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Cool Car Racing Game - Le Mans 24 Racing

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Welcome Driving King or Queen to the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency. It’s time for the ultimate endurance driving test! Le Mans 24 Racing is an awesome flash car racing game where you have to take on 3 other computer-controlled drivers in a high-octane endurance race over 5 grueling laps. Race your rally car over 10 increasingly tricky race tracks, and try to be the first to reach the Checkered Flag in each contest. Speed is king on the demanding Le Mans circuit, so you’ll need to be red-hot to become the champion. Maneuver your car around intense hairpin corners and blast down the straights at top speed.

Controlling a powerful race-car at these break-neck speeds is tricky, so you’ll need to have a steady hand and high concentration levels. Timing is also key – you need to pick the right moment to make that overtaking move that could be the difference between 1st and 2nd. Destiny is calling little Speedster – are you up to the test? Only one way to find out! Get down to the start line and rev up your engine!

How to Play: Before you start racing, you must choose your car type, color and race track. There is only one available race track at the start of the game, but you unlock more as you progress. Toggle through the different options using your computer mouse. Once you’ve chosen your car and track – it’s time to start the race. You compete against three other cars controlled by the computer program.

To control your car, use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Reverse; Left and Right Arrows = Steer. Hit Spacebar to brake. You can see the position of you and the other cars in the Track Map in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen. You are the green dot, the opposing cars are red dots. You can also see your position and the laps you have remaining along the bottom of the game screen. You must finish in the top 2 after 5 laps to unlock the next track, and you must come 1st to earn virtual income that can be used to purchase cool car upgrades.

Keep racing hard to unlock all tracks and purchase an unbeatable driving machine. Tip: Don’t be afraid to brake when coming to sharp corners! Although it may look like you are losing ground on your rivals, you’ll lose much more if you don’t brake and crash into a wall.

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