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Mahjong Quest

In Mahjong Quest, play the timeless Chinese tile game. In this game, you need to match tiles to remove them from play. Removing all the tiles completes the level! While the basic rules are simple, the game itself is not. Tiles can only be matched when they have a minimum of one free side. Season tiles will match even when they have different pictures. Certain tiles are trapped or reversed, complicating things further!
Playing through levels quickly will unlock medals and awards, as well as more playable levels. See if you can complete your entire Mahjong Quest!

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Slingshot is a challenging, colorful and fun game that you can lose hours in. Play by yourself or play with others, there is always fun to have in this one.

Choose your character and then get ready for some fun. You will be placed at a table, given a top-down view of the board and tasked with firing disks from your side of the table to the other. Get as many disks from your side to theirs in order to win the round. But be careful, your opponent is firing their disks at the same time as you. This won't be an easy win.

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Monkey and Banana

Monkey and Banana is a fun, addictive and very simple game. It is so easy to play but can result in hours of fun! You take the role of the monkey and you can either play against the computer or play against your friend on the same screen. Take turns to role the dice to move along the path and the first one to reach the bananas at the end wins! You must finish on the exact number of steps that you need to win, no more no less! Have fun!

The aim of the game is to beat your opponent in getting to the bananas first! This game requires determination and courage to defeat your opponent. Without these two attributes you will need a lot of luck to win! Come and show your friends what you are made of! Let's go get those bananas!

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Woody Block Hexa Puzzle

Woody Block Hexa Puzzle: Come and try this addicting and challenging puzzle game! You must fill the area with the blocks that you are given. Sounds easy? Think again, this game is extremely tough and will really push you to your mental limits! There are lots of levels to play and different difficulty modes too! Are you ready?

Fill the area with the different shaped blocks. This is a very challenging game as you must use your problem solving skills to figure out the position of each block. This game takes patience as well as it is likely you will need to have multiple attempts. See where you go wrong and learn from it!

Click and drag the pieces into the position you think they go. Once complete, the game will move onto the next level! Remember, don't lose patience straight away, see if you can be persistent and remain focused!

This HTML5 based game works on PC/Mac browsers.

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Straight 4

Straight 4 is an online version of the timeless classic game we all know and love. Compete against your opponent to create a line, horizontal or vertical, of 4 pieces in a matching color. This game is a simple but fun way to play against your friends and family, to test your analytical reasoning with no added complications.

You can take on the AI and other players online in single player mode, or instead enlist a friend to play against and prove yourself as the best player.

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Trivia! Best Family Quiz

Looking for a solution for game night? Why not try Trivia! Best Family Quiz, a visually pleasing and expansive trivia game. Play by yourself or with friends and family as you all try to guess the correct answers to all the questions! The questions can range from geography, history, people and even types of fish! Trivia! Best Family Quiz is sure to provide you with hours of educational fun, a feature that will keep you playing and playing!

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Battleship Game

Battleship: Can you sink your opponent’s battleships before he sinks yours in this fun and challenging classic battleship game? Position your battleship pieces as strategically as you can, so that the computer will have trouble guessing where they are. Guess where your opponent’s ships are positioned on the board and sink them with the least possible moves. Good luck sinking those battleships!

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Boat Battles

Sink your opponent's battleships in this fun, logic-based guessing game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC. Boat Battles is a straight-forward, 1 or 2 player, turn-based strategy game where your goal is to focus hard to become the first player to sink all 5 of your opponent's ships. This is a 1 on 1 challenge where both players secretly position their 5 ships onto the grid – and then you take turns to blindly launch missiles (guesses) in order to ‘sink’ the other player's hidden battleships. Each player has 5 missiles on each turn, use these wisely. You can play this fun game with a friend on the same device, at the start you are prompted with two options; you can choose to play a bot or play someone else.

This HTML5-based, battleship puzzle game should work on Android and iOS devices, as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Focus, strategy and logical thinking skills are vitally important for success in Battle Ship. At the beginning of your missile firing, you must decide whether to spread out your fire, or concentrate on a specific area of the grid. If you score a ‘hit’, you must then try to determine in which direction the enemy ship is positioned in order to maximize the destruction! Let's discover if you are a "hidden" military genius. 

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Guess Who

Guess Who? Multiplayer is like the traditional board game from your youth and will have you trying to figure out just who you are playing against.

You will have to use the process of elimination to guess who your opponent has up their sleeve. Like the game you grew up with, you will be asking certain questions to figure out the answer. But this time you get a new set of colorful and fun-looking characters to look at. It is a modern twist on an age-old classic.

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Ultimate Chess

Play online chess on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC - against six different levels of computer opponent, or take on a friend or family member in this elegant and simple chess simulation game. Ultimate Chess is an easy-to-play, 1 or 2-player, virtual chess game where you can immerse yourself in the ‘game of kings’, test out your preferred openings and move combinations, and try to improve your general chess play with intense matches against computer rivals, or against real-life opponents playing on the same computer, phone, or tablet.

Reasons to play Chess Classic: There are no gimmicks or fancy distractions here – This is straight up, old school chess on a classic-style board with normal rules. Whether you are a basic beginner or a more experienced Chess player, you can pit your wits against suitable chess ‘engines’ in 1-player mode. Alternatively, the interactive 2-player mode allows you to take on your best friends and family members in fierce contests for bragging rights!

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Master Chess

Master Chess: This challenging game is a regular fun and engaging 3D chess game view. This game is perfect for both PC and mobile. Pick your desired difficulty level for this classic board game, depending on your ability. Remember to move strategically and logically. This game can also be played with other people online, and additionally, there is a co-op mode in which two players can play on the same screen! Good luck!

This will test your strategy, concentration and ingenious skills. Use all these three attributes to play a really smart game and challenge yourself against the best!

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Goose Game

Goose Game is a fun spin on the classic game of Snakes and Ladders. The game is fun and interactive and allows you to play against your friends, online or on the same device! Pick from a variety of coloured geese and start rolling the dice! 

The game has lots of special squares that can either help or hinder your chances of winning. The squares marked ‘x2' will double whatever you rolled, helping you get to the finish line first! Be sure to not land on a tombstone however, as that will stop you from being able to move. The same goes for ‘the well' which will not be good for your chances! The maze square also is a scary one, that will set you back a few moves. The home square and the prison square are also both to not be taken lightly. This game is good at developing patience and persistence, as well as general number skills.

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Impossible Tic Tac Toe

Impossible Tic Tac Toe is a very difficult, maybe impossible game where you have to play against the computer to beat it on Tic Tac Toe. Every move is matched by the computer and it won’t be easy to beat him. You might be able to do so, so try it.

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Tic Tac Toe

Good old-school tic-tac-toe combined with fun animation: Play Tic Tac Toe against the computer on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device! Also called ‘Xs and Os’ or ‘Naughts & Crosses’, Tic Tac Toe is a classic, one-on-one, pen-and-paper-style game for little kids, teens & grownups where you race to place three X or O marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row on a grid (or board). In this fun online version called X vs O, you can choose to play on a standard 3X3 grid, or on an expanded 5X5 grid where you must place 4 Xs or Os in a row to win!

This fast-paced, mouse-clicking, observation, skill and strategy-based game requires logic, high concentration, a competitive edge, accurate screen or keyboard tapping skills, and an element of luck (Sometimes, in evenly-matched games, you must stay solid and hope for your opponent to make a mistake). Good luck!

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Junior Chess

Play Junior Chess for free against the computer. This game is a child friendly version of the classic game we all know and love. Play as either the reds or the blues as you try to move your way to victory. This game is great for introducing our young friends to the game of chess. It is the best way to get younger generations to love the game, unless you have a grandpa to hand of course!

You must play a standard game of chess to win at this game. This will really challenge and develop your critical thinking skils. Play smart and play with a high level of intelligence to defeat the computer. You can choose easy, medium or hard depending on your skill level. Test yourself and aim to improve everytime!

To play, just click on the character you want to move and then choose a spot you want to move it to, all with the left click on the mouse. For mobile users, do the same but instead, just click on the screen to interact.

This HTML5 based game works on Mobile, tablets and PC/Mac browsers.

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Halloween Mahjong Deluxe

Halloween Mahjong Deluxe is a brand new way to play Mahjong. It takes the classic game and adds a fresh layer of paint to it. Now your Mahjong board looks like a spooky Halloween haunted house. How fun!

If you know how to play Mahjong then this game needs no explanation. And if you have never played before, this is a great starting point and way to learn the basics and have fun while doing so. That is why this is such a fun game to enjoy, it is perfect for players of all types.

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