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Bloxorz Roll the Block

Bloxorz Roll the Block: This is a quality strategy / puzzle game which provides hours of fun. The levels get progressively more difficult so it is your challenge to stay persistent and out-smart the problem you are presented with! Good luck!

Your aim is to get the block to fall onto the red square and to stay on the board while moving the block toward the red square. You must move the block on to the red marked square to progress. This game will challenge your problem solving skills and your critical thinking skills. You need to analyse the situation you are presented with and figure out the best way to approach the task. Have you got what it takes?

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Africa Maze

Africa Maze is a highly innovative and addicting platform puzzle game for older kids and teens where you have to guide a little character around the huge continent of Africa. In your tour of each country, complete a cool maze going around that country's landmarks! Enjoy and good luck!

The aim of the game is to complete each maze as you move through each country, eventually completing a full tour of all Africa has to give! This clever and original maze game requires an inquisitive mind, good analytical thinking skills, and a love of problem-solving as you try to plot a pathway for your character through the different maze panels. This cool game should prove a good fit for those who enjoy maze-based platform puzzles with a twist, or anyone interested in trying new ground-breaking, interactive brain teasers. Be prepared for a real test of your spatial awareness, vision and determination.

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Maze Monster

Maze Monster is a straightforward and fun maze game that has you traveling all over the place as a colorful and cute little monster who just wants to eat some treats. Move him through the maze and let him eat all the candy he wants. Yummy!

This game is a simple and cute idea that is created wonderfully with brilliant controls and colors.

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Perfect Turn

Perfect turn is a fun unique puzzle game where you control a sponge through a series of challenging yet exciting levels that will have you both frustrated and pleasantly amused by how simple yet complex it is at the same time. Perfect turn offers a simplistic style of gameplay that guarantees hours of fun without sacrificing a ton of time learning how to play it

The game places you as a bright colorful sponge in a dull colorless space of varying shape with the goal being to cover each and every inch of the space with color, sounds easy enough until you have that one box that you just can’t reach, which will happen a lot.

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Double Cubes

Test your reflexes in Double Cubes, a difficult online game that works to exercise and improve reaction time skills. This is a really challenging, reactions-based skill game where you must guide a fast-moving cube through a series of confined mazes by using Left/Right arrow and A & D keys to rotate the tunnel to change the the bottom (so your cube falls down to that bottom and avoids the upcoming obstacle).

Playable on Android mobile devices (with USB or Bluetooth keyboard connected), notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must tactfully maneuver your cube on a single lap of the maze-like course in each level, while ensuring that your cube does not make contact with any outer walls or obstacles! Try to complete all tricky levels - losing as few cubes as possible along the way! The game can be played by both 1 PLAYER or 2 PLAYER .

This HTML5, reflex-based maze game should work on Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include strong focus, concentration, alert anticipation skills, sharp hand-eye coordination, lightning-fast reactions, very good timing, great determination, persistence, and calmness under pressure. A willingness for trial and error comes into play, especially in later levels when the mazes are more complex and filled with multiple hindrances! 

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Lost in the Maze

Lost in the Maze is an exciting game where you find yourself trapped in procedurally generated mazes, filled with twists and turns. Your mission is to explore each maze before time runs out while avoiding the wandering enemies that lurk within.

As you navigate through the intricate corridors, you will sharpen your problem-solving skills, enhance your spatial awareness, and develop quick thinking abilities.

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Sokoban 3D Chapter 3

Sokoban 3D is a fun puzzle maze game based on the classic smash hit game Sokoban. The game stays true to the original in every way with the main difference being in its visuals. Sokoban 3D is a gorgeous game with beautiful physics and animations. Sliding blocks around is made even more fun and enjoyable as you watch them wobble and shake with every movement.

Sokoban 3D's main goal is to get the blocks on screen onto the blue zones designated for them. You are in control of a bright orange block and your goal is to identify sequences that will lead to the blocks landing on the blue zone. The games difficulty can range from simple to excruciating quite easily as some levels require a bit of critical thinking and strategy to get past them

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Connect Dots

Connect Dots is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you have to collect the dots in every level. While it sounds easy, you are not able to retrace lines, so you have to find the best solution to complete each of the levels.

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Balls Out 3D

Balls Out 3D is a puzzle game that will have you rotating your way to success. Guide a series of balls to the finish line of the course but don't get dizzy from all the twisting and turning you will do.

This is a game that you are familiar with since it is similar to many puzzles you enjoyed as a child. Jumping into it again is an exciting return to a nostalgic classic.

The game is easy to control. All you need to do is turn the puzzle to rotate the balls and get them moving. Try to keep them all together and don't rotate the puzzle too much or else you will get off course. Remember that the puzzle gets a bit complicated, there are many sharp curves and turns ahead and it is easy to get overwhelmed or confused. Take your time and don't rush yourself.

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Meet The Lady Bomb

Time is of the essence in Meet the Lady Bomb. The game's objective is in the title, you simply have to have your male bomb meet his lovely lady bomb companion. But you have to move quickly or else time will run out and...boom.

The game lays it all out for you when each level begins. You can see where you are going to meet the Lady Bomb and you know exactly where you have to go. So you better get moving. Use the controls to navigate your bomb, bringing him forward and back and left to right. But make sure you keep your eyes on the timer because the time starts going down and it moves quickly.

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Taxi PickUp

Think you can be the most efficient and organized taxi driver in the world? Then Taxi Pickup is the game for you. Create a route for the taxi where you can pick up all passengers and take them to their destinations without overlapping other taxis, customers or routes.

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Lost in Time

Lost in Time is a truly gorgeous and unique game that has you sneaking around, finding keys and avoiding enemies. Move, move, move as fast as you can!

The game has a style that looks unlike any other games out there. It is full of personality and character that will entice and attract players and make them want to keep playing.

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Fuzzy Maze

A game like Fuzzy Maze seems so simple at first, like something you will be able to master in seconds. However, it is a lot trickier than it seems.

You are given a series of puzzles and a piece to move around them. There are prize tokens that you need to slide over with your piece to pass each level. Things get complicated when you pass through a green block, though. Once you pass through those translucent blocks, they become solid so you can not pass through them more than once. This wrinkle changes the difficulty in a major way.

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Sokogem is a brilliantly designed pixel art and puzzle game that is sure to get scratching your head. In Sokogem, you must help a little blob-like creature to make its way through a series of puzzle prisons. To do this you need to help it place all of the scattered gems into the chests in order to unlock the gates. Sokogem is a puzzle game that is suitable for all ages, offering simpler levels for the less experienced, and incredibly complex levels for the true puzzle masters.

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Element Puzzle: Experience hours of fun with this combination of logic and strategy game! You must escape out of the maze by reaching the Exit sign. Travel across water, under water, over burning bridges and through teleportals to reach your destination! The less moves you make to escape, the better your score so be cunning with your decisions! You will also have to contend with elements that if you come into contact with them, it will be game over!

Escape the maze through the exit sign. You can move only one direction at a time so be wise! This will test your strategy and decision making skills. Choose the best and most effective path to get out! Good luck, use the power ups to help you along your way.

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Play as a courageous explorer as you navigate through puzzle style dungeon levels in search of valuable coins in Platfoban. Switch between your physical and ghost form to solve puzzles, create walkways and avoid being eaten by treasure chests with teeth!

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Toy Horror Store

Welcome to the Play Time Horror Toy Store! You will face various challenges here, including survival, finding objects and people, defeating enemies, and escaping through the exit. There are three difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard) and three different maps to choose from. Good Luck!

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Maze of Infection

Get ready to fight for your survival in Maze of Infection! You are the last survivor in a secret lab where mysterious experiments were conducted on innocent people. Now, you must fight your way out by running through and eliminating dozens of zombies!

In this top-down shooter game, you will face 12 floors of creepy monsters that want nothing more than to feast on your flesh. You will need to defend yourself with any weapon you can find, and run towards the exit as fast as you can.

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