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Online Trick Shot Basketball Game - Trick Hoops Challenge

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Basketball is a supremely athletic sport where physique and technique are vitally important, but the fans always go wild for a ‘trickster’ – that one player who does seemingly impossible things with the ball! Now’s your chance to emulate those superstars! Trick Hoops Challenge is an intense and entertaining ‘street basketball’ game where you challenge a computer opponent to replicate your fancy basketball trick shots. Each time you ‘one-up’ your opponent (i.e. pull off a shot that they fail), you score a point, and vice versa. The first player to get to 3 points is the winner! To become a B-ball legend, try out awesome board shots, sky-high moon shots, wicked wall shots, and more outrageous efforts on your quest. The tougher the trick shot – the more likely you are to psyche out your opponent!

This fun and surprisingly-addicting ball sports game requires a great deal of mouse-clicking accuracy as well as a very steady hand. Just like basketball in real life, your aim has to be right on target otherwise you suffer the dreaded ‘bounce-out’! Some knowledge of angles and trajectory is important (but not essential), especially for the trickier efforts where you have to bounce the ball off of the wall or the ground. Have you got the extreme skills to mark yourself out as a street superstar? Or are your tricks lacking that ‘magic’ touch? It’s time to put on a show! Happy hoop shooting!

How to Play: You have to take on 9 increasingly-skilled computer opponents in a series of best-of-5 / first to 3-point matches. To score a point, you have to ‘challenge’ your opponent by pulling off one of 6 different trick shots. If you successfully land the shot, your opponent has to replicate that shot to avoid giving you a point. If you miss the first shot, then your opponent has the opportunity to ‘challenge’ you in the same way. The game continues like this until one player scores 3 points, and is declared the winner.

There are 6 possible trick shots that you can attempt, indicated by their icons along the top of the game screen. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, you have to click on your chosen trick shot BEFORE you attempt anything. The 6 different shots are: Normal (the ball simply has to be thrown into the basket from anywhere, no restrictions); Wall (the ball must bounce off of the left side wall beforehand, and then fall into the basket); Floor (the ball must strike the ground first and then go into the basket); Moon (the ball must go into the air, and out of sight and then fall into the basket); Board (the ball must first hit off of the back board); and Swish (the ball cannot hit off anything on its way in – not even the rim).

To execute a shot, position the ball using your mouse cursor, then click (hold) and drag away from the direction that you want to throw the ball. A Red Arrow appears, and grows larger depending on the power you want to exert in your throw. Simply release the click to throw the ball in your desired direction. Tip: In early matches, the opponents aren’t particularly skilled, so easy shots should get you the win in most cases. Good luck out there!

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