la dificultad, ¡y no todos los jugadores pueden superar todos los obstáculos! No olvides recoger monedas para mejorar a tu héroe. ¡Buena suerte al intentar pasarlo!

Cómo jugar: El control está disponible en el ordenador y en el teléfono (usa las flechas con el botón de disparo). En el ordenador, para controlar al personaje, utiliza las teclas WASD. Para disparar, mantén pulsado el botón de disparo o pulsa la barra espaciadora (Espacio).

El juego es compatible con dispositivos móviles (iOS/Android), así como también, es compatible con ordenadores portátiles y de sobremesa. Para disfrutar de la mejor experiencia, utiliza los navegadores Chrome, Safari o Firefox más recientes.

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Santa Run

Embark on a frosty sprint through a winter wonderland in Santa Run, where the joy of the holiday season meets the rush of an endless chase. As the jolly old elf himself, you'll dash through a snowy village, leaping and swerving to reclaim your stolen gold from a cunning raccoon bandit. With every stride, Santa's determination grows—join him in a race against time to ensure the magic of Christmas prevails!

Sharpen your reflexes and enhance your decision-making speed as you navigate through this merry escapade. Each swipe and click not only propels Santa forward but also trains your hand-eye coordination and cognitive agility. As you collect candy sticks and dodge festive obstacles, you'll find yourself immersed in an experience that hones your skills in a playful, holiday-themed environment.

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Kings And Queens Match

Embark on a regal journey in Kings and Queens Match, where a world of enchantment and gem-matching splendor awaits. Align dazzling jewels and majestic crowns to conquer each level, as you assist Princess Bella in her noble quest for treasure and glory amidst a kingdom brimming with magic.

Sharpen your mind and dazzle your senses as you navigate through the royal challenges of this match-3 saga. With each gem matched and puzzle solved, players refine their strategic thinking and pattern recognition skills. Quick reflexes and thoughtful planning are your scepter and orb, guiding you to triumph in a game where every move counts towards cultivating your cognitive empire.

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Gold Strike Icy Cave

Gold Strike Icy Cave invites you to don your virtual winter gear and embark on a sparkling adventure deep within a frozen labyrinth. As the frosty air bites at your cheeks, you'll chip away at glistening ice blocks, uncovering the shimmering treasures hidden within. This winter-themed puzzle game is a cool twist on the classic, combining the thrill of discovery with the satisfaction of strategy.

Sharpen your mind like the edge of an ice pick as you delve into the depths of the Icy Cave. Each level is a mental workout, enhancing your problem-solving prowess, honing your strategic thinking, and refining your ability to anticipate the cascading consequences of each swing. As you progress, the game's increasing complexity will test your agility and adaptability, ensuring that your cognitive skills are polished to a glacial sheen.

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ET Game

Help Little ET explore navigate his way back home as he jumps over platforms, moving space rocks, and shots through dozens of nasty aliens. ET Game is a mix of a good old classic 2D side-scroller game with a slight modern twist that does not detract from that old charm! ET Game has up 10 incredible levels for you to play through and is fun for all ages!

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Dotto Botto

The adventurous Dotto has found himself in a spot of trouble after his plan stopped working, forcing him to crash-land in a strange and hostile land. In Dotto Botto, you must help Dotto find his way back home by navigating through 10 treacherous levels filled with traps and monsters and a powerful final boss for him to defeat. What’s more, Dotto Botto also has two different endings for you to witness. Dotto Botto is an exciting classic platformer game that you are sure to enjoy!

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Turn The Screw

Turn The Screw invites you to dive into a whimsical world of mechanical puzzles where your dexterity and problem-solving skills will be put to the test. Embark on a journey through a labyrinth of metallic twists and turns, where every level is a new challenge waiting to be conquered with precision and wit.

Sharpen your mind and fine-tune your hand-eye coordination as you navigate through this intricate universe. The game serves as a mental gymnasium, enhancing your spatial reasoning and strategic planning abilities. As you progress, you'll find yourself mastering the art of patience and focus, skills that are invaluable both in-game and out in the real world.

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Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit is an exhilarating side-scrolling beat 'em up adventure set in the gritty, urban streets of Detroit. Join a trio of brave stick figures as they band together to thwart a gang of robbers threatening the city. With its cartoonish art style and action-packed gameplay, this game promises endless fun and excitement as you switch between characters, each equipped with unique abilities and weaponry.

Sharpen your reflexes and strategic thinking as you dive into the chaotic world of Stickman Team Detroit. This game is not just about brawling; it's a test of your cognitive and motor skills. Navigate through urban obstacles, time your attacks perfectly, and make quick decisions to outsmart your foes. The diverse abilities of each character will challenge you to think on your feet and adapt your strategy on the fly.

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