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Circus Fun

Circus Fun: You must help the tiger achieve the stardom is so desperately wants! The tiger is destined to jump into the stars soon, but first you must help it jump through rings of fire, and over little firepits! Can you handle the heat of this enthralling, addictive but simple game? Come and find out!

Carry on as long as you can, avoiding the firepits on the ground and jumping through the rings of fire! Collect points along the way! This game will test your reaction times, and your judgement too! You must time your jump so you dont jump too short or too late, either way you will hit the fire and die! Have you got what it takes to be a circus performer?

Press the spacebar to jump, or use the left click on the mouse! On mobile devices, touch the screen to jump!

This HMTL5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and Pc/Mac browsers.

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Kids Drum Drum Piano

Calling piano & drum players enthusiasts! Here's a unique opportunity to show off your virtuoso musical talents and multitasking skills all-in-one! Kids Drum Drum Piano is a toe-tapping, fun, interactive music game where you try to create some music using the piano and the drums! Let's see what you can come up with!

The aim of this game is to give you an introduction on how to make music with the drums and the piano! Practice with this until you are ready to try the real thing! This fun online music simulation game should hopefully help to increase your appreciation of these wonderful musical instruments, and assist you in learning different notes and playing styles. It could also be used to exercise dexterity, hand eye co-ordination and timing, as you need fast fingers and even faster reactions to create a good, flowing piece of music! Show off your immense talent to your envious friends and family. Ok Musical Maestro, let the concert begin! Happy playing.

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Tangle Master 3D

Tangle Master 3D is an online 3D puzzle game with several interlocked pipes, and you have to release one pipe from the other in 3D view by thinking about it from different angles. Work step by step to untangle the cables until all of them are aligned straight down! This will challenge you in lots of ways so lets see if you possess the skills to be successful! Good luck!

The aim of this game is to untangle all the pipes. Once you have done so you will have completed the mission and will progress onto the next! Solve the puzzles by moving the pipes around.Try to fully visualize the problem and to understand the inside structure of each puzzle you face.  Always look for those pipes which hold the rest of the puzzle together and move them. This will develop your problem solving skills, logical thinking and patience as you work methodically to be victorious.

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Animal Daycare

Play a fun animal care simulation game for pet and animal enthusiasts, pet care workers or veterinarians of the future who are up for a day of scrubbing turtles, pampering puppies, combing cats, and more! Animal Daycare is the game that will introduce you to the world of looking after the animals we share this planet with! It could be pulling rotten teeth from your dog to cleaning your cat to catching fleas. Ensure these animals love their trip to your care centre with your careful touch.

Regardless of the problems your animals are dealing with, it is your job to fix them! Pluck teeth, comb fleas or just a general clean, follow the instructions on screen and get the animals back to their brilliant best! This stimulating RPG game for girls and boys alike challenges your strategic planning and decision making attributes, and requires adequate mouse-clicking and keyboard skills. As well as quickly executing cleaning and feeding tasks, you must also be mindful of your time-keeping, business strategy, and the overall reputation of your salon.

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If you enjoy simple games with a, quite literally, twist - you should try out Tornado. The game is based around a spinning tornado which is being controlled by the player. It gives you the ability to have fun destroying the whole city while reaching for the highest score possible!

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Baby Elsa Puppy Surgery

Little Elsa needs your help; her little puppy hurt itself outside and needs some vet care. Take on the role of the vet in Baby Elsa Puppy Surgery as you treat the poor little dog’s cuts and bruises. Baby Elsa Puppy Surgery is a great game for little kids, especially dog lovers and those who are interested in helping animals. Your child will also be able to change Elsa’s clothes in between helping the animals.

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Build Your Robot

Build your Robot is a fun game where you have to build the robot that you are shown with the parts available. Build the robot and take a screenshot of it to save it on your device. Have fun building another type of robot if you want.

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The Fishercat

The Fisher Cat online might not be an Arthurian kitty of Legend, but it sure knows how to use a spear.

As a simple ‘point-and-shoot' game, this little number takes fishing to a whole new level, in that, you don't use bait, you just aim, spear, and eat! Playing as a cat trying to get some fish (a lot of fish) the cartoony style and smooth animations make for a pleasing and fun experience! And it's very simple; you aim your harpoon into a school of fish and try and pierce as many as you can. As the game progresses you also pick up nets and bombs, which can be used in-game to either grab a bunch of fish or kill the jellyfish.

And you're going to wanna kill the Jellyfish. When you harpoon them, they electrocute you and push you that little closer to a game over screen.

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Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search is a fun educational game where you must find the words within the table, which is full of jumbled up letters. There are three challenging levels to choose from so try and complete them all! The words you need to find are given to you on the left hand side of the screen and it is your job to fish through the table of letters to find them!

This game requires excellent observational skills. You must really scan hard to see if there are any of your words within the table. One tip is look for the first letter of your word, and then once found look at the surrounding letters of that letter within the table. Do not forget you can have a word going up, down or diagonal! Good luck!

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Wave Drifting 3D

Drifting is a colorful and fast-paced racing game that takes you on a wet and wild ride against other playful animals. It moves quickly so be prepared to ride and ride fast. Buckle up!

This game is a blast. It is quick and easy to understand and the controls are responsive. But it is all challenging and you will definitely feel the pressure to succeed after every failure.

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Cat Hair Salon Wash, cut, curl and color virtual cats' hair and fur. Design the most beautiful outfits and add stylish accessories for the purrfect look. Join the kittens sing, eat the cake at the kitty birthday party. Cat Hair Salon is a fun animal care simulation game for young kids.

Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this easy-to-play online pet care game requires accurate mouse clicking skills / finger tapping and swiping expertise depending on which device you are playing on.

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Jungle Dash Mania

Run, run as fast as you can in Jungle Dash Mania. This endless runner game has you in the thick of the woods trying to outrace a hungry bear. The stakes couldn't be higher.

This is a perfect game to pick up and put down whenever you have a few minutes. It needs no explanation and is fun for gamers of any age.

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Butterfly Kyodai

Butterfly Kyodai is a fun puzzle game where you have to use your eagle eye to spot the matching butterfly wings.

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Skater Girl

Skater Girl is a radical and gorgeous skating game that puts you on the board and will send you flying down the road. But be careful because there are many dangers in your way looking to knock you down.

This endless runner has all the fun features that make the genre so popular. But playing as a hip skater makes it feel cool and new in exciting ways.

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Stickman Bridge Constructor

How good are you at building things? You will find out playing Stickman Bridge Constructor, a game that demands you build bridges and build them accurately.

You will be running across high rise buildings and need a bridge to make it across the gaps. But it is up to you to build the bridge and build it just right. If you make it too short, you will fall. If you make it too long, you will also drop and end your turn.

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Cannon Sufer

Cannon Surfer is a classic mix between a shooting and running game. As you run towards the end of the level, you’ll need to blast all obstacles from your path to keep your lives intact. Free up cars that carry diamonds by shooting red blocks at the side of the path. Collect coins to upgrade your weapons, and diamonds to upgrade your character, with superhero skins and a variety of cool dances to unlock!

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Color Switch: Challenges Edition

Play a tricky, reflex and timing-based tapping game that keeps alive the addicting phenomenon of Color Switch! Playable on most PC browsers and Android mobile phone or tablet devices, Color Switch: Challenges Edition is a multi-level skill game for kids, teens, adults & seniors where you must keep an ascending ball under control by guiding it carefully through rotating, color-coded obstacles. Your gravity-affected, color-changing ball can only pass through an obstacle when it matches the color of that obstacle's panel gateway – so the timing your movements is the key to your success here! In this version of the game, you must complete 32 increasingly-difficult ‘challenges’ (levels) that become more and more intense as you progress!

Reasons to play: If you are a fan of the original, highly-popular ‘Color Switch’ game, or if you enjoy fast-paced visual challenges, this highly-stimulating, interactive reflex and ball control game could well become your new ‘go-to’ online game! Test and exercise your alertness, concentration, sharp reactions, hand-eye coordination skills, tactful mouse clicking or finger tapping, patience and stamina. One tiny misstep (move too soon or late) can result in your ball getting blasted to smithereens, so you need to be ‘in focus’ at all times!

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Bubble Shooter Pro

Bubble Shooter Pro is an awesome color matching game, in which you shoot bubbles to make lines of three and remove the bubbles from the game. Remove all the bubbles without running out of shots to complete the level! Activate fun power ups such as a bomb, firework, or aiming lines, and join groups of players online to make bubble busting a global experience!

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Flip Bottle

Flip Bottle is an interactive game for young kids, teens, adults and seniors that requires quick-reaction skills and super-fast mouse-clicking action. This game can turn into an eye-spinner if you are not up to speed, and provides non-stop brain tingling excitement and frustration! Anyone can play it.

The aim of this game is to flip the bottle as successfully as possible. You must reach the end finishing table with the bottle, flipping it between the individual tables. This game takes extremely good judgement, nerves and bottle - literally. Have you got what it takes? Can you flip your way to victory in this game?

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Fun with Squirrels

Fun with Squirrels: This game encourages you to do exactly what it says in the name, have some fun with squirrels! These cute little animals need your help to jump over the gaps! Get the distance right with your jump whilst the clock ticks down. Collect nuts on your journey to give yourself more time! Have fun!

The aim of this game is to get as far as possible along the path by hopping over the gaps. You can either jump one step at a time or two. To get over the gaps, you must choose the method of jumping over two gaps to land on the next space! This game requires a good perception of length and distance, as you need to judge how far you need to jump to avoid falling down the holes! Good luck!

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