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Play fun free board games for children, teens & Big Kids on your computer on - From easy-to-play games to more challenging ones - with classic board games such as Chess, Mahjong, Chinese Checkers, to ball board games, creative strategy games & thinking puzzles.

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Mahjong Quest

In Mahjong Quest, play the timeless Chinese tile game. In this game, you need to match tiles to remove them from play. Removing all the tiles completes the level! While the basic rules are simple, the game itself is not. Tiles can only be matched when they have a minimum of one free side. Season tiles will match even when they have different pictures. Certain tiles are trapped or reversed, complicating things further!
Playing through levels quickly will unlock medals and awards, as well as more playable levels. See if you can complete your entire Mahjong Quest!

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Intergalactic Battleships

Intergalactic Battleship takes a game you know and love and adds a new, fun sci-fi element to it. This isn't your grandfather's Battleship.

The game follows the traditional rules of Battleship but looks colorful and space-aged and fun. That alone is enough reason to play again and again. You don't need to learn the rules and it doesn't require a steep learning curve. It makes an old game even more fun.

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Mine Sweeper

Mine Sweeper:  The object of this game is to find the locations of all of the mines without stepping on any one of them! This is an all time classic no available to play again! The pressure will be on as you tremble along using the numbers in the squares to guide you! Can you handle the heat and the tension?

Clear the board containing hidden mines without stepping on any of them! This will test your patience skills as you must not rush into anything here. This is a game definitely all about planning and having a clear approach. Your puzzle solving skills will be developed too, using the numbers in the square as a guide you must rack your brain and figure out the safest way to proceed.

How to Play: You can change the difficulty level to suit your level of skill. If a square containing a mine is revealed it is game over. If the square revealed does not have a mine under it, it will instead show a number which relates to how many adjacent squares contain bombs. Use this as a guide to help you navigate. Use the left click on the mouse to unveil a square, and on mobile tap the screen to unveil the chosen square.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Checkers Legend

Remove all your opponent's pieces from the board before he/she captures all of yours! Become a bona-fide checkers champion as you play against tricky computer opponents and real-life rivals in this straight-forward, online checkers simulation game for 1 or 2 players! Checkers Legend is a virtual, strategy-based board game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Play against beginner to advanced level computer challengers, or match up against a best friend, brother, sister or family member in a high-pressure 2-player clash!

Skills required: The classic strategy board game of checkers, also known as draughts in the UK and around the world, exercises your alertness, focus, strategy skills, patience, determination, mental stamina, and more.

Hone your skills as a piece-jumping superstar, plot your way across the board using cunning tactics, and perfect your own baiting skills in order to force your opponent into a mistake! Unleash your competitive side as you pit your wits against friends and family members, or slowly build your skillset by taking on increasingly—difficult computer opponents. Keep practicing, and ‘King me’ could be your new most-used phrase!

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Sunset Sudoku

Sunset Sudoku - Sudoku, meaning single number, was invented by an American puzzle maker in 1979, and is often referred to in the US as the "Number Place" number placement puzzle. The rules of Sudoku are very simple: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. There is nothing more to it! Use the Hint button if you get really stuck. click "Use Hint" to fill in a correct digit. This game has potential to give hours of fun intense brain work whilst serving as great maths lessons for beginners!

This game has three difficulty levels, so challenge yourself if you are feeling brave! The idea is to fill the numbers in the grids, only by following the rules. The number will turn green/red depending if it is correct or incorrect! This will challenge your patience and your maths skills! Remember, all rows, columns and 3x3 grids must have 1-9 in them with no repeats! Dont get caught out and always keep your eye on the ball!

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Ludo Online

The critically acclaimed and internationally appreciated Board game has finally been reconstructed for online oriented players in the form of Ludo Online. Relive the moments in this near perfect replication of the original. Play against a CPU for practice then take on real life players from all over the world in this interactive highly addictive board game.

The general principles of the game remain fully intact, the board is a square with a distinct pattern on it that resembles a cross, each side of the cross being divided into 3 columns of eight squares. The center of the three columns represent the home column for a color and thus no other color is allowed on it. There are 4 colors to choose from mainly Green, yellow, red and blue. Movement is coordinated using one die.

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Boat Battles

Sink your opponent's battleships in this fun, logic-based guessing game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Boat Battles is a straight-forward, 1 or 2 player, turn-based strategy game where your goal is to focus hard to become the first player to sink all 5 of your opponent's ships. This is a 1 on 1 challenge where both players secretly position their 5 ships onto the grid – and then you take turns to blindly launch missiles (guesses) in order to ‘sink’ the other player's hidden battleships. Each player has 5 missiles on each turn, use these wisely. You can play this fun game with a friend on the same device, at the start you are prompted with two options; you can choose to play a bot or play someone else.

This HTML5-based, battleship puzzle game should work on Android and iOS devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Focus, strategy and logical thinking skills are vitally important for success in Battle Ship. At the beginning of your missile firing, you must decide whether to spread out your fire, or concentrate on a specific area of the grid. If you score a ‘hit’, you must then try to determine in which direction the enemy ship is positioned in order to maximize the destruction! Let's discover if you are a "hidden" military genius. 

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Ultimate Chess

Put your brain to the “ultimate” taste with Ultimate Chess. Play in your preferred style as both 2D and 3D options are available. Ultimate chess stays true to the core principles of a real chess game and can be picked up and played anywhere in the comfort of your home or even at a bus stop, the full chess experience all in the palm of your hand.

The goal of chess is to use critical thinking and strategy to outwit your opponent into making mistakes opening their King up for a check or checkmate letting you win the game. The game consists of 32 pieces with each player having control of only 16 of either white or black color. Ultimate chess lets you customize your board in fun wacky ways allowing for fun memorable experiences.

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Master Checkers

Checkers can be challenging and it requires more thought than most people assume. That is what you will learn when playing Master Checkers, a game that will force you to prove if you really have what it takes to be a Checkers pro.

The game of Checkers has always been straightforward and so is this game. The board is easy to read and the match starts quickly. After that, it is up to you to defeat your computer or real-life opponent and end up on top.

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Straight 4

Straight 4 is an online version of the timeless classic game we all know and love. Compete against your opponent to create a line, horizontal or vertical, of 4 pieces in a matching color. This game is a simple but fun way to play against your friends and family, to test your analytical reasoning with no added complications.

You can take on the AI and other players online in single player mode, or instead enlist a friend to play against and prove yourself as the best player.

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Monkey and Banana

Monkey and Banana is a fun, addictive and very simple game. It is so easy to play but can result in hours of fun! You take the role of the monkey and you can either play against the computer or play against your friend on the same screen. Take turns to role the dice to move along the path and the first one to reach the bananas at the end wins! You must finish on the exact number of steps that you need to win, no more no less! Have fun!

The aim of the game is to beat your opponent in getting to the bananas first! This game requires determination and courage to defeat your opponent. Without these two attributes you will need a lot of luck to win! Come and show your friends what you are made of! Let's go get those bananas!

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Chess Move 2

Put your problem-solving skills to the test in Chess Move 2, a game that combines aspects of the game of chess and puzzles together. Your goal is to capture the red king using one of the blue chess pieces given to you. The only catch is that this is not regular chess. No, this game features impassable blocks and the ability to rearrange the layout of the board with the click of a button. Thus, your mission is to figure out how to capture the red king to solve the puzzle and win the level. Chess Move 2 is sure to keep you entertained and mentally tested through its 24 levels, providing a fun and challenging game that is suitable for all ages.

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Real Chess

Real Chess is a simple version of the ancient game!

While this game might not have the most functions, it has something that others might not: the ability to play a two-player game! Go head-to-head against your friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers! This game also has a 3D option which adds realism and depth to the graphics for a real-life feel. Play the ancient game whenever you want to practice or to show someone something new!

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Mahjong Classic

Become a solitaire tile matching master by playing Mahjong Classic which is an awesome virtual version of the ancient Chinese tile matching game, playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Your task is to find and eliminate identical, unblocked pairs of tiles from a jumbled Mahjong grid against the clock. The grids come in all shapes and formations, and you must use good strategy to figure out the best way to eliminate all of the matching pairs at speed.

Reasons to play: Mahjong Classic is a very long, multilevel, matching tile board game and visual puzzler for kids, teens and adults who love tricky visual brain teasers. Test and exercise your observation and concentration skills, analytical thinking / problem-solving skills, decision making, patience, determination and stamina as you carefully eliminate pairs of identical tiles with the overall goal of clearing the entire grid! You can select different layouts of the board game by clicking the button in the top right corner and choosing between Turtle, Pyramid, Rocket and Diamond

How to Play: This online board game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Your task is to completely clear the grid of all tiles. There is a clock at the bottom but there is no time limit, however, the aim is to complete it as fast as you can and attempt to beat your previous time. To eliminate a pair of tiles, simply click or tap on them, one after the other, using your computer mouse (laptop / desktop), or your finger (mobile / tablet).

You can only access tiles that are not covered by other tiles, and have a free edge on their left or right hand side. If you are trying to pair two of the same looking tiles and it is not working it means that the sequence you are doing it in will not allow the game to be finished because this would result in a violation of the rules. 

Note: Advertisements may pop up on your game screen from time to time. To continue with the game, click or tap on the ‘Skip Ad’ button near the bottom right corner of game screen.

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Trivia! Best Family Quiz

Looking for a solution for game night? Why not try Trivia! Best Family Quiz, a visually pleasing and expansive trivia game. Play by yourself or with friends and family as you all try to guess the correct answers to all the questions! The questions can range from geography, history, people and even types of fish! Trivia! Best Family Quiz is sure to provide you with hours of educational fun, a feature that will keep you playing and playing!

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Real Chess

Real Chess provides you with a simple, easy to use chess board that you will come back to again and again. Whether you are a chess master or a novice, this is a great game to test your skills and make yourself even a stronger competitor.

The game's simple cosmetics and reliable functionality are what make it worth your time. No bells or whistles, just straightforward Chess. What more could you ask for?

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Slingshot is a challenging, colorful and fun game that you can lose hours in. Play by yourself or play with others, there is always fun to have in this one.

Choose your character and then get ready for some fun. You will be placed at a table, given a top-down view of the board and tasked with firing disks from your side of the table to the other. Get as many disks from your side to theirs in order to win the round. But be careful, your opponent is firing their disks at the same time as you. This won't be an easy win.

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Woody Block Hexa Puzzle

Woody Block Hexa Puzzle: Come and try this addicting and challenging puzzle game! You must fill the area with the blocks that you are given. Sounds easy? Think again, this game is extremely tough and will really push you to your mental limits! There are lots of levels to play and different difficulty modes too! Are you ready?

Fill the area with the different shaped blocks. This is a very challenging game as you must use your problem solving skills to figure out the position of each block. This game takes patience as well as it is likely you will need to have multiple attempts. See where you go wrong and learn from it!

Click and drag the pieces into the position you think they go. Once complete, the game will move onto the next level! Remember, don't lose patience straight away, see if you can be persistent and remain focused!

This HTML5 based game works on PC/Mac browsers.

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3D Chess

3D Chess is a simple version of the game as old as time!

While this game might not have the most functions, it has something that others might not: the ability to play a two-player game! Go head-to-head against your friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers! This game also has a 3D option which adds realism and depth to the graphics for a real-life feel. Play the ancient game whenever you want to practice or to show someone something new!

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Woodventure: Mahjong Connect is a fun and colorful introduction to Mahjong for kids of all ages! In this game, you progress on a path through a forest of mahjong levels. In each level, you’ll need to combine pairs of matching animal themed tiles — though to match, you’ll need to be able to make an unobstructed line of any length, but with no more than two changes of direction between the two tiles. Matching the tiles removes them from the board, freeing up gaps to make new connections between other tiles! Remove all the tiles to win the level.

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Nine Mens Morris

Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy board game that traces its origins all the way back to the age of the Roman Empire. A seemingly simple game upon first glance yet allow yourself to think so and you will be in for a rude awakening. The objective of the game is for both players (white and black) to create a “mill” and gradually take away the opponent’s pieces until they either only have two pieces left or are unable to make any moves at all. The first player to accomplish this is the winner.

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Tic Tac Toe Blackboard

Tic Tac Toe Blackboard is played on a classic blackboard by two players who take alternate turns; you against the computer, or you against a friend. It is a reinvention of the absolute classic time killing game tic tac toe. Battle with your opponent as you play for either 3, 5 or even more games, with the victor the one who is able to claim the bagging rights. Make sure this is you! Good luck and have fun!

The aim of the this game is to match 3 in a row, either crosses or circles; whichever shape you are controlling. There is a 3x3 grid just like the standard version, and each player takes it in turns to put their shape on the board. The winner is the one who matches three of their shapes first, vertically horizontally or diagonally. This game requires good puzzle skills as you are locked in a mental battle with your opponent whilst trying to predict where they will go next! Do you have what it takes?

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Reversi is a classic, easy to play and hard to master strategy game for 2 players. The game is simple to understand: you want to convert every piece into your color. But it takes more work than that and it is easy to get out-smarted by your opponent so make sure you keep your head in the game.

The simplicity of the game makes it very appealing for anyone who wants to pick up and put down a game on their phone or PC. You do not have to devote much time to the game, you can play it however long you like. But don't be surprised if you get sucked in for hours.

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Backgammon is a classic game that everyone loves and now you can play it on your computer or touchscreen device. Best of all, this version of the game allows you to play against a PC challenger or a friend or someone online.

The rules are the same and the challenge remains just as strong and now Backgammon is easier to play than ever.

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Sudoku Village

Focus your eyes and mind, and prove your problem-solving prowess with an awesome Sudoku challenge! Sudoku Village is a both a straightforward and hard Sudoku brain training / visual puzzle game for kids, teens and grownups where you can choose the difficulty level – from extreme beginner to advanced! Here, you select how many numbers are already entered into the grid at the beginning of the challenge.

(For those unfamiliar with Sudoku, it is a logic-based, number-placement game where your objective is to methodically fill a 9x9 grid with digits so that each vertical column, horizontal row, or a 3x3 mini-grid contains the numbers 1-9 in any order.)

Playable on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile, this fun and addicting brain teaser activity is both a great platform for experienced Sudoku players and a very good introduction for first-timers. All Sudoku players must utilize their observation skills, logical thinking, strategy and decision making skills as they carefully and analytically fill up the grid, one number at a time. Are you ready for this intense Sudoku-based brain exercise?

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Tic Tac Toe Paper Note 2

Tic Tac Toe Paper Note 2 is a classic tic tac toe game where you have to match three O’s or X’s in a straight line. Play against the computer or a friend to see who’s the best at the game. Practice with the computer first and improve to challenge your friends and beat them easily.

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Tic Tac Toe

Good old-school tic-tac-toe combined with fun animation: Play Tic Tac Toe against the computer on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device! Also called ‘Xs and Os’ or ‘Naughts & Crosses’, Tic Tac Toe is a classic, one-on-one, pen-and-paper-style game for little kids, teens & grownups where you race to place three X or O marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on a grid (or board). In this fun online version called X vs O, you can choose to play on a standard 3X3 grid, or on an expanded 5X5 grid where you must place 4 Xs or Os in a row to win!

This fast-paced, mouse-clicking, observation, skill and strategy-based game requires logic, high concentration, a competitive edge, accurate screen or keyboard tapping skills, and an element of luck (Sometimes, in evenly-matched games, you must stay solid and hope for your opponent to make a mistake). Good luck!

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Quash Board

Quash Board is an easy-to-play (but hard to win) ball board game for young kids and all the family where you have to remove all of the balls from the board in order to win each round before. This is perfect for everyone and is incredibly simple to pay, and will no doubt have you playing for hours!

The aim of this game is to knock all the balls off the grid by knocking them into each other, this will send them flying out of the arena! This is not as straight forward as it first seems. You need to be clever in the order that you decide to knock the balls off, you may find that you get stuck and have to restart! This game definitely tests your skills and your puzzle solving abilities! Are you ready?

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