Draw your own game and play it: Free online create your own Stickman adventure game & puzzle platformer - Draw Story 2 is a cool online game for gifted kids, talented teenagers, students high school/ middle school who love art and creative drawing. Design your own game for PC, Mac, iPad.
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Draw your own Stickman adventure game - Draw Story 2

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Play a very cool online game where you have the option of drawing your own game and playing it: Draw Story 2 is a highly interactive, innovative, and creative Stickman adventure game which also features a "Level Editor" mode where you get the opportunity to create your own challenging platform environment. Set in a doodle-style copybook and pencil world, the idea is that you add your own different ‘drawing boxes’ to alter each level, and to ensure that your Stickman can perform otherwise impossible tasks in order to progress.

Fans of classic jumping platformer action should enjoy the refreshing new twist on the iconic genre in Adventure mode, but the real magic for artistic kids in Draw Story 2 takes place in Level Editor mode. This mode is a challenging online activity for talented kids who may have an interest in graphic and game design, or for any gifted young cartoon environment designers out there. Players get the chance to create their very own levels, making them as complex, wacky, or downright impossible as they like! Fill your creations with dozens of little monsters, tricky jumps, tough-to-reach ledges, awkward ravines, and other mainstays of typical platform challenges. Best of all, you can save your level creations and play them again and again – even challenge your friends to see if they can conquer your design! Ok Game Designer Extraordinaire, it’s time to bring your creative side to the fore!

How to Play: There are two distinct game modes to choose from; Adventure Mode and Level Editor Mode. Click ‘Start’ on the Main Menu screen to enter Adventure Mode, where you play the role of a classic ‘jumping Stickman’ in the original Draw Story game. Your goal in each level is to maneuver this character to a yellow ‘Finish Flag’ at the end of each side-scrolling level. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your keyboard to control your stickman; Up Arrow / W = Jump; Down Arrow / S = Duck; Left Arrow / A = Move Left; Right Arrow / D = Move Right. While these controls are essential for jumping and moving around the level, the key controls are your ‘Box Drawing’ capabilities.

There are 4 unique types of boxes that you can add to the game screen. The Brown Ground Box is a simple box that is placed on the ground, and can be used to jump to greater heights. The Red Enemy Box can be dropped on the various scurrying monsters (in order to eliminate the little critters) that try to attack your Stickman. The Green Air Box hangs in the air (once created), and can be used to jump over ravines. Finally, The Blue Water Box can only be used on water (as a little island to help jump across water). There are two different ways to choose a box; If your computer mouse has a ‘scroll wheel’, simply scroll through the 4 different boxes (you can see which box is selected in the top left corner of the game screen). Alternatively, press the 1, 2, 3 & 4 Keys on your keyboard to select the different boxes. Once a box is selected, your mouse cursor transforms into a pencil of the corresponding box color. Left Click to add that box to the landscape.

Click ‘Level Editor’ on the Main Menu screen to enter Level Editor Mode. Here, you can create your very own Draw Story environment from scratch. Along the top of the game screen, your ‘dashboard’ features ‘Add’, ‘Delete’, ‘Edit’, and ‘Move’ options. Click on the icon in the extreme top right corner of the game screen to choose the item you want to add to your level. The default item is a grassy ledge, and we recommend that you add a stretch of that to your level for an initial pathway. Click ‘Add’, and then click and drag the grassy ledge to make it as big as you like, and position it anywhere around the tiled edit screen. Once you release the click, the grassy verge is set in place (unless you want to move it by clicking the ‘Move’ button). Press the Left and Right Arrow Keys to scroll to the left and right of the edit screen.

Once you have created some grassy ledges (perhaps with a few gaps and jumps thrown in for good measure), you can add features such as enemies, additional box power-ups, and other decorations to your level to make it more interesting (you know best!). Click on the icon in the top left corner, and then click on the ‘General’ tab to access these various general items, while the other tabs (Mountains, Desert, Forest etc) offer items that are relative to the type of terrain of those levels. If you want to ‘test’ your level to see if it plays well, click on the ‘Play’ button in the top right corner of the level editor screen. Here, you can perform a test run, and make adjustments based on whether the level is too easy / hard. When you are happy with your creation, click on the ‘Done’ button in the top right corner. A long code appears. Copy this code to your clipboard (click on the ‘copy all’ button at the bottom of the game screen), and then paste and save this code to somewhere safe. Back on the Main Menu, click ‘Play Custom Level’, paste in your code, click ‘Enter’, and enjoy playing your own creation!

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