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Play free online games for young children through teens (from kindergarten age, elementary school to middle & high school students). From simple fun and entertaining games to highly interactive learning games, and challenging thinking puzzles to play now with best friends and family members at home online.

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Baby Hazel Photoshoot

Baby Hazel Photoshoot is a content-rich game and the perfect game to provide your kids with hours of entertainment. Play as Hazel an up-and-coming child model as she helps her uncle Adam launch his new kid's fashion magazine. Help Haze with daily tasks, getting her makeup done and even designing and picking dozens of cute outfits to wear. That's just a part of it, but why don't you go and explore the rest for yourself and let your child's imagination run wild!

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Color and Decorate Rooms

Color and Decorate Rooms is a cute interior design game for kids, teens and Big Kids, where you get to play the role of an interior designer, creating a lovely and peaceful room for the family to enjoy. This is perfect for anyone who wishes to take a break from the busy day and relax, this tranquil therapeutic game will have you decorating for hours.

Your mission is to fully decorate the room of your choice. You can choose from a wide range of rooms to decorate. This will test your creative thinking skills as you unleash your creative spirit. Make this the most intensely beautiful room you have ever laid eyes you think you are up to the challenge? Could this be the career for yo? Come and find out!

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Arkadium Bubble Shooter

Play a fun match 3 game and create touching sets of three or more bubbles to score points and prolong the action! Arkadium Bubble Shooter is a cute and enjoyable, 1-level bubble-shooter-style, matching game for young kids where you must fire colorful balls into the play area, and try to create and eliminate matching groups of three from the game screen! There are certain bubbles which once activated will either explode or pop all the bubbles in that line. Frozen bubbles change to the colour of the bubbles that are in contact with the ones you match.  You have a limited amount of bubbles so don't waste them!

Arkadium Bubble Shooter is a HTML5-based aiming & accuracy, match 3 arcade game, and should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. The game play requires a steady hand, hand-eye coordination skills, patience, strategic planning and determination.

Tip: Use the ‘swap’ option to reload a different bubble into your shooter. This option gives you more chances to create a matching bubble group with every shot. 

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Bubble Guriko

Bubble Guriko: Welcome to this fun and classic game! You are out in the water and you must stop the bubbles coming down onto the beach. The way to do this, smash them away by firing the same coloured bubble at them! This has hours of fun in it! Get the satisfaction of smashing a big chain of bubbles away! Have fun!

Clear all the bubbles from the screen before they come down and touch the bottom! You need to match the coloured bubbles together to get them to blow away, so you must have a cool head to analyse where best to fire the ball! Do not just go all guns blazing and choose the first spot you see! Think about it, take your time and you will reap the rewards from this! This game will develop your ability to analyse the situation, weigh up the options and make the right decision!

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Whack A Mole

Whack A Mole is a new twist on an age-old classic. Are you ready to beat the moles and win a high score?

This game has simple mechanics that it seems like everyone knows but feels fresh and original thanks to the modern look and feel.

How the Play: The name says it all. You need to whack every mole who pops his little head up from the ground. A simple click of the mouse will knock them back down underground and score your points for you.

You can play this game only on your PC. Sadly it isn't available on mobile devices. Use your mouse to click through the menu and also to whack a mole. When the game starts, all you need to do is press the play button to start your first round.

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Bubble Shooter Golden Football

Bubble Shooter Golden Football is a fun, sports-based 'Match 3' puzzle game; You have to race against the clock to match three sport balls. Test your observation and reaction skills by moving one ball at a time to produce 3 in a row. You need to concentrate hard and decide on which ball to move next. Good luck!

The aim of this game is to eliminate all the balls by matching 3 of the same type of balls, everytime you manage this they will vanish and points will be awarded. The different types include a football, a cricket ball and a tennis ball. To add to the pressure you will be up against the clock. This game therefore requires expert focus and attention, and the ability to remain calm under pressure which as we know is a vital skill to have in later life!

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Flags Maniac

Test your knowledge of country flags from around the world with this straight-forward, quick-fire quiz game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Flags Maniac is a fun geography-based learning game for elementary school age children through middle and high school students where you must quickly click or tap on the correct flag from a choice of four. You face 15 mini flag puzzles in a row, and must indicate your answer as quickly as you can to score highly!

Reasons to play this educational, visual puzzle game: If you like learning about the many different global flags and countries of the world, this brain teaser and reinforcement exercise provides a good opportunity to become familiar with some new flags. Test your sharp reactions, coordination, observation skills and memory as you try to select the correct flag as quickly as you can in each instance!

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Whack em All

Whack Em All is an age-old game that you already know and love but now it has a wonderful new look and feel that makes it feel original and fresh. Bash the moles on the head and score as many points as possible!

When you see the face of one of the many mischievous moles pop up, all you need to do is give your screen a light tap and you will receive the points from each hit. Keep in mind that certain moles are worth more points and, of course, the dynamite should be avoided whenever you see it. Move quickly, the moles won't keep their heads up for long.

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Turn Me On

Here is a fun puzzle game that will keep you moving and keep you seeing just much of a scientist you are. Turn Me On asks that you get a powerful orb from point A to point B, picking up bonus points along the way.

You need to guide the energy orb around a path that is full of some obstacles and dangers that will prove your task quite challenging. Plan ahead, see where you need to go and make sure you take the right steps to get there. While the game is always a bit difficult, it is also always fun. And bright. And colorful. And original too. This game has a lot of fun packed in.

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Sheep Stacking

What is Sheep Stacking? It is a weird, hilarious and truly fun stacking game that has you dropping sheep in quick succession. Create a tower of grumpy sheep before time runs out.

The look and feel of this game is truly special and one-of-a-kind, unlike any other games out there. It will have young players coming back again and again.

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Full Immersion

Despite its simplicity, Full Immersion is indeed quite an immersive little gem. The game helpfully gives you a rundown of its mechanics on its opening screen:

The aspect ratio of Full Immersion enhances the game. The music is also atmospheric, and the fact that your screen "cracks" whenever a mine hits you is an unexpected, but delightful touch. You feel as though you're really travelling through a creepy, narrow patch of ocean, searching for lost treasure. The game is a treasure in itself; if you or your kids are brave and brainy enough for this adventure, this one is a must-play.

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Safe Sailor

Safe Sailor is a crazy game where you have to save sailors before they go down with their sinking ship! Get the sailors to jump at the right time so they land in the life rafts and not the choppy waters! And beware of the evil pirate before he takes your men away!

The game is tough, and needs great timing in order to make the jumps just right. It also requires concentration to make sure you're not getting too many in a life raft, otherwise it's down to the bottom of the ocean! This is not one for the faint hearted, as it'll take a few tries to get the hang of! Try to collect coins to get cool extra benefits!

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Bubble Shooter Planets

Bubble Shooter Planets is a galactic addition to the classic bubble shooter genre! Shoot planets to combine three or more of the same color to remove them from the game. Removing all planets will win the level, although you will be playing against the clock so work quickly and accurately. Don’t let the planets reach your base line, as this will result in failure!

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Cute Girl Diamond Hunt

So you're in space, there are some diamonds floating around and you've got some spare oxygen in your tank, so what are you going to do? Use the spinning wheels to shoot yourself towards them to grab them of course!

In Cute Girl Diamond Hunt you have to shoot your character from one wheel to the next all the while picking up small diamonds on the way. You're trying to get as a high score as you possibly can, and do it as quickly as you can. Some wheels spin faster than others, so be careful, and if you miss the wheel you'll hurl yourself into the depths of space, and that will give you the game over screen.

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Bullet Jakke Adventure

Boys will be boys. A statement that rings true when it comes to the naughty shenanigans that Jakke and his brother get up to in Bullet Jakke Adventure! Jakke is a daredevil through and through, which is why he wants to see how far you can travel by getting shot out of a cannon! Join the hazardous duo, especially Jakke, as they fire cannons, crash into dinosaurs and get flung into the skies!

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Draw Tattoo

Draw Tattoo is an easy to play and addictive tattoo drawing game, perfect for tattoo enthusiasts or people who are interested and enjoy drawing cool shapes! This realistic game will have you playing for hours and will make you consider opening up your own shop! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to create and produce tattoos to go on the customer's body! This is a big commitment from the customer so the responsibility is on you! Have you got the nerve to complete the task? You will need good creative artistic skills and a very steady hand! Do not be shaking and wobbling otherwise the customer will be unhappy. The game is bright and intuitive and easy to use. It is easy to figure out and difficult to master! Ready up Chief designer! Let's go!

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Rolling Panda

Keep a free-spirited, jumping and cliff-hanging, daredevil panda in play for as long as possible by launching him from ledge to ledge up a narrow valley in this one-level skill game playable on iOS and Android mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, or desktop PC! Rolling Panda is a fun and straight-forward, aiming and accuracy-based game for kids where you must launch your panda hero back and forth up a dark cliff face so that he clings onto the safe, sticky platforms along the way! You must time each jumping action to perfection as your panda can only grip the special colored slime on certain sections of the narrow shaft. If your launch is even slightly off target, your panda is in for a big fall!

This HTML5-based, aiming and accuracy / survival game should work on iOS and Android devices (tap action) as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (via mouse click). To play the game with full screen on mobile, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Good concentration, judgment and timing skills are vitally important – You must tactfully launch your little panda when the arrow marker is pointed exactly where you want it. Judging this constantly-moving arrow is the key to ensuring the panda makes it safely to each new sticky slime-covered ledge.

Tip: Don't take too long over each launch – If the bottom of the play area catches up with your panda, it's also game over for that run! 

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Fun with Squirrels

Fun with Squirrels: This game encourages you to do exactly what it says in the name, have some fun with squirrels! These cute little animals need your help to jump over the gaps! Get the distance right with your jump whilst the clock ticks down. Collect nuts on your journey to give yourself more time! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to get as far as possible along the path by hopping over the gaps. You can either jump one step at a time or two. To get over the gaps, you must choose the method of jumping over two gaps to land on the next space! This game requires a good perception of length and distance, as you need to judge how far you need to jump to avoid falling down the holes! Good luck!

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Easy Kids Coloring

Easy Kids Coloring is an incredibly simple, easy to play and addicting coloring game for young kids. Choose from multiple drawings and then let your creativity run free as you fill them with colour! Happy coloring & designing!

The aim of the game is to create a work of art! Use your creative skills to create a Picasso styled piece of art, and then show it off to your friends and family! Let your imagination run wild and create a striking piece to look at, and something you can be proud of!

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Jelly Shift

Keep your sliding jelly hero sliding through bridges in this crazy, non-stop, survival-based skill game! Playable on Android devices with touch/tap/drag, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, Jelly Shift is a fast-paced, endless action / obstacle avoidance game where you must constantly change the shape of your grounded jelly hero in order to avoid a non-stop avalanche of randomly appearing bridges and obstacles. Collect Stars to increase your score, and keep trying to surpass your top score with each new attempt!

Use slider in the middle of the game to change the shape of the Jelly from flat to tall. You must slide your finger up and down to change the shape of the object and match it to the shape of the bridge.

This online, HTML5-based, endless action-style skill game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include sharp reactions and anticipation skills, good hand-eye coordination and timing skills as you must carefully and tactfully judge when to mouse click or tap your finger in order change the shape of your jelly character. Your decision making skills are called into play as you decide whether to collect stars as much as possible, or focus on obstacle avoidance. Enjoy the hectic, danger dodging action!

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Bakery Fun

Bakery Fun is a fun and addicting game that tests your creativity and cooking skills. Collect all the ingredients you need for a lovely, delicious, irresistable home baked meal. You have a selection of ingredients to choose from. The question is...what are you going to make?

Pick and choose your ingredients and create a lovely dish. Once chosen, choose the temperature for the oven and away you go! If your chosen ingredients are correct, you have a lovely dish. If they are not correct however, back to cooking school for you! This game will test your knowledge of basic ingredients and give you a real taste of what life in the kitchen would be like. Get creative and create a real masterpiece!

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UFO Hoop Master 3D

UFO Hoop Master 3D: Ever dreamed of seeing a UFO? Well now you can fly one! This comes with the added excitement of flying the UFO through the hoops using rockets attached to either side of your UFO. Have you got the precision required, along with the technical ability and patience? Come and find out in UFO Hoop Master 3D!

Fly your UFO through the hoops for points, which you can collect and upgrade your UFO. This game is very challenging as you have to carefully use your jets to control height, direction and speed, all whilst aiming for a hoop to pass through! You must have effective keyboard skills to control the UFO to a high standard.

Use the arrows on the keyboard to control the jet. Left arrow blasts on the left side, and Right arrow blasts on the right side! Be careful as hitting the bottom will result in game over, and you must go through hoops to regenerate fuel! On mobile devices, press the left/right side of the screen to blast left/right respectively! Good luck!

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Dogi Bubble Shooter

Dogi Bubble Shooter is a bubble shooting game for teens where you have to wipe out as many bubbles as possible. It’s a super-slick adventure with endless hours of harmless fun! Come and have a go!

The aim of the game is to eliminate all the balls that are above the cannon! You do this by shooting at them with your cannon. If three of more of the same coloured balls touch, then they will all disappear! This frees up space again and this process repeats until you simply run out of room to fire from. This will test your problem solving skills as you must not waste any shots, since the colors of the ball being fired out change regularly. Keep on your guard as you take on this challenge! 

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