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Fun City Restoration Game - Tiny City

Rating: 7.4/10 - 16 votes

Tiny Town is a resource management game where you have to create a megacity from scratch while managing food, money, and population to maintain growth. Upgrade buildings and build new ones to unlock more advanced resources to keep improving everything in your colony.

How to Play: Manage your resources! Start from zero and grow into the biggest city possible. The game will give you a quick tutorial when starting, to understand the basics of the game and how to improve. Obtain food to grow your population as you will need them to start improving buildings and such. It's important to have a good source of food to maintain all buildings, so start by upgrading your first building to get enough food for your population. Continue doing so while earning money to keep unlocking new buildings. Every time you press the start button the day ends and you will obtain all your resources like money and food.

The game can be played on PC and mobile. Use your mouse or touch your screen to buy and upgrade buildings to continue with your goal.

Once the game loads press the play button and follow the tutorial to understand the game. Continue your journey and have fun growing.

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