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Online Building / Construction Games for Kids

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Play free building and construction-themed games online by yourself or with your best friends and family members. Challenge yourself against fun bridge building games, block building games, house / castle construction games, engineering skills games, physics-based problem solving activities & creative thinking puzzles. From easy-to-play games to more difficult ones for Problem Solvers. Happy building!

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Builder is a fun and challenging block building game where you have to carefully construct a large skyscraper tower using sliding blocks that will pile on top of one another! One by one, time the click to perfection so it is perfectly aligned and your tower is headed straight up to the skies! 

The aim of this game is to build the structure as high as possible! This straight-forward construction activity is based on timing, so you need to ensure that you time the clicks so that the tower is well-balanced and supported in order for it to remain sturdy and strong. Any loose bits due to inaccurate timing will be clipped off resulting in smaller and smaller pieces being added! Try and avoid this! This game should prove a hit with fans of physics and engineering-based games, or anyone who simply likes to play good-old, arcade-style games with building blocks. Happy tower building!

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Stick Freak

Play a 1-level, platform-based, judgment and survival game where you must repeatedly create the perfect length of bridge in order to move an eccentric top hat hero from platform to platform! Stick Freak is a very-challenging, interactive visual puzzle game where you must methodically create mini-bridges that ensure that your hero finishes up safely on the next platform! Your quirky main character only moves when a bridge is laid – but if your construction is too long or too short, he's in for a great big fall!

Skills required: Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, this fun ‘repeat play’ brain teaser requires your sharpest judgment and problem-solving skills. Creating the ideal bridge each time is quite tricky – especially when the distance between platforms varies from jump to jump. Trial and error is also very important as you become used to the bridge-making action.

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Drive To Wreck

Drive to Wreck is a side-scrolling game in which you control a wrecking ball machine. It’s your job to make it from one lorry to another at the end of each level, destroying buildings on your way while keeping your vehicle safe from damaging itself or tipping over!

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Stickman Bridge Constructor

How good are you at building things? You will find out playing Stickman Bridge Constructor, a game that demands you build bridges and build them accurately.

You will be running across high rise buildings and need a bridge to make it across the gaps. But it is up to you to build the bridge and build it just right. If you make it too short, you will fall. If you make it too long, you will also drop and end your turn.

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Bridge Builder Puzzle

Bridge Builder Puzzle Game is an engaging and innovative puzzle game where your goal is to connect blocks using bridges. Each block displays a number indicating the exact number of bridges it can be connected with. To draw a bridge, you simply swipe from one block to another, turning the blocks green upon successful connection. If you need to cancel a connection, a simple tap will do the trick.

This game sharpens your problem-solving and logical thinking skills. With each level presenting a unique challenge, you need to strategize the optimal way to connect all blocks using the given number of bridges.

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Make a Roller Coaster

In Make a Roller Coaster you are going to be making a roller coaster and then see how far you can fling yourself off it!

The basic premise for this little game is simply to connect the dots and built a basic slide you can ride and then shoot yourself off of. You’ll be able to speed your character up and then ‘pump’ him up to fling him across the field and onto one of the markers which will give you gold coins. You can really go nuts with the roller coaster, as long as all the points are connected! So get creative and try and built the best coaster you can.

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Spinning Block

Spinning Block is an easy-to-play tower building and thinking strategy game for kids that is very addicting and offers hours of fun for all! This is very easy to play and very satisfying too! Come and see if you are born to be building and designing towers!

The aim of this game is to build a tower as high as possible. The only trick is, the blocks will start off spinning so you must time your drop to perfection so it falls flat. This will test your patience, timing skills and your determination as you battle to create the largest tower ever seen! Wait until the perfect moment to strike to drop the block, if it is skewed theres a chance it could topple off! Enjoy!

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Castle Block Destruction

Castle Block Destruction is a fun gravity based puzzle game. In this game, you will destroy a tower by removing tetris style blocks from it — but your objective is to not be the one to topple it completely! You can select the height of the tower, with 7 different levels of difficulty. Why note hone your skills on a smaller tower, then see if you can take on the biggest ones!

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City Block

How high up can you get in the tower construction world? Build a tower of blocks as high as possible in this challenging skill game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC, City Block is a very tricky tower construction game for kids, teens & adults where you must tactfully drop boxes and other items on top of one another, and try to build the largest tower that you can before gravity topples your building to the ground. This is a straight-forward yet very tough, repeat-play challenge where your goal is to defeat your high score with each new tower building attempt.

This multi-level, HTML5-based, problem-solving / creative engineering puzzle game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Expert timing is the key to your success here. You must very carefully judge when and where to drop each block in order to keep the tower steady and upright. Trial and error is very important as it may take you a few attempts to get comfortable with the timing. Try to drop each block as close to the center as possible for the best scrore!

Controls: A mechanical arm holding a block whizzes horizontally back and forth across the game screen. Simply click your mouse or tap your mobile screen to drop the box or item on your target placement. Your level / attempt is over when one or all of your tower blocks fall beyond the drop zone.

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Cubic Tower

Cubic Tower is a superb, physics-based tower building game, and a fun and realistic structure building activity for all the family (Find out who are the "engineers of the future" in your family or class!). The goal in this brain-teaser is to build the highest and most stable tower possible. It has to be perfectly balanced in order to remain stable and survive. Build as high as you can!! Good luck!

The aim of the game is to reach the the height at the top with the cubes you stack. Your tower should reach this height after a few additions. This height increases as the game progresses therefore increasing in difficulty. This game will test your timing skills and your observation. You must time it to perfection so you have 100% record and no blocks fall off the edge. Time it to perfection if you can!

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Magnificent Tower

Peek above the clouds high up into the sky with this casual endless 2D stacker, Magnificent Stacker puts you in control of the construction of a skyscraper with the sky being the limit. Enjoy the beautiful colors and art style as you test your precision laying each floor individually.

Build each floor in this precision based game testing your reflexes and coordination, each floor not aligned perfectly reduces your potential growth substantially. The more accurate you stack the taller your tower will be, Challenge your record and reach for unforeseen heights in this addictive game.

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Stacking Challenge

Stacking Challenge is a fun and infuriating blocks stacking game puzzle that will test your hand-eye coordination speed like no other! The game initially seems super-simple but is actually terribly tricky! Some say, it’s the most addicting game since Tetris – Once you start playing, you wont be able to stop! Come and see if you have what it takes!

The aim of the game is to stack as many blocks as possible within the time limit. Try and get the highest score possible. When working with lines of 4/5 blocks, these are more difficult but also more rewarding with a higher score boost each time you manage to successfully stack one. This game tests your timing skills to the limit, and your coordination as well, since you have to be ready to strike at the right moment and just at the right time, so it drops down and lands perfectly. 

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The Household

Step into the world of farming and family life with The Household. This immersive game offers players the chance to experience the joys and challenges of managing a farm, building a home, and nurturing a family. With its captivating graphics and engaging gameplay, The Household has become a global sensation, allowing players to cultivate their own unique home gardens and farms, form friendships with neighbours, and embark on a journey of landownership and family life.

As you navigate through the game, you'll find yourself developing a range of skills. The Household is not just a game, it's a virtual training ground for strategic thinking, resource management, and problem-solving. You'll learn to balance the demands of running a farm with the needs of your family, all while fostering relationships with your virtual neighbours. The game also enhances your motor skills as you engage in various farming activities, from planting seeds to harvesting crops. It's a fun and engaging way to sharpen your cognitive abilities and motor skills, all while immersing yourself in the charming world of The Household.

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