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Cool Online Puzzle Game for Kids - Boombot

Rating: 8.5/10 - 209 votes

Boombot is a cool, fun and highly challenging physics-based puzzle game where you have to carefully maneuver an indestructible little robot to an Exit Portal using powerful and controlled explosions. Your brave little Boombot buddy cannot move on his own, so must rely on your pinpoint bomb placement skills, and the effects of an explosion/detonation (a sudden release of energy that causes powerful pressure waves through the air in the immediate area) to propel him toward the Exit Portal.

This addicting online brain teaser is also an exhibition of controlled power and force, where you must blast Boombot up and over obstacles, through brick walls, and down steep ravines. Boombot should prove an instant hit with those who enjoy educational puzzle activities based on the laws of physics, or anyone who simply likes a good-old online game of fun explosion making! This game could also be used as a good activity for exercising spatial awareness, as well as your timing skills, observation skills, problem solving judgment, fast reactions, and patience. You only have a relatively confined space to work in, so the accuracy of your explosive placement is key. Ok Explosive Expert – let's get ready to have a blast!

How to Play: In each of the 50 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to propel Boombot to the blue Exit Portal using the bombs and additional explosives (such as Oil containers & TNT) at your disposal. In the initial levels, the Exit Portal is relatively easy to reach, but as you progress, the challenges become more complex. Planting and detonating a bomb is as easy as clicking and releasing your computer mouse or touchpad.

Click and hold the Left Mouse Button to plant a bomb exactly where your mouse cursor is pointing. The longer you hold the click, the bigger the bomb becomes (once the bomb reaches its largest size, it shrinks back down again; but if you keep the left click held down, it grows larger again). Release the click to detonate the bomb. The trick here is to detonate the bomb in a position that propels / blasts Boombot in the direction you want him to go. For example, if the Exit Portal is on the right of the game screen, you would detonate your bomb to the left of his position. Once Boombot comes into contact with the Exit Portal, you progress to the next level.

You do not have an unlimited amount of bombs to play with. You can see how many bombs (kind of like shots) you have remaining on each level along the right of the game screen. If you get stuck, restart the level by clicking the Reset Button just underneath your Bomb Total (Alternatively you can press the R Key on your computer keyboard). In later levels, more explosives such as TNT, Oil Barrels, and Plastic Gel Explosives appear. While you cannot generate these yourself, their increased explosive power can help to propel Boombot further and more powerfully in your desired direction.

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