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Knights And Brides

Knights and Brides is a resource and battle-focused game, where you complete missions to earn resources and experience for your character and town. Battle enemies in duels to earn rewards and improve your battle skills. Repair buildings in your town and unlock higher technologies, and content.

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Royal Story

Experience a fairy tale, farming and city builder in Royal Story! Play as the noble and beautiful princess as you defend your kingdom, help out the little folk with growing crops and feeding animals, and invent.

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Wobble Boss

Wobble Boss: It’s a fun challenge, but an extremely tricky escape game. You must sneak past your boss and escape the office. You can use things to help you such as tablets and chairs to hide behind. As long as you stay out of their site, which is indicated by a red cone of vision, you will not be seen. Have you got the cunning skills to escape, unnoticed? Come and find out!

Escape the room without getting caught to progress. Get out of the door, and use objects to help you. Beware of lights and cameras that will also spot you! The key to this game is planning. Take time to weight up the best approach and then use handy keyboard skills to precisely move around the office in silence! Imagine this is for real, how would you best approach the task?

How to Play: Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move the character. W/Up arrow moves forward, press S/Down arrow to move backwards and then press A/D or the left or right arrow to move left and right respectively. On mobile, swipe the screen where you would like the character to move. Keep hold of the screen to continue moving, release the screen to stop! Good luck!

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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The Mergest Kingdom

Join heroic and adventurous heroes as they travel and explore the mystical Seventh Realm in The Mergest Kingdom. The Mergest Kingdom is a quest driven game similar in design to those old Facebook and mobile games, where you need to aid the stranded people of the kingdom to uncover the cause behind the mysterious fog that has covered the land. Harvest resources and collect items to complete quests and build up your island as you explore more and more of the wonders that await you.

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Battle Heroes 3

In Battle Heroes 3, you play as a mercenary sent to defend the border of the kingdom. Develop your hero and warriors with combat and magic skills to hold back the waves of enemies from three different factions: Order, Undead, and Chaos. You can craft items, study at weapon mastery schools, and even grow a pet dragon, cerberus, or luther. Explore the fantasy world, create magical items, and defend the city from attacks or attack caravans to free captured cities. Compete with other players in the arena, capture the kingdom, and upgrade defense towers to raise your faction rating. Enjoy an old school fantasy RPG experience with unlimited hero and warrior development and endless gameplay possibilities.

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Dinosaurs Game

Dinosaurs Game: Have you ever fancied yourself as an archaeologist? Well now you can go and dig for fossils all from the comfort of your laptop/phone! Go out and create history by discovering new dinosaurs and put yourself in the record books! Dig your heart out in an effort to discover new creatures and reinvent the industry! You can do this! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to dig and discover new prehistoric dinosaurs. Dig and dig and dig to discover new fossils then put them together in the shape of the dinosaur! This game requires dedication as you will not always be successful in your mission to dig, much like would be the case in the real world! Keep your patience and your efforts will be rewarded!  

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Charm Farm

Charm Farm is an immersive MMORPG set in the enchanting Magic Forest, a realm that eagerly awaits your magical touch! Here, you'll find charming Shmoos, intriguing creatures, and unique plants, all requiring your care and enchantment. From creating spells to commanding the delightful Shmoos, the Magic Forest is your mystical playground.

Become a guardian of the adorable Shmoos in this fantasy-rich environment. Your journey will take you through a multitude of quests, each serving to enhance your magic skills and deepen your understanding of the forest's secrets. Engage in alchemy, craft spells, and uncover the magic that lies within the Magic Forest.

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Police Car Simulator

Get ready to hit the streets and take down the bad guys in Police Car Simulator! If you're a fan of police car games and car driving, this simulator game with top-notch graphics is just what you've been looking for. With a focus on realism and attention to detail, you'll feel like you're actually in the game, patrolling the streets and fighting crime.

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a police officer? To protect and serve, chasing down criminals and bringing them to justice? Well, wonder no more - all the excitement and action of police work is waiting for you in this game.

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City Ambulance Simulator

City Ambulance Simulator allows you to play from the perspective of the emergency ambulance services. Car accidents sadly occur daily, and it is your mission to drive to the scene of the accidents before time runs out and the victims are lost. Play through 10 levels each with their own different accident scenarios.

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Agent Walker Vs Skibidi Toilets

Step into the shoes of a daring agent in Agent Walker Vs Skibidi Toilets. This thrilling game takes you on an exhilarating journey where you become Agent Cameraman, accompanied by your trusty Walker with four mechanical arms. Your mission? To combat the absurd yet menacing Skibidi Toilets. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, including machine guns, miniguns, and grenade launchers, every step you take is filled with dynamic action and explosive battles. Are you ready to become a real hero and take on this unique challenge?

Playing Agent Walker Vs Skibidi Toilets not only provides an exciting gaming experience but also helps to enhance a variety of skills. The game's fast-paced nature and strategic elements help to improve cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and decision-making. The need for quick reflexes and precise movements to navigate through the game enhances motor skills. Additionally, the game's unique storyline and characters can stimulate creativity and imagination, making it a fun and beneficial experience for all players.

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Hero Tales

Hero Tales: In this game, it is your role to reach the end of the track and kill everything in your path. It is a case of kill or get killed! So you better be on top of your game. Start from one end and run to the other end, and when you encounter enemies firing at you, dispose of them! These will no doubt damage your health so make sure you pick up the hearts and food along the way to help you recover. Complete each mission to gain coins which you can spend on upgrading your character! Good luck!

Reach the end of the track alive! This will test your reaction skills and requires a fast hand on the keyboard. You must switch sides lightening fast to ensure you are in a position to attack all the enemies. Are you fast enough to keep up with the ever changing dynamic situation? Lets find out.

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Horse Jumping Show 3D

Feel what it is like to jockey a 1000-lb thoroughbred in Horse Jumping Show 3D, one of the most realistic horse racing games online. If you like action and love jumping, you will love this awesome 3D racing game. Experience the thrill of show jumping with your beloved horse. Enjoy!

The aim of the game is to successfully jump over all the jumps without bashing any of the poles off. Time your jump to perfection as this is key in this game. Timing is everything. Think you have good enough timing skills to win? When approaching the jump, you must decide when the best time to jump is. Do not jump too early as you will start descending before you have cleared the barriers, but jump too late and you will ascend into the barriers! It must be perfect!

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My Dolphin Show 7

Take a trip to the aquarium and help the local trainer and her dolphins perform tricks and wow crowds in My Dolphin Show 7. Take control of the performing dolphin as you swim across the tank, jumping through rings and diving under hoops. Completing tricks as quickly and efficiently as possible will earn you more rewards and attract bigger crowds. Use the points you earn at the end of every mission to purchase to save up for and unlock cool costumes and skins. My Dolphin Show 7 provides a little of something for both younger and older players, with exciting gameplay and visuals that will make you want to keep playing!

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Pet Healer - Vet Hospital

Pet Healer - Vet Hospital: In this casual game, you take on the role of a pet doctor, helping to treat animals and become the best pet healer in town.

Collect coins as you go, using them to hire staff, purchase new equipment, unlock new medicines, and learn how to cure different diseases in your new pet clinic.

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Family Barn

Family Barn is a farming simulator game, where you take care of your family’s farm. Plant crops, flowers, feed the animals and even make products like honey and flour. Complete achievements and milestones, and earn rewards to improve your farm.

You can try out the game by registering as a guest, if you like the game and would like to keep playing and save progress then you can sign up.

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Farming Town

Farming Town is a multi-tasking, farm management simulation game where you take over the running of a high-maintenance farm using the tractor as your main tool! This game is perfect for any agricultural enthusiast or anyone who enjoys the idea of owning, managing and growing a farm one day!

Your goal is to maintain a profitable farm by making sure you carry out the jobs required of you, before the time runs out! This keyboard and mouse game will give you a real understanding behind the amount of work required to run a successful is not easy. You need to be quick, productive and able to cope under time pressure! That clock will bet ticking, so make sure you are on top of your game! Happy Farming!

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Red Monster

Red Monster is an online RPG action game based on the classic American comic book, TV series and movie character - the Incredible Hulk. In Red Monster you play the role of this Hulk, and the Hulk is angry – very angry! You must work your way through the missions and protect the city! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to follow the instructions given to you at the start of the level. This will most certainly involve eliminating some enemies! This game will test your keyboard skills as you must navigate your way around the tricky controls to be victorious here. Put the practice in and you are sure to reap the rewards! 

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Virtual Families Cook Off

Virtual Families: Cook Off is a fun restaurant simulator. You’ll need to keep guests happy by cooking them their required foods before their patience runs out. The happier they are, the better they’ll tip you, and you can use the coins to buy upgrades such as more types of food or new themes!
Some foods are difficult to keep an eye on — while it’s wise to keep burgers on the cooker to be prepared, they’ll also overcook easily! Balance all the separate time demands to keep ahead of the game and work through the levels. Unlocking enough levels earns you recommendation letters which will help you earn even more personalizable features!

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Boat Simulator

Boat Simulator 2 is an open-world simulation game that allows you to pilot the boat of your dreams and explore the high seas. The game comes with four different vehicles to use and two different landscapes to enjoy. Go make a splash!

The game has no rules and no story and that is part of what makes it so fun. It really does allow you to just drive your boat and explore the sea world waiting for you. It is exciting and inviting and also gorgeous to look at.

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The Island Survival Challenge

Embark on the ultimate test of survival as you play The Island Survival Challenge, a realistic and gruelling survival simulator. Play as a lone survivor, armed with nothing but a spear as you hunt rabbits, kill wolves, and forge weapons and tools. Make axes to chop down trees, pickaxes to mine iron, and fires to cook meat. Do your best to conquer the outdoors and prove you have what it takes to survive!

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