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Fun Building Game for Kids - Jelly Tower: Four Seasons

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Jelly Tower: Four Seasons is a challenging physics-based building game for kids & teens where you have to construct a tower of jellies high or wide enough to reach a Checkpoint at a certain height. Build a sturdy structure from the ground up using as few jellies as possible. Carefully place new jellies into the structure to bring it closer to checkpoints (white circles) that are usually suspended in the air. Each step in your construction creates a new joint (angle) made of jelly – but you’d better be careful, as the wobbly movement of the building can become a problem. The tricky part is keeping your tower upright, as the construction is bound by the law of gravity – if it is too heavy on one side, it collapses!

This funny building game requires a steady hand, patience, and practice – as there is plenty of trial and error required to keep your jelly tower upright and stable. Your strategic abilities will also be exercised, as sometimes you must plan in advance where you are going to place certain jellies. This is a good activity for kids who think they would one day like to work in areas of construction or engineering, or anyone who enjoys a challenging physics-based puzzle online. Think you’ve got the skills to be considered a Master of Jelly Architecture and Construction? It’s time to find out – the sky’s the limit!

How to Play: Each level takes place in one of the four seasons of the year – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. There are three increasingly difficult levels to complete in each season. Your goal is to slowly build up your structure to reach the circular white Checkpoints that are dotted in the sky at certain heights (In early levels there is just one Checkpoint. In later levels, there are more). At the start of each level, some of the base of the structure is already built for you. Build your structure up by adding joints to it using circular grey jellies. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click and drag down a jelly from the large circular icon at the top of the game screen. Hold down the click, and bring the jelly toward your structure. Once it is dragged close to any of the already-completed joints, slightly transparent beams and/or columns appear (A column is a vertical support structure, a beam is a horizontal or diagonal support) as a possible link between the new jelly (joint) and the nearest completed joints.

This new joint and its diagonal support beams (mainly) or vertical columns will be created and positioned when you release your click – so take your time, and maneuver the jelly until you think you have a new piece of structure that will remain stable, and then release. This is now an irreversible part of your unique construction. Keep adding joints, columns and beams until your structure is close to the Checkpoint. Once you are near enough to it, drag down a new jelly so that it positions exactly on the Checkpoint as part of the overall tower. If the structure remains stable, and the last jelly stays in the Checkpoint long enough for the Status Bar to fill all the way up (Usually this takes between 4-10 seconds), the structure is then fixed to that Checkpoint, and you have completed that step.

Keep building until all of the Checkpoints are reached. You only have a certain number of Jellies to work with. This number is indicated within the large icon that you drag the jellies down from. To restart the level at any time, click the Circular Arrow at the top of the game screen.

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