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Motocross Bike Game Online - FMX Team

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FMX Team is a motorbike stunt riding team highly experienced in the art of deadly tricks and astonishing shows. There are 15 levels of freestyle motocross to pass, and it takes time and know-how to do that. Each of the 3 riders has its own stunts and experience. Depending on their bike characteristics, choose the correct rider for stunts for maximum points. Riders gain experience and learn new tricks and stunts with time.

Practice, ride and learn by performing various stunts. Do handspring, freestyle stunts, and with time, you‘ll learn new stunts. New stunts will be unlocked when you have sufficient experience. The stunts that the rider can perform are shown and are numbered. At the start, a rider can perform only 3 stunts (using the 1-3 number keys on your keyboard) but with time and experience you can unlock all 5. Points are assigned for stunt difficulty and how clean a stunt is.

How to Play: The Up Arrow on your computer keyboard is the throttle, Down Arrow is a brake. The Right and Left Arrow Keys are used to lean back and forward to keep balance or to make a handspring. Use your left hand to perform tricks by pressing your keyboard number keys 1-5 when you are in the air. Your race team comprised of Dyson, Travis and Rossi is ready, and to select a specific rider, click on his picture. If you perform too many stunts with one biker – he will become tired and you will have to select another to perform tricks.

Each level shows the tricks you can do by displaying them on the right side top corner. Tricks can be performed by pressing the corresponding number while the bike is in the air. Each race is time limited, and the clock in the top right corner shows how much time you have left. You earn extra points for being longer in the air and performing several tricks. Each level has a 'Qualification task' – a minimum number of points required in order to advance to the next level. You have to perform stunts difficult enough and as many as possible in order to meet the required minimum. By making back flips and long jumps, you are rewarded with extra points. The game saves your progress as you play which can be loaded next time you play.

Tips: Even if you cannot achieve the required number of points immediately, keep performing stunts using the 1-5 number keys. Your rider will gain experience and will be able to perform more and more complex stunts helping you achieve your goal. Use each hill and trampoline to perform a stunt. Very slightly sloping hills or short and steep ones should be used to perform back flips as they might be not suitable for other tricks. If you have enough time for the race, try not to miss any hill and stop to reverse a bit and get ready for the stunt. This game is not about going fast through everything but about performing as many quality stunts as you can.

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