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Tricky Online Puzzle Game - 3D Maze

Rating: 4/10 - 500 votes

3D Maze is a really tricky online maze game where your goal is to guide a blue dot along an intricate maze to unite with a red dot in as fast a time as possible. This challenging game is definitely not your average brain teaser. As well as maneuvering your Blue Dot, you also have to flip and rotate the maze to suit the Dot’s movements. Unlike classic maze games, the Blue Dot in 3D Maze is attached to a set path and you cannot change direction easily.

There is a lot of potential trial and error required, so you’ll need to be patient. Your decision-making under pressure will also be tested, as one wrong move could lead to a lot of lost time. Can you find the solution to this perplexing 3D labyrinth? Only one way to find out, Puzzle Master!

How to Play: The trickiest part of this game is figuring out the controls of the Blue Dot and the maze. At the start of the game, your Blue Dot is situated on a fixed path in a complex 3D maze. Your goal is to unite it with the Red Dot located at the other end of the maze. Maneuvering the Blue Dot is difficult; First, you have to position the maze in the correct direction. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to flip and rotate the maze around. The Blue Dot can only move in the direction that the maze is pointed. If you are looking at the Dot side-on, and there is no path ahead of it – it cannot move. However, if you are positioned behind the Dot, with the path in front of it – then you can move forward.

Hit and hold your Spacebar to move it toward the next angle of the maze. Once the Dot cannot move any further, keep rotating the maze until you are in position to move the Dot again. Keep rotating and shifting the Dot along the angles until it unites with the Red Dot. To get a better look at the various angles of the maze, hold down Shift and use the Arrow Keys. You are shown your time at the end of the game. Keep playing to try and beat your score – the maze is different every time. Good luck!

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