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Play free online games for children through teens (from kindergarten age, elementary through middle & high school students). From fun and interesting learning games to highly interactive games and challenging thinking puzzles to play online with best friends and family members.

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Beavus is a truly fun, unique and artistic game that has you playing as the lovable Beavus, a beaver who is just looking for some wood to chomp on. Can you blame him?

Each level will consist of a green, lush landscape, some floating pieces of wood and the titular hero. Tap the screen to make Beavus jump up and swallow the wood and then find the exit to move onto the next screen.

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Animals Pairnig

Animals Pairing is a fun and addicting matching game for kids where you have to help the animals find their pairs by connecting them together. Test and improve your concentration, observation and memory skills as you race against the clock to match all of the identical animals on your game screen, and clear the level. 

The aim of this game is to match as many animal pairs as you can, for example a cat and a cat, or a cow and a cow! One from the top row and one from the bottom row. Since the rows move in contrasting directions, this makes it incredibly difficult and disorentating to follow and watch out for potential matches. You almost must have to have a thousand eyes in your head! This therefore requires immaculate observation skills - we're talking top level here. You will need it!

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Bubble Shooter Bunny

Bubble Shooter Bunny is a straight-forward and colorful puzzle game that asks you to match colored bubbles, pop them all, and free your cute fruit friends. Take on the role of Bunny and save your pals from their imprisonment! But be careful, Bunny, any missed shot can spell certain doom!

The game comes in two modes: endless and puzzle. In endless mode, a constantly growing wall of colored bubbles makes its way downward to you, requiring you to pop them and free up space before time runs out. In the traditional puzzle mode, you are able to take your time and strategize more and pop the bubbles in the order you want, which will unlock your trapped fruit friends and progress you to the next level. Line up your shots with care, you don't want to miss!

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Tap on same colored bricks to remove them from the screen. Bricks game may seem simple, yet it has a trick upon its sleeve. You can remove only the array of bricks with more than 1 brick. If you get 1 color brick trapped in a corner surrounded by other color bricks - you may miss a chance to win the game.

Make sure you plan your moves ahead and by removing one color bricks - you allow other smaller, different color brick to join into an array. Click or tap on bricks to remove them.

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Popcorn Box

Play this fun popcorn-making game where your goal is to fill the container full up to the line without dropping any. PopCorn Box is a simple, one-action fun game which tests your ability to judge when enough is enough. You have to be very precise with the amount of popcorn you put as you are only allowed to drop 3, otherwise, you will have to restart the level. You will also have to judge the duration of popcorn loading because if you simply just let the popcorn flow, a lot of it will go overboard.

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UFO Arkanoid Deluxe

UFO Arkanoid Deluxe takes the elements of Pong and turns it into a sci-fi adventure full of aliens and UFOs. Swipe around the universe and take down as many Martian foes as possible.

The game is easy to understand. All you must do is slide the paddle along the base of the screen and watch as the bouncing ball comes towards you. Line up your paddle so the ball will bounce against it and upward towards some of the flying UFOs. Take out as many aliens as possible.

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Astronaut in Maze

Astronaut in Maze is a rather difficult puzzle game that has you steering a rocket ship through the deep reaches of space. But even with all the technology a space ship has, navigating it through danger is harder than you think.

This game is bright and fun and most especially challenging. The challenge will make it only more addictive, though, and will want you to try again and again and again.

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Adam and Eve: Golf

Adam and Eve: Golf adds a prehistoric twist to putt-putt golf. You play as a caveman learning the ins and outs of golf and have to line up and take your shot again and again. It is a colorful and bright and fun way to golf.

The game has easy to use controls and a bright look and feel. It is fun to look at and fun to play and a breeze to learn. But it is a lot harder to master.

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Find The Odd 2

How good are you at identifying when something is out of place, are your instincts up to the task? Let’s “find” out with Find the Odd 2. An interactive puzzle game with bright vivid colors and addictive gameplay, the game has 30 levels that test how good you are at finding the odd one out in a group of 4 items.

Four items will be brought up before you, one of the items is not related to the rest and it’s up to you to identify the imposter in the group. Point out the wrong item in under 25 seconds to receive time bonuses. Use the hints to identify the wrong item.

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Spell School

Spell School is an exciting new word / spelling game for children and adults alike where you need to spell the word correctly, that relates to the image! This fun word game is perfect for anyone who wants to practice their spelling skills in a fast-paced environment or who just wants to have fun playing with all the weird and wonderful words. Have a go! See if you can become the next champion!

The aim of this game is to figure out what the image is, and then spell it correctly. This will improve your English skills as you practice your spelling. Spelling is obviously key in life and this is a fantastic, stress free and easy way to practice and improve your skills!.

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Hidden Objects Insects

You think you might be good at finding things but Hidden Objects Insects will really put your skills to the test.

This game is all about locating various cute little insects. You are given a list of images of the bugs you need to uncover at the start of each round and then your task is simple: highlight and mark off each insect once they have been located. It sounds effortless but as the clock ticks on, the intensity ratchets up.

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Fidget Spinner Mania

Fidget Spinner Mania: Come and relive this absolute classic, addictive game! Your virtual fidget spinner is waiting to be spun and spun! Have you got the ability to reach crazy speeds and gain maximum points and coins? The faster you are able to spin, the more points you get and the more money you earn. Spend these points on upgrading your fidget spinner, allowing you to spin even faster. The question is, how fast can you go?

Spin the fidget spinner as fast as possible for as long as possible. You have 5 spins to accumulate the most amount of spins! This game requires a fast hand on the mouse or on the screen to swipe! Also, your timing will be vital to creating a vicious spin, catch it too soon and you may end up slowing the spin down!

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Snake Worm

Snake Worm is a fun game for anyone looking to play a new version of the classic snake game!

All you have to do is collect items to get bigger. Sounds simple, right? Just be careful of the enemy you have that can take you out in one hit! Collect as many items as you can to grow in size and increase your score! Boost to get away from the enemy or collect items before they disappear.

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Ballzor Level Pack

Ballzor is an incredibly addictive game with tonnes of cool features to make it playable for hours. The game is based on a crazy version of ten pin bowling, where you are a cannon-like ball aiming to knock down huge statue - like ‘monsters'. Knock down all the monsters to progress to the next level.

The game has loads of cool features, like being able to put backspin on the cannon, using anti-gravity and being able to detonate bombs - amongst many more! This makes the game never feel old, as there are always new and imaginative ways to pass through levels. There is also a chance to see the exact angle you are shooting at, helping you to be more accurate each time.

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Cut the Apple

Cut the Apple: The hungry squirrel needs feeding, and its your job to help! You need to slice the apples off the spinning log the make them fall! You have a number of knives to throw up and you must make sure your aim is on oint to slice the apples! Don't hit your own knife though otherwise it will be game over!

Slice the apples off the log to feed the squirrel. This game tests your timing skills as the log is constantly spinning so you must time your throw to slice the apple! Keep practising and you will become really accurate and efficient with your throws.

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Whack a Mole

Whack a Mole: Use the plastic hammer to hit the different moles on the head. You will gain points for every mole you hit. Be careful though. Some moles have extra protection so they will need more attention! Also, some are not moles and are there to distarct you. Hitting these ones will result in negative points. This garden needs clearing so get to work! Good Luck!

Your aim is to clear the garden of moles. As soon as they pop up you must have lightening fast reactions to knock them down as they will only appear for a few seconds. A keen eye for detail and a fast mouse hand will enable you to ne successful at this game. Are you fast enough? Lets find out!

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Bug Buddies Match 3

Bug Buddies Match 3 is a fun and challenging bug-matching game that develops quick reaction skills. Swap a bug with any other adjacent bug to place 3 of the same bug types in a row. When you match 3 identical bugs, they disappear from the game screen. Matching 3 bugs diagonally does not count. Have fun matching those bugs in this addicting game! This is a classic spin off from the game three in a row! 

You must match 3 in a row all of the same bug types. This will test your observation skills as you scan for possible matches across the board, and then reaction skills and a fast hand are needed so you can match them up before the timer runs out! Can you work under pressure? This game will put that to the test!

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Golden Beetle Time

Golden Beetle Time: In this fun and challenging puzzle game, the beetle is on a mission to pick the correct time. It is your job to convert from digital to analog and select the correct time. Think you have good time skills? Can you convert? Let's find out!

This game is all about learning the time, so the mission is to be able to convert from digital time to analog, and then the beetle must go towards the correct time out of the four options. This will develop the user's time skills and reading skills, an essential part of growing up!

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Krishna Jump

Krishna Jump - Play this fun easy-to-play game by yourself, or with your family members or friends and compare your score. The stars are the limit in terms of how far you can rise yourself in this! Jump and jump, higher and higher and build your stance as you climb into the sky! Lets see if you have the skills to get into the dizzying heights! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to jump on the incoming boards to gain height. You must try to jump and land centrally on the incoming board. Otherwise, failure to do this, will make you lose balance and end up tipping over and therefore it would be game over! After a few boards have been settled, they will reset so you have a solid base to build upon again! This game will test your timing skills more than anything! Jump too early and you will possibly miss and get hit by the block, or possibly cause the block to be unbalanced! Jump too late and you will get hit by the block and it will be game over!

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Wheels On The Bus

Wheels on the Bus is a kid's game where you can sing along to animals about the bus song. Repeat the song as many times you want and click on the animals to make them wave at you.

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Pop The Bug

Pop The Bug is a casual reflex training game that is ideal for the little ones, especially as they are still getting used to their hands and developing their coordination. In Pop The Bug, the goal is to, you guessed it, pop as many bugs as you can before the timer runs out. The more bugs you pop, the harder the game will get, increasing the number of bugs and adding bubble shields around them! Pop The Bugs offers hours of endless entertainment to keep the kids busy!

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Little Jump Guy

It's time to put your acrobatic and platform jumping skills to the test in a game that is both challenging and relaxing. In Little Jump Guy, you will jump across platforms, onto lone pillars, and over spike traps and saw blades to reach the finish point. Little Jump Guy will keep you playing through all 32 levels as you lose yourself with its addictive gameplay and charming design.

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Snow Heroes

Snow Heroes is a fun easy to play game for the whole family where you try and amass as much snow as possible by collecting the little balls in the game arena. Watch yourself get bigger and bigger and battle it out against other players as to who will be the snow king by the end! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to become as large as possible with your snow creature and slowly but surely take over the entire game screen, with other users! Be the biggest snow creature in the world...what a claim to fame! You will need confidence and arrogance to win at this game, no more Mr Nice Guy! Fast fingers on the mouse with a controlled and assured approach is what you need here!

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