Free RPG adventure games online: Play Fancy Pants, a maze puzzle/ brain teaser game for kids (girls & boys), teens, family. A fun game with spiders, jumping over obstacles, running & stunts. Play strategy/ problem solving activities on the web/ internet, addicting puzzle platformer games with no download.
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Free RPG Adventure Game - Play Fancy Pants

Rating: 9.1/10 - 15985 votes

Fancy Pants 2 - Prepare to dive into the world of breathtaking speed, amazing stunts, loops and jumps in this exciting, challenging maze RPG game. Fancy Pants - Your mission is to defeat the angry bunny and regain the stolen ice-cream cone. Use your great speed to slide and defeat enemies (spiders, snails, rats), to jump over high cliffs and reach the goal – the door to the next level. Be vigilant while you run. Try not to miss the secret doors or to fall down into no-mans-land. Each door will unlock secrets and fun on each level, full of tasks, stunts and swirls (health points).

Have fun with your enemies – jump (land) on spiders and kick them like a ball afterward. You can even jump on snails and use them as a ball to kick other spiders too. Sometimes you cannot jump off the ground – you have to jump onto the wall and immediately jump off again onto the higher object to continue your journey. There is no time limit thus you can have fun while doing stunts and jumps.

How to Play: You begin the game with 3 lives. Preserve your good health and lives when encountering enemies or jumping over cliffs. It is very important to collect swirls to regain health lost in your quest. You receive one extra life by collecting 100 swirls. There are two types of swirls: the small ones count as 1 and the bigger ones as 5.  Note: You may meet a snail on some levels. Jump on it and then kick it like a ball with your feet or head and put the snail into a hole marked with a flag. You will unlock different colors of your pants by kicking the snail into the hole.

Control Fancy Pants man using the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move horizontally, the S key to jump and the UP key to open doors. Enjoy the adventure!

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