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The Learn4Good Games site lists free role playing games for children, teens and Big Kids. Enjoy these cool, entertaining and funny RPG adventure games to play on your own or with your family and school friends. You can also create a favorite playlist for quick access in future.

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Prison Escape

Prison Escape - Help the man break free from the prison in this fun, easy to play game. You have money to earn and time ticking against you, so get out of the prison as fast as possible! The faster you get out, the more money you will earn! Good luck and enjoy!

The aim of the game is to escape from the prison. You must make your way past prison guards to do this and avoid their torchlights. You will have three lives so make sure you dont get caught three times otherwise it is game over! This game will develop your planning skills and strategic thinking, as both of these aspects are vital for success here. You must plan your approach so you do not get caught, and then analyse the guards behaviour so you know when the gaps appear!

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Panda Manager

Ever wanted to work at a Supermarket? How about working for a panda family? In Panda Manager Family Supermarket, you can do both!

In this game, you have to help the panda family run their store. This includes cleaning the isles, there is a lot to clean up! Cleaning up the produce section and adding some new yummy fruits and veggies to the shelves! And replacing the products which sold yesterday. After that, you have to help the customer find what they’re looking for! They have a list, but they’re just not sure where to find it, so help them out as best you can! Then you have to weigh all the fruits and veggies to price them, before heading over to the cash register with your clients to let them purchase their yummy food! After all the hard work is done, you can play dress-up with momma Panda!

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Family Barn

Family Barn is a farming simulator game, where you take care of your family’s farm. Plant crops, flowers, feed the animals and even make products like honey and flour. Complete achievements and milestones, and earn rewards to improve your farm.

You can try out the game by registering as a guest, if you like the game and would like to keep playing and save progress then you can sign up.

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Fire Bridge

Fire Brigade is a fun and simple game where you work as a firefighter and have to help people by clearing the fire. Earn coins while completing levels and unlock upgrades for your hose and team size. Continue helping the town, and improve your brigade as much as possible.

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Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulation

Farmer Tractor Cargo Simulator is a fun Role-Playing-Game simulating country life on a farm. You play the role of a farmer and your mission is to help deliver the cargo on time using the tractor! This incredibly realistic game will have you choosing between speed and then finesse. Is it worth throwing your cargo about over a hill just to reach the spot in time, but potentially lose money for being late? You must decide!

The aim of the game is to deliver the cargo to the destination on time and in the same condition that you set off with! This game will test your keyboard controls as controlling a tractor is hard enough! But, coupled with rough difficult terrain and a trailer hooked to the back of you, it is very difficult to control. Have you got the control required? Also, a good sense of timekeeping is required as you must balance your speed with your time ticking down. Try not to be late to the destination.

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Hospital Doctor

Play Hospital Doctor and enjoy the hours of addicting fun that this game will offer. You are a doctor at the hospital and it is your job to fix all the patients, get them back to 100% and then send them on their way with a spring in their step! Deal with all kinds of issues such as cuts, grazes and burns! Good luck doctor!

The aim of the game is simple. You must heal the patient and then send them on their way! You will be roughly guided when you click on the tool, as to where and how it needs to be applied! This game will develop your observational skills as you must spot what the issue is. This may be a cut or an infection so you must be alert to spot the danger, and then use the tools to fix the problem!

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Fishing is a fun and colorful arcade game for kids where you have to catch all of the fish in a boat. This fresh and challenging fish game (with clever graphics) requires good hand eye coordination, expert rod handling skills and a healthy appetite for fish destruction! Have a blast!

Okay fisherman, your aim is simple. Catch as many fish as you can! This will test your angling skills as you must keep up with the rod as it exists the water. Keep up with the pace and using your skills on the mouse, direct the hook into the fish's mouths as the hook starts to come up. It sounds easy but it really isn't!

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Jumping Horse 3D

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the rider of a show jumping horse? Well, if so, Jumping Horse 3D might just be the game for you or your little ones as you compete across various tracks to see if you have what it takes. Take the reins of a beautiful show horse and prove you can clear all the hurdles and beat every obstacle thrown at you!

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Crazy Dentist

Crazy Dentist is a dentist office simulation. Use a wide variety of dental tools to get your clients’ pearly whites in tip top shape before they leave your surgery! In this game you have a huge selection of methods to choose from, from simple tooth brushing to X-rays and dental fillings. Apply as many treatments as your patients need to get them fixed up with healthy mouths ready to flash their shiny smiles! 

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Golden Snake

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Golden Snake, an action-packed platformer game that follows the daring exploits of a charismatic treasure hunter. Explore lost islands, overcome dangerous creatures, and uncover hidden treasures as you navigate through treacherous tombs and jungles.

Take control of the veteran treasure hunter known as Golden Snake and guide him through a series of platform puzzles, jumping over gaps, climbing ladders, and using both machete and gun to defeat various monsters along the way. As you progress, you'll find more weapons, unlock new areas, and unravel the secrets of the mysterious islands.

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The Angler

Let’s go on a quite peaceful fishing adventure in The Angler. Got all your fishing gear ready? then jump right into this 2D adventure and take the role of the angler, an avid pro fisher who’s set sail into the deep blue waters to see what today’s catch might be. Get your bucket of worms ready and hope for the best in this fun arcade adventure game.

The game features 20 feature rich levels with thrilling gameplay and tons of gameplay opportunities, Grab as many fish as you can while avoiding the large sea predators that will sweep the ocean floor clean of today’s catch and steal the fish right off your hook. Time your hook to bag as many as two fish in one go as you balance the number of worms at your disposal gaining as many points as you can

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Cheese Hunt

Rat and Cheese: This game for kids is a fun adventure game with cute little rodents and nice animation. Not all rodents should be hated! This is a cute little rat and its your job to look after it and make sure it gets its cheese by the end of the adventure. Climb up multiple levels, escape danger and navigate your way up the twisty corridors. Be careful of the slicer! This will hurt you! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to enable the rat to eat the cheese located at the end of the level. You must climb up and pass the obstacles to get to the cheese. This game requires good strategy, planning and of course execution. Have you got what it takes?

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Take on the responsibility left to you by your father after he disappeared searching for gold in Klondike. Set up and develop a farm to supply you with the necessary supplies you might need before setting off on your journey. The journey will be long and harsh so you prepare sufficiently for the harsh winter as well as the challenges ahead, take care of your farm and watch it flourish and once everything is laid in place you may set out to find your father and the treasure.

Explore your surroundings, interact with the people and take in the beautiful scenery as Klondike will take you to a variety of gorgeous locations each with different resources and their own stories to tell. Take part in this multi layered adventure and go henceforth into the unknown to see what treasure or misfortunes await.

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Cooking Scene

Ok Masterchef, your kitchen is calling once more! Get ready to strap on your cooking apron, and dazzle us again with your steaming culinary skills by stirring up a delicious meal! Cooking Scene is a mouth-watering interactive cooking game for young kids where you have to raid the pantry, select the ingredients, and create the dishes for the hungry customers!

The aim of this game is to run a successful kitchen and never leave a customer dissatisfied. This challenging cooking simulation game should be ideal for any budding young culinary champions out there, or anyone who simply likes to try out fun and exotic new recipes. A cool head under pressure, hand eye coordination and a strong passion for cooking are all vital traits to have here! Have you got what it takes?

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Garden Decoration

Garden Decoration - Tidy up and decorate the gardens presented to you in this fun and relaxing game. You must be the cleaning wizard to regenerate the garden back to life, as well as making changes and making additions. Let your imagination run free as you design and decorate the garden from heaven! Enjoy!

The aim of the game is to restore the garden to its former glory, and beyond, making the most intensely beautiful garden anybody has ever seen. This game will develop your imagination skills as you decide what to do with the garden project. Also you must need to be astute with the various tools so you can quickly understand what they are for, apply them and then get the job done in an efficient manner! Have fun!

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Mr. Lupato and Eldorado Treasure

Mr.Lupato and Eldorado Treasure is a fun adventure game where you are trying to find the lost treasure. Your aim is to help him, but you have to watch out for various traps set to stop you. You must navigate your way over tricky terrain, defeating gaps where water lies below, jumps and spikes. This game will give you hours of adventurous fun! Have fun!

The objective is to reach the end of the mission, avoiding the various obstacles in your way. Collect keys and gems along your way. Use your adventurous instincts to win at this game. Tackle the game head on and time your jumps correctly. Incorrect timing means you may fall short or overshoot and end up stuck or even worse, dead! Good luck!

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